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Vital Election

By Eleison Comments in Eleison Comments on June 30, 2018


Upon the up-coming election in two weeks or so of the three senior officials of the Society of St Pius X hangs a great deal. For the first 20 years of its existence it was a unique obstacle in the way of the new man-centred religion taking over and occupying the Catholic Church in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. Alas, for the last 20 years its Superior General has been making the Society less and less resistant to the Conciliar officials in Rome at the head of the new religion. Will he be re-elected for a third term in mid-July, or not? If he is re-elected, it is difficult to see how the Society will not come under Conciliar control. If he is not re-elected, whoever is elected in his place will need a divine miracle or much human skill to bring the Society back in line with its Founder’s original intention, to put Jesus Christ back on His throne as God and King of all human society. It is not enemies but friends of the Society who point out how liberalism has been allowed to soak into it.

Perhaps Archbishop Lefebvre’s noble attempt to fight godless liberalism by founding the Society in 1970 was doomed from the start. After all, he had on the one hand Almighty God with him, as so many quasi-miraculous interventions in the Society’s early history prove. On the other hand he had the whole modern world and Conciliar Church against him, so that what had for all the centuries since the early Church of the Apostles and martyrs become normal, namely Christian civilisation, was by his time thoroughly abnormal. And so how could the young men who were drawn to him in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and who are now at the head of his Society, know the relatively normal order of the Church as he himself had known it between the two World Wars? And how could they build what they did not know? And, humanly speaking, how could they not be vulnerable to the universal pressure of today’s abnormality?

For indeed it has become normal for men to disbelieve in God, or if they believe in Him, to treat Him as though He is of little importance. All He has to do is get out of the way. Heads man wins, tails God loses. After all, God is so good that he could never condemn any human being to eternal fires of Hell, and men are so good that merely by being men they have such dignity that they all deserve to go to Heaven. He gave us this life for us to enjoy it. He cannot possibly have meant His ten Commandments to stop us from enjoying it. Yesterday’s Church gave that impression, but technological man has come of age after centuries of backward peasantry, and so it was high time for that old Church to give way to a church of the New World Order, a church bright with inclusion instead of exclusion, with liberty instead of prohibitions, with liberalism instead of Catholicism!

Therefore, divinely speaking, let nobody exclude the possibility of miraculous help from Heaven whereby the Society’s General Chapter will choose three top officials who understand what God wants from the Society, and mean with His help to give it to Him, namely the Society’s continuing or restored witness throughout the Church to the Social Kingship of Christ the King and to the one true religion instituted by the Incarnate God. But humanly speaking, let nobody be under any illusion as to the likelihood of such miraculous help. God owes His miracles to nobody. It was already a miracle that the Society came into existence, survived and thrived for 40 years, and shone throughout the Church. It may have played its part of handing down Tradition for as long as God meant it to, and now all it has to do is to watch while the same torch is handed down to others. God knows. Men choose. God decides.

For our part, we pray: Blessed Mother of God, from your divine Son we beg of you to obtain for the Society’s General Chapter to choose for its leaders for the next 12 years servants of His who put no merely human calculation or ambition in front of His interests alone – the restoration of His own Kingship over all mankind, the Triumph of your own Immaculate Heart, and the salvation of souls. Amen.

Kyrie eleison.