Covid Nonsense

Covid Nonsense posted in Eleison Comments on March 20, 2021


It is now nearly a year since the Covid nonsense was sprung upon the whole wide world, all at once, based on a massive lie according to which a deadly plague was about to be let loose on all mankind. The massive lie became clear as soon as the number of deaths showed that the so-called “pandemic” was no worse than an average winter flu. Yet the vile politicians and the vile media continue to this day, at the behest of their hidden masters, to tell a stream of lies about the “pandemic” to maintain an artificial state of panic among the peoples of the world. Such on-going gullibility is a shameful spectacle on their part, but they have only themselves to blame, as usual, this time for their lack of common sense following on their lack of love of the truth, a lack which is what is going to bring on the Antichrist before too long (II Thess. II, 10). Covid has nothing to do with health, everything to do with the hidden masters’ drive for world power, used by God as a scourge for the multiple wickedness of the abortive society.

However, there are those souls that are doing what they can to stop the villains, for instance the Corona-Committee Foundation based in Berlin, which made public last September 14 a brief report of 28 pages in German, of which the “Interim Findings” on page 23 are reproduced in English below. It is a Germanic fortification of common sense and truth, put together by four lawyers from and for Germany in particular, but with the supporting signatures of another 23 experts, mainly doctors, from all over the world. Their Report can be found on the Internet at 02/

According to what we now know, we have very serious reason to think that the risk arising from Covid was heavily overestimated while the risks and damage of eventual counter-measures were not sufficiently taken into consideration. The (German) Government declared already in April of 2020 that it had not undertaken, nor was it planning, any survey of consequences. In a proceeding led by a lawyer in front of the Bavarian Administration, the Bavarian State Chancellery made public that up till then, against all State law whereby all State business must be able to be checked, there was no investigation, no written expertise calculating the consequences. This can only be seen as gross negligence at the least, especially in view of the ever weightier reports of harm caused by the lock-down to enterprises, children, old people, etc.

When one does weigh the risks, then it becomes clear that a calculable risk, no more dangerous for the system’s health as a whole than is any other flu virus, has been met with a highly risky collection of measures. These risks of the lock-down and its counter-measures have become now to a considerable extent no longer risks but realities. They have not produced the results hoped for, because the new infections or positive tests, as the number of deaths at least in retrospective shows, were already dropping when the lock-down went into force. And since the end of June, 2020, the positive test results appear to be forming part of that false-positive background noise coming from the tests. As for the on-going counter-measures (masks, social distancing, loss of income, closing of concert-halls, etc., etc.), day by day they are further wrecking the economy, health, cultural and social life of human beings in Germany. The disadvantages and advantages of the counter-measures are out of all proportion to one another. That makes the offences they involve against human rights also disproportionate and consequently illegal.

The governments have undertaken no sufficient calculation of consequences to accompany the counter-measures that they have imposed, just as they have been explicitly reminded by the highest courts in the land. On the contrary, they have consciously renounced taking note of any collateral damage. They can only be accused of blameworthy behaviour.

Take courage, Catholics and non-Catholics – the nonsense is by no means yet over.

Kyrie eleison.