Orders, Payment, and Shipping and Delivery Policy

This Policy as to Payments for and Shipping and Delivery of orders and/or products (“Policy”) governs all customer-service activities engaged in between BRN Associates, Inc. (“BRN”), and its customers. In conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service relative to the operation and use of any and all website(s) operated by BRN and its affiliated or subsidiary entities, this Policy governs, and informs users of, BRN’s practices as to receipt of payments and shipping and delivery of orders.

Order Methods

BRN accepts orders and payments for products and financial contributions by telephone, mail, email, and the Internet. All payment methods listed below are accepted via all means of transmitting orders to BRN, though the selection of certain payment methods will result in the handling of orders in different ways depending upon the unique attributes of the selected payment method.

Submit mail orders [and make cheques payable] to:

Marcel Editions [to order books or talks]
St. Marcel Initiative [for donations or Mass stipends]
Eleison Comments [to contribute to website and operating costs]
9051 Watson Rd.
Suite 279
St. Louis, MO 63126

Email orders to: orders [at] stmarcelinitiative.com

For PayPal donations, use:

donations [at] stmarcelinitiative.com [for donations or Mass stipends]
donate [at] dinoscopus.org [to offset website and operating costs]

Or visit:


Payment Methods

BRN accepts order payment and contributions by money order, paper and electronic (ACH) cheque in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks, major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover), and PayPal.

Selecting an electronic method of payment (credit card, ACH debit, or PayPal, exclusive of PayPal’s eCheck) will result in the debiting of your account in real time provided the order method also supports such an approach. In other words, if your selected payment method is credit card or PayPal (exclusive of eCheck), and you are ordering by telephone or internet, your payment will be verified and processed “while you wait” and upon completion of the transaction your account will be debited the authorized amount. At that point processing will be completed on your order and your products will be prepared and shipped to you or your financial contribution completed. If for some reason we are not able to fill your order even though the payment was instantaneously processed, your payment will be refunded unless you instruct otherwise.

If you order and provide payment or contribution information via mail, your order or contribution will be processed by our office staff and it will progress through the regular payment verification/processing/packing/shipping/delivery stages. “Paper” orders are usually processed over the course of 96 hours.

If you are paying via cheque (electronic – i.e., ACH debit or PayPal eCheck – or paper) or money order, even if by telephone or Internet, your order will be processed and prepared but not shipped under the electronic debit (in the case of ACH or PayPal eCheck) is completed or until payment has been received (in the case of paper cheque or money order) by our Accounts Receivable department. Once this payment processing is complete, your order will be shipped.

Physical Product Shipping

All products sold by BRN and its subsidiary or affiliated entites may be shipped worldwide, provided a valid delivery address is provided at the time the order is placed.

Currently BRN offers no in-store option for pick up of physical products.

As detailed above, in the event of “instant” payment orders are processed as expeditiously as possible and shipped within two business days of the order being placed. In the event of a mail order, processing will be completed within 96 hours of its receipt, assuming payment was included with the order. In the case of an order placed by telephone or Internet and cheque or money order was selected as a payment method, the products ordered will be shipped upon receipt of the paper payment instrument, or upon completion of the electronic debit in the case of an ACH authorization or PayPal eCheck.

Unless customers select otherwise, products are shipped via the most economical means. Typically this is U.S. Postal Media Mail, a service for which all BRN products qualify. Alternative methods include Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), and USPS (other than Media Mail).

Our parcels originate with our warehouse located at U.S. zip code 80524.

Estimated delivery times depend upon the shipping destination and the service selected, but generally follow the schedules listed at these service-provider websites (be sure to add 2 to 4 business days to the estimate to allow time for order-processing and payment-verification by BRN, and be sure to consider the originating zip code as the starting-point of the parcels to be shipped):

U.S. Postal Service: https://​www.​usps.​com/​ship/​service-chart.​htm

UPS: https://​wwwapps.​ups.​com/​ctc/​request?loc=en_​US

FedEx: https://​www.​fedex.​com/​ratefinder/​home

Shipping Rates

For orders placed via the Internet, BRN’s shipping rates are calculated real-time based on information provided by the above-listed shipping service providers and provided to customers as options at checkout. Rates provided via these service providers are marked-up by $1.00 or $2.00 to cover handling and packaging expenses, but these markups should be invisible to patrons since any discounts obtained via regular accounts with these providers are passed on to customers.

For orders placed by telephone or email, rates will be calculated based on information provided by the above-listed shipping service providers as in the case of Internet orders.

For mail orders, BRN requests that patrons include the following shipping costs with their advance payment:

USPS Media Mail

$4.50 per order for the first book, talk, or other item in the order
$1.00 additional for each book, talk, or item after the first

USPS Priority Mail

Add $5.00 to the above-quoted Media Mail rates.

Third-party billing

Shipping costs can be billed to third-party accounts (e.g., a customer’s FedEx account) for non-Internet transactions. Please place orders in which it is desired to use billing to a third-party for shipping costs via telephone only.

Order tracking

If a tracking number is provided by the selected shipping method, the order will be updated with tracking information. The information will be emailed to customers as soon as it is available, and it will also be visible from a customer’s account-management area when the customer logs in to the website where the order was placed. Many orders placed via inexpensive USPS shipping methods will not include means of tracking the shipment. All shipments going via UPS or FedEx will be traceable.


If an item is back ordered at the time an order for it is placed, a partial order will be shipped if other items on the same order are in stock and otherwise available to ship. When the backordered items becomes available, it will be delivered via a separate shipment, at BRN’s expense. No additional shipping or handling fees will be charged to deliver the backordered items.

Downloadable products

Products delivered digitally (via download from the website or via email) will not be shipped. No shipping or handling charges will accompany any orders that are solely for digital products. Should a digital product be misplaced or go awry, replacement products will be available, provided BRN has a record (in its own system or records or via a receipt provided by the customer) of the original order. Please contact customer service at info [at] stmarcelinitiative.com or 855-289-9226.