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Covid Nonsense

Covid Nonsense posted in Eleison Comments on March 20, 2021

It is now nearly a year since the Covid nonsense was sprung upon the whole wide world, all at once, based on a massive lie according to which a deadly plague was about to be let loose on all mankind. The massive lie became clear as soon as the number of deaths showed that the so-called “pandemic” was no worse than an average winter flu. Yet the vile politicians and the vile media continue to this day, at the behest of their hidden masters, to tell a stream of lies about the “pandemic” to maintain an artificial state of panic among the peoples of the world. Such on-going gullibility is a shameful spectacle on their part, but they have only themselves to blame, as usual, this time for their lack of common sense following on their lack of love of the truth, a lack which is what is going to bring on the Antichrist before too long (II Thess. II, 10). Covid has nothing to do with health, everything to do with the hidden masters’ drive for world power, used by God as a scourge for the multiple wickedness of the abortive society.

However, there are those souls that are doing what they can to stop the villains, for instance the Corona-Committee Foundation based in Berlin, which made public last September 14 a brief report of 28 pages in German, of which the “Interim Findings” on page 23 are reproduced in English below. It is a Germanic fortification of common sense and truth, put together by four lawyers from and for Germany in particular, but with the supporting signatures of another 23 experts, mainly doctors, from all over the world. Their Report can be found on the Internet at corona-ausschuss.de/wp-content/uploads/209/ 02/

According to what we now know, we have very serious reason to think that the risk arising from Covid was heavily overestimated while the risks and damage of eventual counter-measures were not sufficiently taken into consideration. The (German) Government declared already in April of 2020 that it had not undertaken, nor was it planning, any survey of consequences. In a proceeding led by a lawyer in front of the Bavarian Administration, the Bavarian State Chancellery made public that up till then, against all State law whereby all State business must be able to be checked, there was no investigation, no written expertise calculating the consequences. This can only be seen as gross negligence at the least, especially in view of the ever weightier reports of harm caused by the lock-down to enterprises, children, old people, etc.

When one does weigh the risks, then it becomes clear that a calculable risk, no more dangerous for the system’s health as a whole than is any other flu virus, has been met with a highly risky collection of measures. These risks of the lock-down and its counter-measures have become now to a considerable extent no longer risks but realities. They have not produced the results hoped for, because the new infections or positive tests, as the number of deaths at least in retrospective shows, were already dropping when the lock-down went into force. And since the end of June, 2020, the positive test results appear to be forming part of that false-positive background noise coming from the tests. As for the on-going counter-measures (masks, social distancing, loss of income, closing of concert-halls, etc., etc.), day by day they are further wrecking the economy, health, cultural and social life of human beings in Germany. The disadvantages and advantages of the counter-measures are out of all proportion to one another. That makes the offences they involve against human rights also disproportionate and consequently illegal.

The governments have undertaken no sufficient calculation of consequences to accompany the counter-measures that they have imposed, just as they have been explicitly reminded by the highest courts in the land. On the contrary, they have consciously renounced taking note of any collateral damage. They can only be accused of blameworthy behaviour.

Take courage, Catholics and non-Catholics – the nonsense is by no means yet over.

Kyrie eleison.

Next Covid?

Next Covid? posted in Eleison Comments on November 7, 2020

All over the world ever more people, observing the utter disproportion between on the one hand the huge Covid-propaganda of their vile media and governments, and on the other hand the scarce reality of Covid-deaths anywhere around them, are convinced that there is much more to Covid-19 than meets the eye. They are unquestionably right, but who the criminals are behind Covid, and what they are after is not so clear. Materialistic liberals can hardly imagine that anybody could be so evil, because they need to believe that everybody is nice, whereas believing Catholics have a chance of understanding, through their Faith.

What they understand through their Faith is that human life is a time and opportunity given by God to every human soul that He creates, to choose between eternal bliss in Heaven by serving and loving Him, or unending torments in Hell by spurning and refusing Him. Hosts of angels, created before men, were given the same choice, and perhaps a third of them fell, and were flung into Hell. These all now bitterly envy human beings their possibility of getting to the Heaven which they refused, and they do all they can to pull human souls down to Hell with them. Here is where the evil on this earth originates.

But if God is all-good and all-powerful, as He is, how can He allow any such free play of evil? Because He does not want any kind of robots in His Heaven. He wants with Him there only angels and souls that have been able to make an entirely free choice between Himself and the Devil, and who have chosen Himself against all possible allurements of the world, the flesh and the Devil. And if the Devil succeeds in blinding souls with error and seducing them for instance with his honey-traps, then God will often scourge those souls in this brief life in order for them to think again, to come back to Him and to save themselves for eternal life. “O God, punish me in this life” prayed St Augustine, “just so long as you need not punish me in the next.” And God often uses fallen angels and wicked men to do the scourging that He knows is necessary for the salvation of souls. And here is where much of the suffering of men on earth originates.

And here is why the great Covid-lie is likely to thrive for a while yet, because a mass of souls today are virtually trapped in atheistic materialism, which is the essence of Communism, and it is liable to take great suffering for souls to be shaken out of it. Deeply deceived by a false notion of liberty (freedom to choose between good and evil instead of between good and good – I have no inalienable right to choose evil), they are convinced and crusading liberals who insist on freedom for evil and, as we saw in the riots of this summer, on freedom for the destruction of the police, of all law and order, of their cities, of all feeble remains of Christian civilisation, in brief on freedom to make war against God. It took over 70 years of the full horrors of Communism for “Holy Russia” to begin to come back to God. What will it take to bring an entire apostate world to be ready to beg Our Lady to obtain Russia’s full Consecration?

Therefore expect in the rest of 2020, according to a recent source in Canada, the rolling in of secondary lock-down restrictions, with a new “surge” of Covid-related deaths, and the rushed acquisition or construction of “isolation facilities” throughout the country. Expect by the turn of the year much stricter lock-down measures, and in the New Year the introduction of a universal basic wage program alongside a new virus (Covid-21) due to overwhelm medical facilities. Planned for the Spring are a third lock-down, stricter still, imposition of the basic wage program, large economic disruption, and to offset an international economic collapse, a total debt relief program by which citizens will be offered, by the government, cancellation of all their debts in exchange for giving up for ever all ownership of any and all property and assets, and for accepting Covid-19 and Covid-21 vaccinations. And if any citizens refuse?

“They will be deemed a safety risk and re-located into isolation facilities, with their assets seized.”

We have been warned. God is not mocked (Galatians VI, 7). Let us pray!

Kyrie eleison.

Admirable Appeal

Admirable Appeal posted in Eleison Comments on May 30, 2020

Ever since governments all over the world clamped down on the lives of their citizens over two months ago because of dishonest reports of the danger of the “corona-virus” let loose from China, honest experts have contradicted these reports. Included in that clamp-down were severe measures taken against Catholics attending Mass or any of the Holy Week liturgy. And at the time Church leaders and laity set up little resistance. But earlier this month some churchmen published an “Appeal for Church and World” in which at last the sinister forces behind the so-called “pandemic” were openly denounced, even if they were not clearly named. It was high time that Catholics received guidance from high-ranking churchmen that they are being led like sheep to the slaughter by wolves of the Antichrist disguised as friends of mankind. Here is a summary of the 1375-word Appeal –

In today’s crisis, we undersigned Church leaders consider we are in duty bound to make this Appeal to all Catholics and souls of good will. People’s rights have been violated by worldwide government measures taken on the excuse of the coronavirus to restrict their liberties when the facts show that the media panic raised over the virus has been exaggerated out of all proportion. We believe that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and tracking their movements, and that this is a disturbing prelude to the realisation of a world government beyond all control. Such measures have wrecked many an economy, and encouraged foreign interference, whereas governments must protect their citizens and not indulge in social engineering to split families and isolate individuals.

Let scientists tell the truth and beware of shady business interests and of pharmaceutical companies seeking huge profits by expensive cures for the not so dangerous virus. Let governments rigorously avoid all systems of tracking or locating their citizens, and let them not support the hidden intentions of supranational bodies that have very strong commercial and political interests in the plan to do so. Let citizens be free to refuse vaccines, and let self-styled “experts” enjoy no kind of immunity from prosecution. Let the media tell the truth and not practise various forms of censorship as are now being practised, to impose a single way of thinking, in fact a subtle dictatorship of opinion, all the more effective for being subtle.

And last but not least, let everyone remember that Our Lord Jesus Christ granted to His Church an entire independence from the State to worship God and to teach and govern citizens in accordance with her own purposes, the glory of God and the salvation of souls. The State may not interfere in any ruling of the Church upon her own affairs, nor may it in any way limit the sovereignty of God’ s own true Church, nor may it in any way restrict or ban public worship or Catholic priests doing their priestly duty. Therefore let all coronavirus restrictions upon Catholic worship be removed. If citizens have duties towards the State, so also they have rights, which include respect for natural law and for God’s interests coming first.

We are fighting against an invisible enemy that seeks to divide citizens, to separate children from parents, grandchildren from grandparents, souls from priests, students from teachers, and so on, in brief to erase centuries of Christian civilisation by an odious technological tyranny in which nameless and faceless people can decide the fate of the world by confining us to a virtual reality. But Christ will win. We pray for government leaders who face a special responsibility before the judgment seat of God, We beg Our Lord to protect His Church. And may Our Lady defeat the plans of the children of darkness.

And this appeal was signed by dozens of eminent laymen, in addition to several leading churchmen.

Kyrie eleison.

“Post-Modernity” – II

“Post-Modernity” – II posted in Eleison Comments on August 31, 2019

At the risk of wearying readers with variations on the theme of Truth, these “Comments” will make further comment on the summary of Wojcieck Niemczewski’s Culture as religion; the post-modern interpretation of the relationship between culture and religion, quoted here last week. For indeed we must save our souls, and one deep danger in the way of saving our souls is the blinding of our highest faculty, which is our minds, upon which follows immediately the corruption of our hearts. And the deepest danger for our minds today is the universal assumption that ideas do not matter, that truth is not important. See how Vatican II preferred modernity to faithful Catholicism, notably in the Conciliar document of Gaudium et Spes, and then how the Society of St Pius X preferred the Conciliar Romans to their faithful Founder, and in each case, how the large majority of priests and lay-folk followed along.

Let us begin by laying out Niemczewski’s thoughts in order, so as to see where he is coming from and where he is going to: 1 There is no objective God because “God” is the subjective fabrication inside each one of us. 2 Therefore the old “truths” of yesterday’s religion and philosophy no longer have any foundation. 3 Moreover they no longer fit today’s real world, which is changing in all domains and faster than ever. 4 Worse, they are actually blocking modern progress, or the “culture of choice” which enables us to adapt to change, and which guarantees the freedom of each of us to put together his own way of life. 5 So to remain adaptable to modernity, post-modern man must accept this non-universal and non-obligatory “culture of choice” which imposes on man neither norms nor any being superior to him. 6 In conclusion, truth must give way to liberty, religion to culture, and direction to drift. 7 Therefore down with Truth, up with the “culture of choice”!

Alas for post-modern man, there is a reality outside his mind, as close to him as his own arms and legs, and this extra-mental reality has laws of its own, in no way dependent on his mind. For instance if he has tooth-ache, he will have to go to the dentist and not to the fishmonger. And these laws are not only physical but also moral. For instance if a poor girl has an abortion, she is not going to be able to wish away her pangs of conscience, however much she would like to. The free-will of each of us human beings is unquestionably free – hence the possibility of Niemczewski’s “culture of choice” – but that culture of choice can only function inside and not outside of the structured framework of the laws of extra-mental reality, physical and moral. Thus for my eternity I am free to choose Heaven or Hell, but I am not free to choose to break seriously the moral law and still go to Heaven.

The ancient Greeks in their prime pre-dated Our Lord’s Incarnation by hundreds of years, so that they had no benefit of supernatural grace or illumination. But just naturally they observed – they did not invent – the grave and unavoidable consequences of human beings rearing up against the moral structure of human life, and they gave that rearing up a name – “hubris,” today we would call it “pride.” Thus Niemczewski’s presentation of the “culture of choice” begins by denying God and ends by defying Him, but while he may bend men’s minds in favour of his “culture,” he is powerless to bend the eternal and ineffable Existence of God, or the eternal and absolute necessity of Truth. For instance, if there is no such thing as truth, then that at least is a truth. Hence in denying all or any dogma, nobody is so dogmatic as the Freemasons, and in their subjective undermining of all doctrine, nobody is so doctrinal as the Modernists and Neo-modernists.

In brief, a man like Niemczewski is refusing to recognise that around mankind’s arena of choice is a ring of reality which is not of man’s choice. The churchmen of Vatican II are refusing to recognise that the Deposit of Faith cannot be modernised. And the leaders of the Newsociety of St Pius X are refusing to recognise that the Conciliar Romans are fantasy merchants. The “culture of choice” will finish by costing all of them dearly. It may cost them their eternity if they cannot come to their Catholic senses.

Kyrie eleison.


“Holocaustianity” posted in Eleison Comments on February 2, 2019

Many Catholics seem to think that what is called the “Holocaust” has nothing to do with religion. They are very mistaken. Here are two (slightly edited) paragraphs from the handsome tribute paid to the late Professor Robert Faurisson by Jérôme Bourbon, brave editor of the excellent Paris weekly, Rivarol:—

Not only did Professor Faurisson by his research and famous phrase of 60 words threaten the ideological foundations of the world order issuing from World War II, but he also called in question the religion, or counter-religion, of “Holocaustianity.” It is a veritable religion, demanding respect and submission. Its false god requires a homage of adoration, a constant burning of incense before it, a flame to be lit like at Yad Vashem, flowers to be offered, and wailing to go up to Heaven, like at the pilgrimages and processions to Auschwitz and elsewhere, while people must beat their breast, crying out “Never again.”

“Holocaustianity,” taught from primary school to the end of one’s days, by television, cinema and every form of entertainment, does in fact ape all features of the Catholic religion. It has its martyrs (the Six Million), its Saints (Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank), its miracles (“Holocaust” survivors), its stigmatists (tattooed camp-inmates), its pilgrimages (to Auschwitz, etc.), its temples and cathedrals (“Holocaust” museums and memorials), its alms-giving to obtain pardon (never-ending reparation payments to Israel and to “Holocaust” survivors), its relics (camp inmates’ teeth, hair, shoes, etc.), its lives of the Saints (books by Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, etc.), its torture chambers (gas-chambers), its Gospel (the verdict of the post-war Nuremberg military tribunal), its High Priests and Pontiffs (Simon Wiesenthal), its Inquisition (anti-Revisionist civil law-courts), its laws against blasphemy (strictly forbidding any questioning of the “Holocaust”), its Holy City (modern Jerusalem), its preachers and guardians (all instructors and associations in politics, the media, religion, trade unions, sports and economics), its religious Congregations (World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, AIPAC, etc., etc.), its Hell (for all nationalists – except Israelis! –, all revisionists, all believers in the deicide and in the New Testament replacing the Old, etc.), and its faithful (almost all of mankind).

However, not only does “Holocaustianity” ape Christianity, it also turns it inside out: instead of love, hate; instead of truth, lies; instead of forgiveness, Talmudic vengeance; instead of respect for elders, the hunting down of aged camp-guards; instead of the spirit of poverty, the pursuit of reparation payments; instead of humility, the drive to dominate; instead of sharing, the pursuit of personal gain, instead of charity, blackmail: instead of respect for others, lynching: instead of quiet and discretion, publicity and noisy accusations in the media; instead of the boundless justice of God, the brazen injustice of conquerors setting themselves up as judges of the conquered, and so on and so on.

So here is a sonnet to honour what Prof. Faurisson did to get this monkey off of mankind’s back:—

“The Truth is mighty, and will prevail,” they said.
“Oh no!” one race replied, “the Truth we make –
“We are the Master Race, of all men head,
Our truth is what inferiors have to take!”
And thus a whole mythology arose
From how this race remoulded two World Wars.
On weak minds horror chambers they impose
To fake a god that everyone adores.
Yet one frail Frenchman braved the racist lies –
“Picture us one such genuine chamber – one!”
But pictures there were none to show. With cries
Of rage, the racists knew that Truth had won.
In God, Professor, you did not believe,
But you He used, all races to relieve.

Kyrie eleison.

War Avoided? – II

War Avoided? – II posted in Eleison Comments on April 28, 2018

Since the best of political commentators rarely get anywhere near the religious well-springs of history, and yet as God governs man, so a man’s relations with his God (religion) govern his relations with his fellow-men (politics), and so religion governs politics, then a religious commentator must open up the religious dimension of political questions which most people without God may positively wish their political commentators to leave alone. Almighty God seems to be as unwelcome on the present world scene as He is nevertheless its complete Master!

The theme of religion in fact driving politics arose in these “Comments” last week when it was stated that a certain race of men was behind both the media lies and the military pressure to start the Third World War. Given how murderous the latest weapons of modern times will make that war, who on earth can think that they will gain more than they will lose by the global conflict? The answer is, a race of men so absolutely sure of their superiority over all other men that they are convinced that they deserve to rule all mankind, and that they can and must manipulate world events until they arrive at that dominion, by fair means or foul, because the end is so sacred that it justifies all means. Sacred? The obliteration of mankind, sacred? Yes, a twisted sense of the sacred is the key to the insanity: “We, the Chosen People, are so sacred that either we rule the world or it must be destroyed, and ourselves with it!”

The problem is that from Abraham to Christ, they really were the race chosen out by God to be the cradle and launching pad of His own Incarnate Son. For two thousand years they were to be strictly separated from the rest of men and lifted above them, specially privileged and specially punished when necessary, in any case specially treated to make them fit to provide the divine Son with His human nature, human Mother and friends and race and surroundings, so that as their Messiah He could redeem all men from their sins. And if the African proverb says that it takes a village to make a child, what did it take to make a Blessed Virgin Mary? Say what one will about that race today, they did fulfil their mission in this major respect. The drama is that when their Messiah came among them and proved that His mission was to conquer the world for the Kingdom of Heaven and not for their glory, then they crucified Him, and as they have repudiated him collectively ever since, so they set themselves, as the Messiah-hating Race of the Messiah, an insoluble pathological problem, unless and until they turn individually to the Christ they have so hated.

From this pathology – or rather theology – of the Jews down two millennia, there follows a cascade of consequences for the correct reading of today’s world events, but the most important conclusions to be drawn are the following. First and foremost, if Almighty God is deliberately allowing a small number of Jews to master-mind the corruption and chaos of a large number of Gentiles, it is only in order to drive these Gentiles back towards Him. For indeed the one and only thing that the Jews cannot handle is the true Faith of the one true Catholic Church. God created neither the world nor the Catholic Church for all souls to fall into Hell, and so that whenever souls pick up on the true Faith they have in hand their “victory over the world” (I Jn. V, 4). And nothing and nobody else can force them to abandon that Faith. If they do so, they have essentially nobody but themselves to blame.

Then let every one of us turn in heart and mind to the one true God of the one true Church (not that of Vatican II), and the enemies of God, Jew or Gentile, can only lose their present power. Here alone is the true solution to our present worldwide corruption and chaos. If at all possible, fifteen Mysteries a day of the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother of God, the greatest human person that ever lived – and a Jewess.

Kyrie eleison.