Our Staff

Patrick D. McCarthy Jr.

Patrick D. McCarthy Jr. is Secretary of BRN Associates.

In addition to his B. A. degree in history from Georgetown University, Mr. McCarthy also holds two M. A. degrees: one in history from George Washington University and one in political theory from Catholic University.

Career wise, Mr. McCarthy taught history at St. John’s College High School in  Washington, D.C. from 1978 to 1989; and at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology from 1989 to 2007.

Mr. McCarthy is chiefly responsible for the administrative and business affairs of BRN as well as its fundraising unit, the St. Marcel Initiative, and its publishing imprint, Marcel Editions. He assists patrons and customers with any and all needs, and generally keeps the wheels turning and the lights on. He also acts as executive assistant to Dr. White.

He can be reached at:

mccarthy@stmarcelinitiative.​com or by phone at 855.289.9226 ext. 113.

Anthony Alexander is Deputy for Operations at Marcel Editions.

Although he now works in Canada, “Tony” was educated in the United States university system. He is a lover of books and is an avid reader. His particular fields of interest are history, literature, and theology. He is a convert to the Traditional Catholic Faith.

Principally responsible for the publishing operations of BRN's imprint, Marcel Editions, Tony also deals directly with customer orders, inventory and fulfillment, and general customer-service needs for the publishing imprint and across the BRN enterprise.

He can be reached at:

operations@marceleditions.com or by phone at 855.289.9226 ext. 111.