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ISRAEL vs. HAMAS – II on December 9, 2023

The murder of Palestinians is quite wrong,

But it teaches, Satan’s hate and evil are strong.

The Jews are an exceptional race among all mankind of all ages, and still are, because no other race has been or will be marked out by the one true God to be the human cradle of the one and only true Messiah or Saviour of whatever human beings from the beginning to the end of Creation want to be saved for eternal bliss. “Salvation is from the Jews,” says Our Lord Himself to the Samaritan woman (Jn. IV, 22), and souls are wise to remember that truth whenever today’s Israelis set about “mowing the lawn,” as they call it in Hebrew, a choice of words truly corresponding to the inhumanity of their slaughter of Palestinians. 

But how could they have descended so unspeakably low from their divine calling to provide God the Son with His launching-pad on earth? Because everything about the Jews obliges us to think thoughts of God, and not just thoughts of men. Cf. Is. LV, 8,9 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” In fact to remind human beings of this transcendence of the one true Creator and God may be one of His reasons for allowing such sheer wickedness of Jews of all time (I Thess. II, 14–16), and not just of today’s Israelis. Might not God be thinking as follows? – 

My children, how far you are from the truth about what I give you when I give you life! To every single one of you I only give life and free-will so that you can all choose to deserve to go to Heaven. Instead you choose not to believe in My offer, and instead you allow the highly limited pleasures of your life on earth to occupy all your horizon, to take up all your attention, as though nothing else is reasonable. And so what seems reasonable to you takes up the best of your time and love and attention, and you shut Me out, and you shut out anything else like love or poetry or music or nobility or whatever that might suggest that there is a world outside, or a universe above, the tiny little tunnel of things “reasonable” and “scientific” in which you have enclosed your hollow lives, wholly incapable of deserving My bliss. Have you even the least little idea of Who made you? Of Who I am? Of what greatness you were made for? 

Well, have a look at these terrible Jews, “mowing their lawn.” Over the course of 2000 years I gave them great gifts to make them capable of providing your Saviour with His Mother, family, village, country and race among human beings, a mission in which, with all their failings, they nevertheless succeeded. Alas, out of a long build-up of sheer human pride in their own gifts they so failed to understand the spiritual and not material character of the Messiah given to them, that they failed sensationally to remain faithful to their mission, and they crucified their Saviour, a piece of treachery which tears them all up inside and has torn them up ever since, unless and until they can admit that they were wrong, and recognise Jesus Christ as their King – but in the way of that stands their enormous racial pride. I will convert them, My own people, at the end of the world, so that they will not all have gone wasted.” 

But in the meanwhile they still serve Him, against their will, because He writes straight with crooked lines. They hate Him and want to fight Him? Then whenever the members of His Church are unfaithful to Him, forget Him and scorn Him, He uses the talents of the Jews to make such a Hell-on-earth that the non-Jews are driven back to Him, like the ex-Soviet Russians (without any Jew or non-Jew acting out of anything other than free-will). And again, might it not be by the very blindness, fanaticism and irrationality of their “mowing their lawn” in Israel, that they are demonstrating the seriousness and mystery of human life to Gentiles, whose shallowness and frivolity they have always despised? By no means always wrongly, but it is up to Catholics to show, in action as Jews do and not just in words, that I do not have to “mow a lawn” in order to prove that I know that there is more to life than just being “scientific” and “rational.” 

Kyrie eleison.


LIBERALISM in ACTION posted in Eleison Comments on December 2, 2023

A reader sends in a few penetrating questions concerning recent history of the Church, of the Society of St Pius X and of the so-called “Resistance” movement. One day, when Mother Church comes back to her senses – as she is already quietly doing – the shadows and darkness will be dissipated, and the history will be opened wide in truth and charity. Here meanwhile is a sketch of some answers. 

1 How can you be against any structure for the “Resistance”? Can anything Catholic thrive without it? 

The strength of the “Resistance” is, firstly, the Truth, and secondly the very looseness of the connections between the various small groups resisting the revolution of Vatican II. That revolution swiftly overcame the large part of the Catholic Church because Catholics were too obedient to unfaithful authorities above. Likewise the large part of the SSPX was swiftly blunted in 2012 because its priests were too respectful of the authority of their official leaders above them, who wanted to get back in with apostate Rome. They were serving no longer the true Church or the true Faith, like Archbishop Lefebvre, but themselves. On the contrary, to capture one small pocket of Resistants will not necessarily mean capturing even a second pocket. Thus the Faith will survive until God chooses to restore Catholic structure, in His own good time. 

2 Were the SSPX leaders who were deceived by the apostate Roman officials in the mid-1990’s driven by personal ambition? 

It is always possible, but one may think that their problem was rather their lack of faith in the means of God to solve the crisis of the Church, and their excessive trust in merely human Vatican politics to solve it. Not grasping, as did the Archbishop, the divine and pre-apocalyptic dimension of the worldwide crisis, they conceive it in relatively small and worldly terms, missing the mark altogether. Contrast Archbishop Lefebvre, always pondering the full-scale collapse of the Church. Compare Archbishop Vigano, also reflecting constantly on the universal fall of Church and world, brought on by Vatican II. 

3 Was there clear evidence of this insufficiency of SSPX leaders at the General Chapter of 1994? 

Evidence, yes, but clear evidence, not yet. The participants at that General Chapter gave the impression of nice children playing games rather than of grown warriors fighting a gigantic war for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls in a highly dangerous environment. It takes a Saint to believe in evil, said Gustavo Corcao. That Chapter’s dear and pious young priests seemed not up to the gravity of the hour. 

4 When, for you, did the two camps of SSPX Compliants and SSPX Resistants divide from one another? 

Certainly in the 1980’s the elements of the division were already there. I know a priest who in 1982 after professing for five years at Econe, was sent across the Atlantic for more than a quarter of a century, most likely to get him out of the way. Young seminarians needed to be prepared to obey the liberals who already foresaw themselves taking over the SSPX from the ageing Archbishop. He had been wonderful in his day but, for the Compliants, was becoming steadily out of date by his implacable condemnation of the modernists of Rome, who were seen as the true Authority of the Church and as evolving all the time for the better. Nor will these liberal leaders of the SSPX have thought of themselves as liberals, on the contrary. They see themselves infiltrating modernist Rome and converting it to Catholic Tradition. Is that likely? They have little idea of how deep and serious is the crusade of the liberals to destroy the Catholic Church. 

5 Has the Compliants-Resistants clash always been there inside the Society of St Pius X? 

Surely, yes. Archbishop Lefebvre used to tell us that reading Fr. Barbier’s history of liberalism’s clash with Catholicism in the 19th and 20th centuries made him realise that the only difference between the same clash before and after Vatican II was that before, the Catholics were in command, whereas after, it was the liberals. For as long as the Archbishop was alive, his personal magnetism kept the SSPX Catholic, but as soon as he died in 1991, the constant magnetism of Rome for Catholics began to reassert its sway. Let us have patience. God will not be outmanoeuvred, by the Devil or by fallen angels or fallen churchmen. 

Kyrie eleison. 

Men can suppress reality for a while,

But on God’s face, a sad and gentle smile.


ISRAEL vs. HAMAS posted in Eleison Comments on November 25, 2023

Readers may well appreciate something being said about the insane clash between Israel and Hamas which began on October 7. Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the very centre of it. Here are two quotes. The first is from Scripture, the Word of God (and not just of St Paul), from I Thessalonians II, 14–16: 

“For you, Thessalonian Christians, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus which are in Judea; for you suffer the same things from your own countrymen as the Judeans did from the Jews, who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all men by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they may be saved – so as always to fill up the measure of their sins. But God’s wrath has come upon them completely.” 

Two comments on this first quote. Firstly, if anybody is tempted to think that St Paul was an “anti-semite,” let them read in Romans IX, 1 to 5, how St Paul loved and respected his fellow-Jews, but that did not stop him from telling the truth about them. Jews may well dismiss him as a “Jew-hater,” but that is obviously false, by the quote from Romans. And secondly, two thousand years of history are there to show how the Jews have indeed continually persecuted the Catholic Church from the Crucifixion onwards. See for instance Maurice Pinay’s 2000 years of Plot against the Church, written by a team of Catholic priests to warn every bishop at Vatican II against the danger of the Jewish influence in the Council. Alas, the warning was not sufficiently heeded. The Church largely succumbed to that influence. 

But much more striking by way of proof that the Jews have not changed over 2000 years from how St Paul portrayed them above, is how they regularly “mow the lawn” in Palestine, their own expression in Hebrew for their vicious oppression of the Palestinians which we are observing once more today. Take for instance this speech of Israeli journalist Gideon Levy at the conference on “The Israel Lobby: Is it good for the US? Is it good for Israel?”, National Press Club, Washington, D.C., April 10, 2015. In summary – 

Israel is living in denial. This denial is corrupting for Israeli society. Israel has surrounded itself with shields and walls – not only physical, but mental walls. Is there any example from history where a country lived on its sword forever? Israel is addicted to occupation. There is no chance of change from within Israeli society. It is too brainwashed. Israel is a lost cause. How do Israelis live with this reality? How do they live in peace with the brutal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank? There are 3 reasons: 

1. Most, if not all, Israelis believe that they are the Chosen People. If they are Chosen, then they have the right to do whatever they want.

2. There has never been in history an occupation in which the occupier presents himself as a victim. Not only the victim but the only victim. Israel adopts a dual strategy – victimhood on the one hand and manipulation on the other. With victimhood also comes the ‘holocaust.’ Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel from 1969–1974, stated that after the ‘holocaust,’ “Jews have a right to do whatever they want.”

3. The systematic de-humanisation of the Palestinian people. If Palestinians are not human, then there is no question of human rights. Almost no Israelis will treat the Palestinians as human beings. Israel is a democracy for its Jewish citizens (as long as they think like the majority) but it is an apartheid regime in Gaza and the West Bank. This shared set of beliefs enables Israelis to live in peace with their ongoing crimes. Why would the Israelis change? What is the incentive? 

In other words, says this intelligent and relatively honest Jew, there is no solution. You can only leave us to do as we like . . . . But that cannot be true. The true solution is the Catholic Faith. When souls had the Faith in the Middle Ages, Jews were more of a threat than a problem. But when souls prefer Mammon (money) before God, then God uses the Jews to scourge their backs, so that they do not all fall into Hell. 

Kyrie eleison.

Pope’s Disintegration – III

Pope's Disintegration - III posted in Eleison Comments on May 1, 2021

If these “Comments” of April 17th praised the analysis by the Society of St Pius X’s Superior General, Fr. Davide Pagliarani, for his March 12 analysis of the unthinkable madness of Pope Francis’ “thinking,” then nobody need conclude that this week’s “Comments” are trying to undermine that Society if they go on to make a couple of suggestions to the same Superior General. In all languages there will be some proverbial expression of the distance between words and action. Fr. Pagliarani is talking the right talk. Americans might say that all he now needs is to walk the right walk, in accordance with his talk.

For indeed if the Superior General truly wants the good of the Society of which he is the Superior, he will want to act as the Founder of that Society acted, because to follow a Founder is to serve his foundation, while to contradict him in word or deed will be to help to undo his foundation. Now what distinguished Archbishop Lefebvre from his thousands of fellow bishops at and after Vatican II? He always said that a few hundred came out of the Council still resolved to defend the true Catholic Faith, but that in the 1970’s Pope Paul VI succeeded essentially in breaking their resistance, especially by misuse of his authority. So the bishops put the System above the Truth, while the Archbishop put the Truth above the System.

Now by declaring in your March 12 analysis that Pope Francis is virtually abandoning all Catholic philosophy and theology, honourable Fr Pagliarani, you show that you have a real grip on the Truth and on the dire peril in which it finds itself today. So what did the Archbishop do when in the 1970’s and 1980’s Popes Paul VI and John-Paul II similarly imperilled the Faith? Did he put the System in front of the Truth? Or did he not supremely walk the walk by Consecrating four bishops, even outside the System, to ensure the practical survival of his heroic talk? May I suggest that there are two things you can do, one for the Church and one for the State, to lift your walk to the level of your talk?

For the Church, help it enormously, as did the Archbishop (and as you did yourself with your absolutely clear condemnation in February, 2019 of the Pope’s Joint Declaration with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar) by not only faithfulness to Catholic doctrine, but also by unequivocally shunning the Church System, presently still mired in Conciliar doctrine, and liable to contaminate any Society priests or leaders who imprudently flirt with such objective instruments of Belial. Towards such gravely mistaken Church officials, courtesy and charity, yes, but friendly contact, by no means! For there can be no greater charity towards such objective traitors, risking a terrible eternity, than to make them understand how they need to convert. And you have a bounden duty to steer your own priests away from them, so dangerous are they!

And for the State, similarly. Virtually all States of the world are presently under the disguised control of the bi-millennial enemies of God and man, whom God is using to scourge apostate mankind. In what is radically a religious war on their part, by the blindness and weakness of the Catholics who should be stopping them, they have gained mastery of our banks, politics, universities, arts, culture, law, medicine, and so on, so that all of these things are the mere anti-Christian shells of what they once were as parts of Christian civilisation. It is the Christians’ fault by their lack of faith, and it has recently entailed the stealing in a once great nation of its national election, with far too little protest against the mass of lies necessarily involved. Now, bearing the stamp of the same anti-Christian warriors is the entire artificial Covid crisis. Father, any Catholic Society is further betraying Christ if it does not discern, and act upon, who and what is at stake. Covid is a problem even more religious than it is political, and the men of God must say so, if the people of God are to get back on their knees. May God be with you.

Kyrie eleison.

P.S. Enough ECs for the moment on the gravity of modernism. Let the next two ECs present for the Easter season the joy of Beethoven (even if it is not directly Christian joy, but rather derived from it.)

Pope’s Disintegration – II

Pope's Disintegration - II posted in Eleison Comments on April 24, 2021

The rhyming couplets at the beginning or end of each of the issues of these “Comments” have normally only two lines of ten syllables each to make their point, which means that they can be so compressed that they are difficult to understand. Last week’s was an example. But since what it was saying goes to the heart of the great error ravaging the true Catholic Church ever since Vatican II (1962–1965), let us return to that couplet to explain it in a little more detail. Here it is again –

The Greeks, even bearing gifts, one had to fear?

To modernists those Greeks come nowhere near!

The first of the two lines refers to a famous quote from the second book of Virgil’s Aeneid in Latin, which says translated, “Howsoever it be, I fear the Greeks, even when they bear gifts.” The Trojan war has been going on for ten years, and despite tremendous military efforts the invading army from Greece has so far been unable to capture the city of Troy. The Greeks resort to trickery. Outside the gates of Troy they will leave a hollow wooden horse filled with Greek soldiers as a “gift” for the Trojans. The Trojans are deliberating what to do with this handsome horse – should it be brought inside the gates of the city? A wise old Trojan says no, because whatsoever it be, he cannot trust the Greeks. Alas for Troy, his advice is not taken, the horse is brought in, the soldiers spill out at night, Troy is taken by surprise and the Greeks win the Trojan war, thanks to that trickery for which they were notorious in the ancient world. However, the second line of the couplet above says that even the trickery of the ancient Greeks comes nowhere near the trickery of today’s modernists penetrating into the heart of the Catholic City and destroying it to its very foundations. How can that be?

Let us say, by a progressive loss over the centuries of mankind’s sense of the reality of God and of its own dependence on God. This loss was wilful. To introduce the last age of the world with the largest harvest of souls ever for the bliss of eternal salvation, Almighty God had granted the greatest grace ever, the Incarnation of His own one and only divine Son to die on the Cross to seal in His Blood the New and Eternal Testament between God and man, and to found the Catholic Church to make available to all men by its sacraments the fruits of that death and Redemption. And after one and a half thousand years that Church had indeed succeeded in creating Christian civilisation, incomparably superior to any other.

But after 1500 years man’s pride could take it no longer, and men designed a series of ever more refined hypocrisies to get their liberty out from under God’s truth. Protestantism and Jansenism pretended to be Catholic, Liberalism pretended to be Christian, Communism pretended to be human, and the strain for Catholics of living in a more and more profoundly anti-Catholic world all around them was becoming for Catholics heavier all the time, especially since the modern world, forged by the hypocrisies, was becoming more and more “normal” all the time. Finally the strain, for instance, of having in a big city all the children that God is liable to send, became unbearable, and the supreme hypocrisy of Vatican II, post-Catholics pretending to be Catholic thanks to compliant clergy, took place, and the true Church is in scattered disarray until the moment to be chosen by God for the Augean stables to be cleaned out.

But God has never abandoned His unchanging Church, nor the souls at whatever level that cleave to it, nor need any soul fear being abandoned by God that does not want to abandon it, or God’s reality. However, God may ask of such souls some suffering to help pay for the tidal waves of sin flooding over mankind, and let it not indulge in the variety of hypocrisies by which modern men succeed in deceiving themselves that God does not exist, or that they are not preferring their own reality to His . . .

Kyrie eleison

 Pope’s Disintegration

 Pope's Disintegration posted in Eleison Comments on April 17, 2021

In an interview which he released early last month, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X, Fr Davide Pagliarani, tackled in his own words a subject which is of supreme importance in today’s Church and world, but which is not often tackled because it is so unthinkable, namely the disintegration of thinking. For in attempting to analyse the thinking of Pope Francis, Fr Pagliarani concludes that the Pope, in his desire to reach modern man wherever he is, has abandoned all system of thinking, all Catholic philosophy or theology in the classical sense of those two words. This would mean that to get to modern man, Pope Francis is giving up on Catholic doctrine. Here is the SG’s argument:

Pope Francis is “above” all systems of thinking. Whereas for John-Paul II certain doctrines were untouchable, and whereas Benedict XVI was always concerned to appear faithful to Tradition, on the contrary Pope Francis is demolishing all Catholic bastions from the past. Indeed it was inevitable that as Vatican II (1962–1965) with its religious liberty and ecumenism undermined the Church’s dogma, so with

the passing decades her moral teaching without basis in dogma would also give way. Thus with his Amoris Laetitia of 2016 Pope Francis taught, as solemn Church doctrine, a completely new approach to morality, namely Mother Church must face the modern facts and become a quite different kind of mother. She can no longer impose herself and her laws as she has always done before. Now she must listen to, understand and accompany her children, adapting herself passively to whatever they do. Obviously moral principles are going to change with men’s changing practice in evolving historical circumstances.

Thus Francis misunderstands love – no mother loves her child drowning in a dangerous river by jumping in with him. He misunderstands mercy – it is no mercy to a man to leave him in a state of sin displeasing to God. By such a falsification of God’s true love and mercy, not only does the Church give up on the whole supernatural order, she also leaves him “free” in the natural order, so that no bastion remains, because Mother Church has adapted to the sins of the world, by making no more claims on her children. With Vatican II she adapted to the world. With Pope Francis she goes further, adapting to the sins of the world, leaving her children, deeply wounded by original sin, with no supernatural grace to heal them.

What then does Pope Francis propose instead, as a goal or goals for Church and world? Firstly, the universal imposition of a utopian integral ecology, to look after Mother Earth (Pachamama) in all material respects (Laudato sí, 2015), and secondly a quasi-masonic universal brotherhood for us to look after our fellow-men (Fratelli tutti, 2019). Thus, Mother Church is reduced to a purely natural priesthood, stripped of all supernatural power, at the service of the secular State in all of its superior secular humanism.

The Superior General concludes that the real answer to all modern problems is for Mother Church to preach once more infallible doctrine, namely the supernatural dimension and destiny of man in Heaven eternal, the Fall of man in time with its lasting consequence of Original Sin, and the absolute need of the grace of Christ to overcome sin. The doctrine of Christ the King embodies by itself the eternity of Heaven, the victory of the Redeemer over sin, and the indispensable help of the supernatural grace which He brought as Redeemer to enable men to get to Heaven. And His Mother will play a very special part in what will be the Church’s final victory over the passing triumph of errors so subtle and pernicious.

This analysis by the Superior General of the Pope’s thinking and action presents a coherence and logic for which we should all be grateful. There is certainly some light at the top of the Society of St Pius X. We say sincerely, thanks be to God. But does it mean that the Society is out of danger? That must remain to be seen. The Doctor has not as such the virtues of the Martyr. Please, God . . .

Kyrie eleison