The West is threatening to kill off man.

We have to pray the Rosary, while we can.

On June 13, about three weeks ago, there appeared on a radio station in the USA a frightening report on the latest preparations by Russia for nuclear World War. The report may or may not be accurate, these “Comments” have no way of telling, but it is certainly true to the present situation as we know it, and what matters right now is less the accuracy of these or those details than to see in them as a whole the hand of Almighty God, freely allowing men to punish one another by mutual slaughter on a huge scale, so that at least a minority of them will accept His invitation to Heaven instead of all of them turning down that invitation by preferring Hell. In chronological order, here are the details reported –

1. End May, Russia announces tactical (short range) nuclear weapons exercises.

2. Early June, Russia begins these exercises in their Southern Military District.

3. About June 3, Russia sends 11 nuclear missile submarines into the Atlantic Ocean.

4. About June 6, Russia sends an additional 27 nuclear missile submarines into the Pacific Ocean.

5. About June 11, Russia expands the inland short range nuclear exercises to include the Leningrad Military District around St Petersburg, thus covering Russia’s whole Western front, and bringing it within striking distance of NATO forces and NATO member countries.

6. June 12, Russia makes a surprise deployment around Moscow, St Petersburg and their long range missile silos of their newest S-500 “Prometheus” air defence system, the best in the world, but which was not expected to be deployed for at least another six months. For indeed the mass production necessary for it to be deployed and ready for action in such large numbers so soon was not even suspected to exist.

The radio station’s report concludes that “Every indication is that Russia is fully prepared now to launch a severe nuclear first strike, and to defend itself successfully from a counter-strike. The only things the Russians have not yet done are to declare a General War Mobilisation of the entire population, and to begin moving people into bomb shelters. Every thing else is already done.”

From all these details, one might easily conclude that Russia wants world war. But that is surely not the case. Putin never wanted to invade Ukraine. His purpose was always merely to de-nazify and de-militarise Ukraine so as to prevent it from becoming a threat to Russia’s very survival, by its closeness to Russia serving as a base for Russia’s enemies to attack Moscow, for instance, with missiles close at hand. Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022 with a small force, hoping that that would be enough for the Ukrainians to understand that he was serious about negotiating an agreement. But Ukraine’s President Zelensky had been put in power in 2014 by people who virtually control the Western powers, especially the USA, and who want World War III, because they hope that it will complete for them that domination of the world which they are convinced is their due, and which they have dreamt of for 2000 years.

And so one of their puppets, Boris Johnson, then Prime Minster of England, persuaded Zelensky not to negotiate but to fight on, and ever since then the Ukrainians have been fighting this proxy war for the West until they have so far lost over half a million men killed, with their country virtually destroyed. And of course since the large part of the media of the West is under the control of the same people, then we are bombarded with relentless propaganda that the Ukrainian war is all the fault of Putin, that he was the aggressor in 2022, that he will be the aggressor whenever World War III breaks out, and so on.

But Putin may well not be wanting world war. On the contrary, he may well be following advice of USA President Truman (1945–1952), “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” He may be hoping. hoping, hoping that his war preparations will be taken seriously enough by the West for saner counsels to prevail. Alas, that does not seem likely at this moment. “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

Kyrie eleison.