Day: October 15, 2014

Website launch accomplished, Oct. 7

Website launch accomplished, Oct. 7 posted in News & Announcements on October 15, 2014

After months of intensive programming and content-management work, His Excellency’s new website has launched on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7, and has been announced to subscribers of Eleison Comments on October 15, the Feast of the great Spaniard St. Teresa of Avila. Numerous delays have plagued the setup of this robust, user-friendly, and functional internet portal – and there is much work yet to be done – but have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. “I cannot say how grateful I am,” said Bishop Williamson in reference to the work that has been done by a small paid staff and a wide range of unpaid volunteers and fellow-laborers. “This website, by God’s grace, should not, I hope, draw any undue attention to the messenger, with his all-too-human flaws, but will rather serve as a platform for the preservation and promulgation of the Catholic Faith and all of the cultural and historical reflections that support it. I am especially delighted to have, under one ‘electronic roof,’ all of Dr. White’s fabulous talks on literature given at Winona and elsewhere. These are truly unparalleled gems of Catholic culture.”