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VIGANO COUNTER-ATTACKS posted in Eleison Comments on July 13, 2024

With some of the arguments one may not agree,

But here is a Catholic spirit, faithful and free.

Summoned by Rome to appear before a Newchurch court on June 28 to answer accusations of “schism,” the heroic defender of the Faith, Archbishop Vigano, chose to reply on the same day by making public an explanation of why he refused the Newchurch summons. A one-sentence-per-paragraph summary of that explanation cannot possibly do justice to the original, but it provides readers with an overview –

1 Quotation of Galatians I, verses 8–9; Let any innovated Gospel be anathema, i.e. absolutely rejected.

2 In 1975 Archbishop Lefebvre told his Roman accusers that he should be judging them, not vice versa.

3 I do not recognise the authority of this Roman court accusing me, because it lacks the Truth.

4 Not for one moment in my life have I been outside the one Ark of Salvation – the Catholic Church.

5 The Church’s enemies, led by Freemasonry, hate the power of Catholic Tradition.

6 It is clear that behind the revolution of Vatican II in the Church has been Freemasonry.

7 Freemasons have approved of their own 1789 (French Revolution) having taken over the true Church.

8 How many of the ringleaders of the “Up-dating” of Vatican II were condemned before the Council!

9 Today’s head of the Italian bishops is saying a Mass for a notorious modernist from the past.

10 A Professor just said that the “necessary renewal” was being blocked for fear of Protestantism.

11 An abyss separates the true Church of dogmas from the Newchurch (not Vigano’s term) of apostasy.

12 Truth has been relativised. If the modernist Sanhedrin accuses me, it is accusing all Catholic Popes.

13 Church and Newchurch contradict one another. It is the Newchurch that is accusing me of “schism.”

14 The Newchurch’s “necessary renewal” means, for the true Church, the heretical evolution of dogma.

15 The Newchurch’s brand-new “faith” is in rupture with the Faith of the true Church of 2,000 years.

16 But Lefebvre never called in question the Conciliar Popes’ legitimacy? That was 40 years ago!

17 Today’s Newchurch is professing, unanimously, a multitude of condemned errors.

18 By thus consigning millions of souls to perdition, the Newchurch has lost its Catholic Authority.

19 The Newchurch’s “authority” to put me on trial is null and void. I do not accept it.

20 I myself was one of many high churchmen who did not see what was really going on.

21 It was as Nuncio in the USA, confronting Cardinal McCarrick, that I at last understood – we have

22 a concerted global attack, both religious and political, being made on traditional Christian society.

23 The corruption I was observing is an integral part of this advance of the New World Order.

24 As Our Lady of La Salette said, “Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist.”

25 I cannot be silent in the face of the Church’s demolition, with the damnation of so many souls.

26 In Canon Law there is no crime of schism when a Pope’s Conclave and election are cast in doubt.

27 Paul IV decreed that to any “Pope” who was a heretic prior to his election, no obedience is due.

28 So Bergoglio, by prior heresy and invalid intention at his “election,” has never been Pope.

29 However, for me to attack Bergoglio in this way by no means proves that I want to be in schism. And

30 is not his own preference to be known merely as “Bishop of Rome” a real attack on the Papacy?

31 Cannot all Conciliar Popes dropping the Tiara for ecumenical reasons be called in doubt as Popes?

32 If Conciliar ecumenism is nonsense, how can the ecumenical Bergoglio not be a nonsense Pope?

33 Many bishops and priests cannot bear what he imposes on them by force, blackmail and threats.

34 We pastors must wake up and react! We will answer before God for all that we go along with.

35 I denounce my accusers, their “Council” and their “Pope.” Saints Peter and Paul, save the Church!

36 As a bishop consecrated to guard the Faith and preach the Word, I am defending the Church, not me.

37 I cannot be accused of cutting with (=schism) Bergoglio’s Newchurch because I never belonged to it.

38 A Pope cannot be accused by anybody beneath him? Yes he can, if he never was Pope.

39 Bergoglio also misused his papal authority to help promote the deadly covid “Vaccines,” a real crime.

40 He also cut a criminal deal with the Chinese government, betraying the truly faithful Catholics.

41 As for my being accused of rejecting the errors and deviations of Vatican II, I consider that an honour.

42 And if Vatican II excuses certain schismatics (see L.G. #13) how can they accuse me of schism?

43 I condemn also all the multiple heresies of the post-conciliar “Magisterium” and “Synodal Church.”

44 Dear Catholics, pray, do penance and make sacrifices for Mother Church’s freedom and triumph.

Kyrie eleison.


ROMANS X posted in Eleison Comments on July 6, 2024

To Sunday Mass a Catholic must go!

“I just need chocolate in my own breast” – NO!

That the Israelites were, under the Old Testament, the race chosen from among all mankind to provide for the Son of God His means of living on earth a human life so that He would be able to suffer and die for all men as their Saviour and Messiah, and that the Israelites yet refused to recognise Him as their Messiah when finally He came among them, is a great mystery. One may well refer to human nature, to original sin, to human pride for an explanation, but the mystery remains. How could any race on earth have been better prepared over the two thousand years since Abraham for the coming of their Messiah, and yet have refused to recognise Him, turning themselves instead, down the two thousand years that have followed since, into His most skilful and motivated persecutors?

In Romans Chapter IX St Paul began his answer to the question by declaring that the People of God have not failed, only while under the Old Testament it consisted purely of Jews by being born in their race, under the New Testament it now consists of Jews or Gentiles by their faith in Jesus Christ. And if God freely chose to favour with that gift of faith Gentiles over Jews, that was His prerogative, and the Jews had, and still have, only themselves to blame for their refusal of that gift. That refusal serves to highlight His mercy to the Gentiles previously unable to belong to the People of God, now able by the Catholic Faith to belong to the Catholic Church, the true Israel of the spirit, whereas Jews refusing Jesus Christ and clinging to the Mosaic Law for salvation make up a false Israel of the flesh, unable to save their souls.

In Chapter X, St Paul similarly contrasts two “justices,” or states of salvation before God, also called “justifications” (v.1–4). Old Testament justification required that one should fulfil all the works demanded by the Mosaic Law, which was humanly impossible, says St Paul (v.5). On the contrary, New Testament justification requires no such demanding tasks beyond human strength, but merely that Jew or Gentile believe in Jesus inwardly and profess Him outwardly (v.6–13). Now it is true that to believe in Jesus Christ one must know about Him through a preacher (14–17). But not all men choose to believe, even if they know about Christ (16). Thus the Jews have both heard (18) and understood (19) the Gospel of Christ, but they have chosen (and freely choose down the centuries) not to believe in Christ (21).

In this Chapter X of Romans, these verses 6 to 13 are of special importance, because they were used by Luther as one of the key texts from Scripture to found Protestantism, and launch the whole modern world. In context, St Paul is contrasting the simplicity and ease of making a profession of Faith with the inhuman difficulty of fulfilling the works of the Mosaic Law (see Romans VII), but he is not here specifying what else is necessary for that profession of faith to enable a soul to enter the Catholic Church and be saved for eternity. For instance, a man may have a very forgetful son, so if the son is going to use the family car, his father may say to him, “The car needs petrol.” Now in order to run, the car needs also oil and water, but the father does not say to him, “The car needs petrol and oil and water,” because in context, that is not what the son needs to hear, although it is perfectly true and more complete.

But Luther uses the Scripture quotation as though to be saved one needs only an inward and outward profession of faith in Christ, as though the father above was saying “The car only needs petrol,” which is obviously false. To join the New Testament People of God, the Catholic Church, one must also be baptised – “He who believes and is baptised will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mk. XVI, 16). That is not what St Paul needed to add in Romans X, 8–13, but by pretending that St Paul was saying that Christian salvation needs only the subjective profession of faith, as though cars only need petrol, Luther was using the quote to cut out the entire Catholic Church! Subjectivism (man before God) has slowly but surely been taking over Catholicism ever since. Today it is “Wokeism.”

Kyrie eleison


STAY CONFESSED! posted in Eleison Comments on June 29, 2024

The West is threatening to kill off man.

We have to pray the Rosary, while we can.

On June 13, about three weeks ago, there appeared on a radio station in the USA a frightening report on the latest preparations by Russia for nuclear World War. The report may or may not be accurate, these “Comments” have no way of telling, but it is certainly true to the present situation as we know it, and what matters right now is less the accuracy of these or those details than to see in them as a whole the hand of Almighty God, freely allowing men to punish one another by mutual slaughter on a huge scale, so that at least a minority of them will accept His invitation to Heaven instead of all of them turning down that invitation by preferring Hell. In chronological order, here are the details reported –

1. End May, Russia announces tactical (short range) nuclear weapons exercises.

2. Early June, Russia begins these exercises in their Southern Military District.

3. About June 3, Russia sends 11 nuclear missile submarines into the Atlantic Ocean.

4. About June 6, Russia sends an additional 27 nuclear missile submarines into the Pacific Ocean.

5. About June 11, Russia expands the inland short range nuclear exercises to include the Leningrad Military District around St Petersburg, thus covering Russia’s whole Western front, and bringing it within striking distance of NATO forces and NATO member countries.

6. June 12, Russia makes a surprise deployment around Moscow, St Petersburg and their long range missile silos of their newest S-500 “Prometheus” air defence system, the best in the world, but which was not expected to be deployed for at least another six months. For indeed the mass production necessary for it to be deployed and ready for action in such large numbers so soon was not even suspected to exist.

The radio station’s report concludes that “Every indication is that Russia is fully prepared now to launch a severe nuclear first strike, and to defend itself successfully from a counter-strike. The only things the Russians have not yet done are to declare a General War Mobilisation of the entire population, and to begin moving people into bomb shelters. Every thing else is already done.”

From all these details, one might easily conclude that Russia wants world war. But that is surely not the case. Putin never wanted to invade Ukraine. His purpose was always merely to de-nazify and de-militarise Ukraine so as to prevent it from becoming a threat to Russia’s very survival, by its closeness to Russia serving as a base for Russia’s enemies to attack Moscow, for instance, with missiles close at hand. Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022 with a small force, hoping that that would be enough for the Ukrainians to understand that he was serious about negotiating an agreement. But Ukraine’s President Zelensky had been put in power in 2014 by people who virtually control the Western powers, especially the USA, and who want World War III, because they hope that it will complete for them that domination of the world which they are convinced is their due, and which they have dreamt of for 2000 years.

And so one of their puppets, Boris Johnson, then Prime Minster of England, persuaded Zelensky not to negotiate but to fight on, and ever since then the Ukrainians have been fighting this proxy war for the West until they have so far lost over half a million men killed, with their country virtually destroyed. And of course since the large part of the media of the West is under the control of the same people, then we are bombarded with relentless propaganda that the Ukrainian war is all the fault of Putin, that he was the aggressor in 2022, that he will be the aggressor whenever World War III breaks out, and so on.

But Putin may well not be wanting world war. On the contrary, he may well be following advice of USA President Truman (1945–1952), “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” He may be hoping. hoping, hoping that his war preparations will be taken seriously enough by the West for saner counsels to prevail. Alas, that does not seem likely at this moment. “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

Kyrie eleison.


ROMANS IX posted in Eleison Comments on June 22, 2024

Let us recall how Jews served God at first,

But the best, that fall, can turn into the worst.

When the savagery of today’s Israelis continues unabated against the Palestinians in their midst, their most savage “mowing of the lawn” yet (that is their own term for it) since the founding of Israel in 1948, it is an opportune moment to consider the nature of the Jews and where they are coming from, as seen by their Creator Himself in the text of His own Word. For in no less than three full Chapters of St Paul’s greatest Epistle, Romans IX to XI, the Apostle to the Gentiles strives to explain to them how the mass of Jews, truly the Chosen Race for 2000 years from Abraham to Christ, could, when their own Messiah at last appeared, have crucified Him and become not converts to His Church but its worst persecutors.

St Paul must have known how the Jews of his time, as of ours, would utterly dismiss him as a “Jew-hater” or “antisemite,” because he begins the three Chapters with his “sorrow and anguish” at not being able to bring to Christ his fellow-Jews (v.2), because as Israelites they enjoyed a little litany of incomparable privileges from God. To this day, if Jews are dominant in so many different fields, it is only because God has not taken away from them the natural gifts of intelligence and understanding which they would need, to provide the Messiah with His human cradle for the benefit of all mankind.

Nor does the failure of the gifted Jews to follow up from the Old Testament to the New mean any failure on the part of Almighty God (v.6), because it was by His own choice, preceding any human choices, to allow the Jews to fall away from Him while He would have mercy on the Gentiles. Thus all Jews by race are the Israel of the flesh, represented by Agar and Ishmael, and Esau, while all Catholics by faith in Jesus Christ, Jew or Gentile, are the spiritual Israel, represented by Sarah and Isaac, and Jacob, merely fore- shadowed by the Israel of the flesh. The entire Old Testament only existed for the New Testament.

Objection: but if God’s choice precedes all choices of men, then it is God’s fault if the Jews reject Christ.

Reply: No, God is sovereignly free to choose on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will allow to harden their own hearts by their own free choice of evil, in order to show forth His own power and justice (v.14–16). Thus for nearly 2000 years, ever since the Crucifixion, the special persecution of the Church by Jews has served to highlight the mercy of God towards all Catholics by faith in Christ, Jew or Gentile by race. That God would in fact throw open His New Testament to Gentiles as well as to Jews was prophesied in many places in the Old Testament (v.24–29) – St Paul lists four such quotations in Romans XV, 9–12.

In conclusion, while Gentiles are justified by their faith in Jesus Christ (v.30), all the Jews who stumble over Jesus Christ by putting their trust in their own good works instead, are not justified but condemned

(v.31–33). They may still belong to Israel of the flesh, that Israel of the Old Testament and of the Law, but ever since Jesus Christ died on the Cross they cannot belong to the true Israel of the spirit unless they have faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord, Redeemer and Messiah.

In fact, the last two millennia since the Crucifixion have shown how the Jews have even fallen away from the true Old Testament, because they preserve in their post-Christian synagogues the original text, no doubt as evidence of their prestigious origins and glorious vocation, but the essential meaning and content of that text they refuse, because every page of the Old Testament, if one knows how to read it, points to Jesus Christ. Of course. So within a few hundred years the Jews had concocted their own substitute for the Old Testament, namely the Talmud, which mentions Our Lord only to blaspheme against Him. So the Talmud, and not the Old Testament, is the holy text of the Jews of today’s synagogues. The distinction is most important. Talmudic Jews continue the false Israel. Jews Catholic by faith belong to the spiritual Israel, which is the Catholic Church.

Kyrie eleison.


COVID CRIMINALS posted in Eleison Comments on June 15, 2024

Just as God scourged the faithless Israelites,

So now apostate Catholics He frights.

At the time of the Covid crisis between 2020 and 2022, when countless politicians and medical personnel were lying to us that the murderous “vaccinations” were “perfectly safe and effective,” one of the relatively few heroic truth-tellers was an honest Englishman, Dr Michael Yeadon, with tens of years of experience high up inside Pfizer, an American colossus of Big Pharma, nickname for the international pharmaceutical industry, in which so many of us had trusted – until Covid. For a video-clip of the original interview, see on the Internet – https://x.com/wideawake_media/status/1654829752090329088 (The spoken text has been very slightly modified below for purposes of clarity.) 

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us. You are a former Vice-President of Pfizer. Could you just tell us very briefly about your position there. 

Dr. Mike Yeadon: For many years until 2011, I was responsible for worldwide research and early development in Pfizer’s field of new respiratory and allergy medicines. I was in contact with 200 people indirectly, across a couple of Internet sites. 

Interviewer: That gave you a real insight into what was happening in early 2020? 

Dr. Mike Yeadon: There are not many corners of this industry of which I have not had some knowledge, and when I started noticing former colleagues of mine, including Sir Patrick Vallance (?) saying things on television that I knew were not true, and of which I knew that he knew that they were not true, that is when the penny dropped for me, probably February 2020. I remember saying to my wife that this is not what they are saying it is. Something is going on.  

Then when I saw not only my own country locking down but dozens of other countries locking down at the same time, I would say to your listeners that this was proof of a supranational operation. There is no way it could have happened just at the local or country level. Therefore, it must have occurred at the level above. Whether it was the World Health Organization (WHO) or the World Economic Forum (WEF) or some other organisation, I don’t know. I’m convinced that this action alone absolutely proves, unequivocally, that we didn’t just get some virus drifting in, with ourselves then saying, “Oh, we all panicked”. They all did the same stupid, ineffective, “known not to work” things at the same time – and none of it was prepared or planned for a pandemic just in their own countries, because I have read all the texts concerned. 

So when I accuse these people of lying, I do it quite confident that they are not going to sue me. On the contrary, I say “Come on, sue me”. I would love to have this out in court. “You will lose, big-time” I say. And so they won’t sue me. What they do is smear me and censor me. I don’t care any more. We are facing something much worse than an alleged virus. At the very least, the things people are being injected with, the injuries to people from these so-called “vaccines,” I wish I could tell you that it was all accidental. It was not accidental. I have spent 32 years in rational drug design. I knew and wrote, even before any of these “vaccines” had emergency use authorization, that they were dangerous. I’m afraid I’m convinced, and I would say with my hand on the Bible, in front of a court and a judge, that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and to kill deliberately.

(End of interview) 

Then who were the culprits behind Covid? The usual suspects. Here is the gist of quotes attributed to “Henry” Kissinger: there is fabulous money to be made in vaccines for a pandemic. And, with the success of the Covid campaign, the whole world situation has changed. And, when the people accept to be vaccinated, it is game over for them. Kissinger was a public ringleader of the New World Order. 

Kyrie Eleison 


ROMANS, CHAPTERS IX - XI posted in Eleison Comments on June 8, 2024

How can God allow such cruelty in Palestine? 

His reasons will eventually shine!

The Jews are often mentioned in these “Comments” because of the important part which they play in world and Church affairs. In what is arguably the greatest of all fourteen Epistles of St Paul, he devotes three whole Chapters to them, IX, X and XI. This is because they had played such a central part in the rise and formation of the Catholic Church that early believers were scandalised by their having driven Pontius Pilate to crucify Christ, and from then on by their refusing to have anything to do with Christ, a refusal which, with few, but noble exceptions, continues to this day. In fact their accusers will say that ever since the crucifixion of Christ, they have wanted to dominate the world for the Antichrist, and that in our own time they are coming closer to their goal than ever, an unparallelled misfortune for the entire world. But the Jews will reply that all such accusations arise merely from hatred of the Jews, or “anti-semitism.” 

Where is the truth? Jews were the main obstacle in the way of St. Paul’s mission to plant the Catholic Church wherever he could so as to save souls for eternity. Here is why they are so often mentioned in his Epistles, and not always favourably – see especially I Thess. II, 14–16. But every mention of them by St Paul is part of Holy Scripture, and therefore, as the Catholic Church teaches, these mentions are first and foremost the Word of God and only secondarily the word of their human author. 

It follows that to accuse St Paul of “anti-semitism” is to accuse God Himself of being “anti-semitic.” Now whatever that word is taken to mean, the meaning is ugly. But God is Truth itself (Jn. XIV, 6), and He is in no possible way ugly. Therefore whatever St Paul says about the Jews is truthful, and not “anti-semitic.” 

So if we want to know what to think about the Jews, and for that purpose we turn to Scripture to discover what God thinks of them, we cannot do better than turn to St Paul who had such direct experience of them in his apostolate. Turning to St Paul, we find his most complete presentation of the problem that they represent in these three Chapters of the Epistle to the Romans. Not that St Paul speaks mainly from any bitterness of his apostolic experience of them, on the contrary . . . 

In the Epistle as a whole, the three Chapters are sandwiched between the dogmatic teaching of Chapters I to VIII, and the moral teaching of Chapters XII to XVI. In Ch.IX St Paul presents the True Israel, the spiritual Israel, consisting of those souls, Jew or Gentile, who are justified before God by their faith in Jesus Christ. It was merely prefigured by the Israel of the flesh, which included few souls that were not Jewish by race. From Moses onwards this Israel had for 1500 years the exclusive temple, priesthood and sacrifice of the one true God, but God’s ultimate purpose was the training of all mankind for the Catholic temple, priesthood and sacrifice, which would come with the spiritual Israel, the Catholic Church. 

In Ch. X St Paul presents the false Israel, consisting of the Jews who have heard and understood the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but have rejected it. They are not interested in that spiritual Israel, open to all mankind, where they no will no longer have privileged and exclusive access to the true worship of the one true God. So they will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but refuse it, and crucify Him instead. 

Ch. XI, presents the threefold reasons of God’s Providence for allowing such infidelity of the Jews: it is firstly only partial because some Jews down the ages will be the best of Catholics, as God meant them to be; secondly, the infidelity will be useful to make the Jews jealous and to make the Gentiles humble; and thirdly the infidelity will be only temporary because the Jews will convert before the end of the world. 

Ultimately, Jew (or Gentile) that spurns God is merely exercising his God-given free-will, but St Paul for his part terminates the three Chapters with a brief hymn to the mysterious and unfathomable ways of God. 

Kyrie eleison