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EC 621

EC 621 posted in News & Announcements on June 15, 2019

We regret the delay in transmitting the English and other (except French) editions that were due last week. Technical difficulties, since remedied, got in the way of our receiving the weekly text from His Excellency. We should be on course from here on out. Readers are thanked for their patience.

EC 615

EC 615 posted in News & Announcements on May 1, 2019

The EC curator begs, once again, readers’ pardon, taking full responsibility, for the tardy transmission of this week’s EC owing to his being occupied with caring for a traditional Catholic priest friend, Fr. Joseph F. Collins, at his last hour – and who entered immortality shortly before noon on Easter Saturday. Though his differences with the Society and His Excellency were well known, he was a good man and priest, who even in later years enjoyed occasions of amicable conviviality with our good Bishop. Prayers for the repose of his soul would be welcome; funeral details have been posted here, for those interested. Readers are thanked profusely for their patience.

EC 614 Delay

EC 614 Delay posted in News & Announcements on April 22, 2019

Readers are thanked for their patience in the “annual” delay of this week’s EC owing to our preoccupation with Holy Week, Triduum, and Easter ceremonies. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be back on track next week. We hope our readers had a very blessed finish to Lent and a joyful Easter!

Voice of the Trumpet now shipping

<i>Voice of the Trumpet</i> now shipping posted in News & Announcements on December 1, 2018

As always, readers and customers are heartily thanked for their patience in awaiting the release of Dr. White’s Voice of the Trumpet. We are happy to report that the book stock is now safely ensconced in our warehouse and going in the mail as we speak. Future orders will be filled immediately rather than placed in a back-order status. We look forward to – and thank readers in advance for – their help giving the doctor‘s work a wide publicity and circulation!

Electronic Voice of the Trumpet available

Electronic <i>Voice of the Trumpet</i> available posted in News & Announcements on November 24, 2018

Without wishing too strongly to encourage electronics – though we all depend upon them – we wish to let our readers know that a “PDF” edition of Dr. White’s Voice of the Trumpet, on Bishop Williamson, is now available, here. Perhaps in electronic format it will benefit those readers who find themselves inevitably in front of a computer or telephone and in need of something substantive to read!

Voice of the Trumpet released!

<i>Voice of the Trumpet</i> released! posted in News & Announcements on November 9, 2018

The Voice of the TrumpetAfter literally years of labor, and incorporating dozens of hours’ worth of interviews, Dr. White’s “unfinished symphony” – his sketch of the life and work of Bishop Richard Williamson – “in four movements,” is now available. See the website for additional detail. There it is also possible to pre-order a copy now, for shipping as soon as the stock arrives in the S.M.I. warehouse, no later than November 21, 2018, the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Deo gratias!

From the book’s back cover:

A “beast” and a “dinosaur” to some, an “extremist” to the mainstream Church and media, and a hero to loving and loyal admirers, Bishop Richard Williamson is likely the most loved and hated Catholic cleric since the American Radio Priest of the 1930’s. Either way, it is impossible to avoid him. In this charming – and, in its own right, provocative – account, his friend and confidant of nearly 30 years explains why.

David Allen White graduated summa com laude from the University of Minnesota in 1971, and earned his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph.D. from Indiana University. He taught literature at Temple, the University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire), and the U.S. Naval Academy. His previous works include The Mouth of the Lion and The Horn of the Unicorn.