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By Eleison Comments in Eleison Comments on December 24, 2023

Refusing God, men must to other men turn – 

Soon Beauty, Truth and Goodness they will spurn.

Last week these “Comments” presented without much explanation the summary of an excellent article – as far as it went – on the present parlous state of France and Europe, written by a French nationalist, by pen-name the “Militant.” (For the original complete article see https://jeune-nation.com/nationalisme/natio-france/prenons-un-seul-parti-celui-de-la-france-helleno-chretienne) Such an article in a political magazine may seem not to have much to do with religion, but that is its interest for these “Comments.” What these would like to prove is that the most serious problems of human politics cannot be solved without the Catholic religion. To prove that, is easier said than done, because the whole mentality of modern man is that politics, economics, art, medicine, law, music, etc., all have nothing to do with religion, or, religion has nothing to do with them. In other words, the best of political arguments do not go far enough.

Let us begin by an even briefer summary of last week’s summary in seven paragraphs, of the article – 

1 France and Europe are collapsing. We nationalists have long been announcing the catastrophe. 

2 From the 1950’s onwards, one political disaster after another has caused little public reaction. 

3 Ever since the Middle Ages, France had a largely beneficent worldwide influence – no longer. 

4 Today France and Europe are fast enslaving themselves to the banksters of New York and London. 

5 By their proxy war in the Ukraine the USA have broken the competition of Europe and Germany. 

6 Here is the end of a world, yet the highest institutions of France are silent, docile, go with the flow. 

7 Solution? In politics we must do what we can, and preserve cultural treasures for better times. 

And now let us see if this solution is anywhere near solving the catastrophe evoked at the beginning – 

1 Indeed men who love their country are not happy with sleepwalking while it is being destroyed. At least nationalists see a serious problem and sound the alarm, which is all to their credit. But if they have eyes to see, they must recognise that “politics,” as understood today, are busted, over, kaputt. Why? 

2 Nationalists, observing the very lack of public reaction, should be asking, how can a nation be remade out of unmade human beings? What is unmaking modern man? What can still remake him? A solid family and home? Compared with religion, what can politics do for family and home? No comparison! 

3 Dear Frenchmen, take a good look at that glory of France in the Middle Ages! Where do you think it came from? From politics? No way! It came from the Church, and not from the French Protestants but from the Catholic Church, which received from God outstanding gifts for it to enlighten the world. 

4 Dear French friends, do not blame the Anglos for your own Revolutions against God. Here, and not elsewhere, is the poisoned source of all your political problems, now poisoning the world. Expensive problems have no cheap solutions. To betray God is a problem with no merely political solution! 

5 True, the USA and England have much to be blamed for, but they were never meant, by God, to be at the head of the nations. Nor was selfishly nationalistic France designed by God for that, but only selflessly Catholic France, in the manner of Archbishop Lefebvre. See what his French godliness achieved. 

6 But why is France currently being led by such “infamous” individuals? Because these are the men being currently voted for, if you please, by “politics” in a “democracy.” And the same is happening all over Europe. Modern man believes not in God or religion, but in man and politics. Is the resulting trash any surprise? 

7 No wonder the good nationalist writer arrives at such a weak solution. True, the medieval monks squirrelled away treasures of antique culture for the benefit of all mankind, centuries later, but by what were they motivated? Not by politics, but by that religion which taught the enduring value of Beauty, Good and Truth. 

Of course politics are subject to religion, or to the lack of religion, and religion, or its lack, governs politics. The reason is not far to seek. God exists, infinitely above His merely human creatures, and in Him they all “live and move and have their being,” every moment of their existence (Acts XVIII, 28). Politics can be nowhere so close to any man alive. For indeed religion is the relationship that every man must have to this God so deep within him, politics are merely the exterior relationship he has with his fellow-men. But if a man refuses to believe in God, then naturally his politics become his substitute religion. Beware, nationalists! 

Kyrie eleison