Order Cancellation, Refund, and Product Return Policy

This Policy as to Cancellations, Refunds, and Returns of orders and/or products (“Policy”) governs all customer-service activities engaged in between BRN Associates, Inc. (“BRN”), and its customers. In conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service relative to the operation and use of any and all website(s) operated by BRN and its affiliated or subsidiary entities, this Policy governs, and informs users of, BRN’s practices as to cancellation of orders, return of physical products, and refunds relative to returned or non-received products.

Order cancellations

Cancellation of any order that is not instantaneous may be requested within 48 hours of the placement of the order. An “instantaneous” order is defined as a transaction in which a product is received immediately via electronic delivery (download or email) upon the successful processing of payment for the order. Cancellation of any order is in no wise guaranteed or assured. BRN warrants only that it will consider any timely request for cancellation of any non-instantaneous order and grant such request subject to its sole discretion. Factors weighed in consideration of whether to cancel the order as requested include, but are not limited to, the payment method utilized when placing the order (e.g., mailing a check vs. credit card submitted via the Internet) and whether the product(s) ordered has(have) been shipped prior to receipt of the requested  cancellation. In the event that payment for an order has already been processed at the time the order cancellation has been received, the request will be construed as a request for credit or refund and handled according to applicable policies.

Charitable donations

Financial contributions made in good-faith error will be refunded upon request within 30 days of their having been made. Any financial-service or other fees charged to BRN as part of the processing of the original contribution shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded, unless those fees are refunded to BRN in conjunction with the reversal of the transaction to be refunded.

In the event that a tax-deduction certificate has been issued by BRN to confirm the contribution, BRN requires, prior to issuance of the refund, that it be in possession of either 1) the paper certificate originally provided to the contributor, or 2) the contributor’s written assurance, dated and signed by the contributor, that any electronic copy of the certificate has been destroyed and that no such certificate shall be used in conjunction with claiming any exemption from income or other relevant tax.

Returns of non-damaged physical products for credit

A physical product may be returned for credit towards subsequent purchases within 30 days of the date the product was originally purchased, provided the product to be returned is unused and wholly in saleable condition. The customer wishing to return an unused product for credit shall be responsible for all costs of properly packing and mailing the product to be returned to BRN. Postage costs incurred by a customer both to return the product(s) to BRN and as indicated on the order at the time of the original purchase shall not be included in the amount to be credited. Authorization from BRN must be obtained prior to returning products. Any returned product must be accompanied by the original sales receipt or invoice. The address to which the product to be returned must be sent will be provided in conjunction with the product-return authorization. Credit will not issued: 1) for any product that is not returned in saleable condition; 2) for any product returned without prior authorization; 3) for any product returned without a copy of the original sales receipt or invoice; 4) for any costs of packing, postage, or handling. A re-stocking fee may at the sole discretion of BRN be deducted from the amount to be refunded. Credit issued after successful and proper return of an item pursuant to the policy detailed in this paragraph will be credited to a customer’s account roughly 72 hours after BRN’s receipt of the returned product. A customer will receive an email notification of the credit, as well as an electronic credit memo, within 5 days after the credit is posted to the customer’s account.

Refunds and Replacements

In the event a product ordered is received in a damaged condition or not received within five (5) to ten (10) business days of the time window specified by BRN’s Shipping and Delivery Policy based on the shipping method utilized, BRN will accept a request for a refund or a replacement product. In the event a product is not received, a refund or replacement request must be made within 30 days of the date of the original order. In the event a damaged product is received, authorization from BRN must be obtained prior to returning the damaged product, and the return must be received before BRN will issue the refund or ship a replacement product. The address to which the product to be returned must be sent will be provided in conjunction with the product-return authorization. Refund requests must be made in good faith, and BRN reserves the right to dishonor any such request in the event is suspects that this provision of its Policy is being abused.

Downloadable products

If a downloadable product has not been received or is defective, BRN will provide a replacement product via email or Internet download. Neither credit nor a refund will be issued for a downloadable or digital product, regardless of whether a customer’s payment has been processed and received, unless the product is irremediably defective and cannot be utilized due to a technical or other error for which BRN is obviously responsible.


In all cases, prior to returning any physical product, or in order to initiate processing of a refund, credit, or product return or replacement request, please contact BRN by –

email: returns [at] brnassociates.com
or telephone: 855-289-9226.