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By Bishop Richard Williamson in Eleison Comments on March 30, 2024

Are signs of hope around us all extinct? 

No! Signs of God in Russia are quite distinct!

The following page, shortened and adapted from a recent article of Alexander Dugin, a leading thinker in Putin’s Russia, shows how Russia’s battle must now move to the battlefield of hearts and minds, away from the Communist and liberal land of the dead. It will. Our Lady is at work on the Russian people – 

When Communism collapsed in Russia at the end of the 1980’s, it was liberalism that took over as the ruling ideology. Since 1991, virtually all major principles established in education, the humanities, and culture have been laid down on a strictly liberal basis. Liberalism arrived in Russia as the dominance of pro-Western liberal minorities, the ‘reformers.’ This liberal elite, comprising oligarchs, a network of American influence agents, and corrupt late-Soviet senior officials, rules by totalitarian methods. They act in the name of progress and globalisation, and they believe that capitalism is the pinnacle of human development. Today, this includes gender politics and ecology. Only the ‘enlightened/awakened’ (woke) liberal minority knows what is ‘right.’ Progressive minorities must rule. The rest of the population must be kept strictly under control. 

Putin’s rise to power in the early 2000’s changed the situation by introducing the principle of sovereignty with a diversity of sovereignly independent nations, which is altogether denied by liberal dogma. Liberalism calls for sovereign national states to be abolished and integrated into a supranational world government structure. Therefore, with Putin’s arrival, the clash was inevitable, and the most radical liberal minorities opposed him. 

However, many liberals decided to adapt to Putin by outwardly conforming, while inwardly continuing to follow a liberal course as if nothing had changed. So Putin may have signed Decree 809 on traditional values (directly opposed to liberal ideology), he may have added provisions about the normal family to the Constitution, he may have mentioned God as the immutable foundation of Russian history, and banned LGBT movements as extremist. Notwithstanding, the liberal domination in Russia remains. It has penetrated so deeply into our society that it continues to reproduce itself in new generations of managers, officials, scientists, and educators, despite Putin’s sovereign course. 

Therefore, while Putin is our main hope of freedom from liberal domination, the guarantor of victory in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and the saviour of true Russia, nevertheless most of Putin’s presently seeming friends are not really on his side. The liberal totalitarian sect is not thinking of surrendering its positions. They are ready to fight for them to the end. They fear neither patriotic forces in politics, nor the people, nor God (they either do not believe in Him or believe in their own, a fallen one). Only Putin restrains them, with whom they dare not collide head-on. 

Therefore Russia needs to focus on victory in the Ukraine. Putin sees this soberly and clearly: no victory in Ukraine, no Russia. But defeating the West outside Russia while preserving the liberals’ totalitarian omnipotence inside Russia is simply impossible. As long as liberalism prevails in hearts and minds, even victory in Ukraine will be more apparent than real. Russia cannot be established as a civilisation whilst permeated with liberalism in its most toxic forms. That is why it is time now to open another front – in the realm of ideology, world-view, and public consciousness. The totalitarian domination of liberals in Russia – primarily in the realms of knowledge, science, education and culture – must come to an end. 

Kyrie eleison