Communism Returning

Communism Returning posted in Eleison Comments on January 2, 2021


The USA presidential election of November last year has seen a decisive confrontation between the conservative political right and the revolutionary political left. This is because for a long time in the West the conservatives whose strength was God have been growing weaker, while the revolutionaries whose strength is revolt against God have been growing stronger. A confrontation had to come, and if the left does not prevail in 2020, no doubt they will be back in force in 2024, unless the American people turn back seriously to God between now and then.

Meanwhile an editorial printed in the Dixie Heritage Letter of last November from the American South highlights in four paragraphs four main points of the 2020 confrontation. The text is abbreviated, the four main points are highlighted in heavy print –

1 The judges judging Trump’s appeal for fair play are liberals with no concern for truth or justice. Concerning the massive electoral fraud which without doubt took place in the presidential election of November 3rd, Mr. Trump’s legal team has dug up all manner of evidence. But it will not be easy for them to prevail, mainly because many of these judges hearing their complaints are “never-Trumpers” who, quite frankly, do not care what evidence is presented, no matter how compelling, because they are denizens of the Deep State and they must make sure that Trump is not re-elected, no matter what.

2 Even Supreme Court “conservatives” are weaklings in the face of resolute liberals.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers will have to go all the way to the Supreme Court and then pray that one or two of the “conservative” jurists do not decide to sell out the way John Roberts did years ago, when as a supposed conservative he voted liberal. Roberts was actually a conservative except when he was busy placating the liberals, which seems to be happening more and more of late. You might almost say “with conservatives like Roberts, who needs liberals?”

3 Decent liberalism cannot stand up to the indecent communism to which it naturally leads.

A local editorial said, “Many Americans believe communism is an abstract concept, something that only affects faraway nations, without realizing that it has already arrived at our doorstep. Communism has spread in America under such names as socialism, progressivism, liberalism, neo-Marxism, and so on, in a slow process over decades of systematic subversion by first the Soviet Union and now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Belief in God and the principles derived from the belief are the fundamental reasons why the United States can enjoy freedom, democracy, and prosperity, and why the United States has become the nation it is today. This year the democratic process has been subverted. The far-left and the communist devil behind it are using lies, fraud, and manipulation in an attempt to deprive the people of their rights and freedoms.”

4 The USA is on the brink of communism if our judges prefer their anti-religion to reality.

We do not realize how close to becoming a communist country we really are. We may end up being communist if the elite in this country somehow decides that Trump’s opponents need to be the winners, no matter what. Then, as they say “You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out.” That’s why the left wants your guns. You’re not supposed to be able to shoot your way out. A lot depends on the outcome of this election – for both sides.

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