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Attention, Capitulants!

By Eleison Comments in Eleison Comments on July 7, 2018

Remember, all of you Capitulants of the Society of St Pius X, preparing to take part in votes that will shape the Society for the next 12 years, remember your grave responsibility! You are not in a few days’ time taking part in a children’s garden-party, but in contributing to decisions with potential repercussions for the entire Church – and world!

Beware of an atmosphere being created at the Chapters by which everybody is made to feel they are being nice together, like in a garden-party, where nobody must break everybody’s nice feelings. You are all on the front line of the final battle between the Blessed Virgin and the Devil (Sister Lucy of Fatima).

Remember the Church crisis, let loose by Vatican II, which gave rise to the founding of your Society. True, Archbishop Lefebvre created seminaries for the true Catholic priesthood and spirituality, but these he fought to uphold in order to save the Catholic Faith. What use would priests be, or spirituality, if nobody had the Faith? In this respect even the true Mass is a means and not the end.

Beware of anybody pretending that the crisis is over, or that Conciliar Rome is no longer Conciliar, or that Pope Francis likes the Society. He and the officials that he has chosen to surround him can only like the Society if and when it stops resisting their Council. Then they will love the Society, because it will make itself into an outstanding advocate for the Universal Church’s apostasy.

Remember your Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, especially the advice and warnings of his last few years, between the episcopal consecrations of 1988 and his death in 1991. Those consecrations against the Pope’s express will did not contradict all his previous loyal service of the Church, they were its crowning glory, because nothing else he ever did so served to defend and uphold the Catholic Faith!

Beware of being told that the Archbishop was always trying to come to an agreement with the Roman authorities. True, he would talk with them, but when in 1988 they finally refused to protect Tradition, then he resolutely put doctrine in front of diplomacy. Since 2012 it is diplomacy back in front of doctrine

Remember how the whole Church had to listen to the Archbishop, because he stood for the Truth and his Society was in the forefront of the glorious fight for the Faith. From 2012 what has the Society stood for? Ever since it renounced the primacy of doctrine, it is less and less different from several Congregations coming under Ecclesia Dei, and the best of Society priests are confused – “What are we now meant to be defending?”

Beware of your decisions completing the Society’s 2012 primacy of practice over doctrine, of men’s unity over God’s truth, of man over God. Never has the world so needed God! Never has the Church been more in need of witness to God’s Truth! And just now the Society’s witness is to fade out?

Remember how meetings like a General Chapter can be skilfully manipulated, like Vatican II, by liberals well prepared beforehand. Do not be afraid of meeting and discussing with fellow-priests before the Chapter begins. Liberals have certainly done so, and they can even have decided all major questions. By all means throw monkey-wrenches into their smooth machinery! Speak up, before the Truth goes down!

Beware of giving up on grace, of renouncing reality, of being docile in dreamland! Beware of “peace and unity” in anything except the Truth. 2018 is do-or-die for the Society. Compromise is not victory. Do not be mere rubber-stamps, but thrash out what the true Church requires of the true Society!

Kyrie eleison.