Eleison Comments

Church’s Entombment – II

By Eleison Comments in Eleison Comments on April 25, 2020

Two weeks ago these “Comments” raised a double question as to how the Catholic Church, in its present distress, comparable to the time spent by Our Lord between His crucifixion and His resurrection, could firstly survive in its “tomb” and secondly rise from it. A first part of the answer was in general, that in what Almighty God can or will do He is not limited to what human beings can think of, in fact He can be expected to do the unexpected. In the fifth joyful Mystery of the Holy Rosary His own Mother was baffled by the apparent indifference to her happiness of her otherwise wholly obedient Son.

Then in particular, these “Comments” suggested that while it is absolutely abnormal for the Church to survive as in a tomb, virtually without the help from above of an orthodox Pope or bishops, without the structure of an official diocese or parish or Congregation, nevertheless where there is the true Faith and a minimum of good sense and charity, the Church can survive even in small and disjointed groups, at least for a while, until Providence restores a normal hierarchy to put an end to the disorder. For instance we can look at the disorder around us today and we can say that it is the end of the Church, but if God has allowed it, it is certain that it is not the end of the Church, which He could never allow (Mt. XXVIII, 20).

There remains the second half of the question raised two weeks ago, namely how the Church is going to be able to get out of its present tomb, or rise from it. The question has a special importance, because the temptation is to see the problem in too human a way and to look for a too human answer. Thus whereas Archbishop Lefebvre used to say that the solution is in God’s hands – and that is the truth, not just an easy way out – his successors at the head of the Society of St Pius X took the position that we cannot wait indefinitely to resolve the Society’s unsatisfactory status within the true Church. Instead we must seek to

obtain as soon as possible the official recognition which is due to the Society’s fidelity, and which will be of immense benefit to the entire Church. And on this basis the Archbishop’s successors at various moments since 2012 have rejoiced at coming within an ace, they have said, of sealing an agreement with Rome which would at last have granted to the Society the official recognition that it deserves.

But these successors had lost the wood for the trees. What is today’s Rome if not wedded and welded to the new religion of Pachamama and Vatican II? And what was the Archbishop’s Society if not a bastion of the true Faith to be defended by the formation of true priests to continue the true Catholic religion as before Vatican II? The confrontation was direct, because the change of religion was radical. Therefore if today’s Rome granted – or grants – anything to the Society, it can only be if the Society drops its guard. Thus the officialising of Society marriages and confessions has done much to disarm Society resistance to official Rome, and through official Rome to its Conciliar religion and to the worldwide apostasy.

What the Archbishop’s successors have not grasped, as the Archbishop very much did, is the supernatural breadth and depth of this apostasy. They are too close to it. They are too close to the modern world out of which it springs. That is why they look for human answers to a problem which can only have a divine solution. The problem is far beyond the calculation, manoeuvring or politics of men, even churchmen.

Like Daniel, men must turn to God, and to turn to God we must go through His Mother, as God made clear at Fatima in 1917, just when the modern problem was arising in all its force, with the Communist Revolution in Russia. In fact God gave us the supernatural solution just as the Devil must have thought he was really winning, and that solution is the Consecration (not secularisation), of Russia (not all the world), to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (not even to the Sacred Heart), by the Pope (not by the authorities of any other than the Catholic religion), in union with all the Catholic bishops of the world (not by the Pope alone). And here is how the Church will climb out of its tomb. And here alone is how, because His Mother has said so. Let the Society urge all its priests and followers to practise intensely the first Saturdays, to contribute to obtaining that Consecration.

Kyrie eleison.