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REMARKABLE MESSAGES – I posted in Eleison Comments on April 20, 2024

The horror coming threatens massive pain, 

And that is why She warns, again and again.

When it comes to apparitions and messages supposedly coming from Heaven, to be prudent is certainly wise, because God knows, the Devil has so infiltrated the minds of churchmen with the betrayal of the true Catholic Faith by the devilries of Vatican II that these churchmen can hardly any longer be relied on to make a proper Catholic discernment for us between what is and what is not truly from Heaven, as St Paul calls upon us to do in Scripture – I Thess.V, 19–21. But one can be excessively prudent, especially when the normal Church Authority is itself in confusion. One thing is certain: just as there would be no counterfeit bank-notes if there were no genuine notes in circulation, so there would be no counterfeit Messages from Heaven if there were no genuine ones to imitate. It is up to ourselves to do our best to discern. Let us give to a series of recent Messages coming from backwoods Texas, USA, a hearing. 

The series began with an introductory Message supposedly from Our Lady – let the “supposedly” be taken for granted and not repeated in everything quoted henceforth in these “Eleison Comments” from these Messages. The “Comments” have no authority to guarantee the Texas Messages’ authenticity, but they do take them seriously enough to consider them well worth quoting. Let readers judge on their own. Here for instance are a few extracts from the first Message (last time – supposedly) of Our Lady – 

February 8: Children, the battle looms and you are asleep. I come to awake you; as a good mother who, being vigilant and keeping watch over her children, and seeing the increasing danger, shakes her children so that they may not perish without fighting. Children, these are the times announced from of old, in which the thrice accursed serpent will poison many, and interfere in what is Ours, and will rise to confuse the nations with his puppets, his servants, to destroy all that is of God, and to rule in His place. The Devil’s longing to be adored and his hatred of God have driven him to prepare, over centuries, what is now being unveiled before your eyes . . . 

I have come to you, children, time and time again, year after year, to warn you . . . but how few of you have understood me, and placed yourselves at my disposal for Me to form My army of light . . . . Children, there is no time left. The battle, Our counter-attack, begins with these Words, which We give to you as Light, Protection, Guidance and Consolation. Do not ignore them . . . they will give you the guidance that you need, now that My Church is without a shepherd to tend to My sheep, to My children . . . . They want to destroy you, children . . . receive my Words of love and consolation. 

You are wounded, my little children, some more, some less, but all of you carry wounds – from your own decisions, from the hatred of Satan – and all of you need Our healing, all of you need Our help. My children, I give my Jesus to you again, I give Him to you with all my personal Love . . . as your King . . . your Saviour and Redeemer . . . only Him, children. Only He saves. Only He purifies. Only He heals . . . . Do not be confused. Many voices try, and will try, to pass as His. Many say, and will say that they do everything in His name. But look at their works. Look at the fruits, children. DO NOT IGNORE THEM. 

And I, your Mother, will prepare you to receive the supreme Gift of luminous Faith in the centre of your soul to be able to face the present and coming times, in which everything that seemed to be stable will crumble down . . . . Blessed is he who receives these Words and allows them to bear their fruit . . . 

The complete text is rather longer, and the selected extracts quoted above do not convey Our Lady’s sense of urgency, as though we are on the very brink of the great battle due to break out. The little Catholic centre in Texas receiving these Messages has its own website – look up “Mission of Divine Mercy.” 

Truly, Kyrie eleison. 


BISHOPS DYING OUT ? posted in Eleison Comments on April 13, 2024

Today, it seems, such points exaggerate? 

Tomorrow they might be looking out of date!

Last autumn I received the following letter, only slightly shortened below, from a former colleague, still a priest of the SSPX (perhaps because he may be more of a threat to them from outside than he is from inside the Newsociety, so long as he continues to respect their authority). May God be with Bishop Huonder, who died before the lines below were published. One may think he was less cunning than the villains who instrumentalised him. 

The Priestly Society of St Pius X, from what it was for 21 years under Archbishop Lefebve (1970–1991) has become very liberal, and from the top downwards has in fact since 2012 abandoned the course that he set. To call it today the „Newsociety”is to bring the name in line with the reality. Alas. And I think all the problems of this „Newsociety”have for a moment come to a head with Bishop Huonder. 

1. He was ordained priest and bishop with the new rites of Ordination and Consecration respectively. This fact is no longer seen as a problem in the Newsociety. An appeal that he should let himself be conditionally reordained and reconsecrated unfortunately had no effect. The Newsociety has abandoned the Church’s classic principle of „tutiorism“, namely taking the certainly valid course whenever there is the least serious doubt as to the validity of sacraments being received, as there is with Newchurch bishops’ Consecrations, if not also priests’ Ordinations. 

2. Bishop Huonder does criticise – half-heartedly – Pope Francis, Vatican II and the New Mass. And this is enough for a large proportion of our Newsociety layfolk to be calling him „Our man, our bishop“. But in fact he has never clearly condemned either Vatican II (Revolution in the Catholic Church) or the New Mass (the Luther Mass). Bishop Huonder told one person that he celebrates the New Mass with dignity, that he sees it as an altogether worthy form of Mass. This shows clearly how he means to reconcile the old Mass with the Newchurch, wholly in the spirit of Pope Benedict XVI, but in absolute contrast to the late Archbishop Lefebvre. 

3. In his lectures Bishop Huonder openly admits that he still has the task of bringing the Newsociety under Rome. He is therefore an infiltrated agent of Pope Francis. Just as Pope Francis by legitimising Newsociety Confessions, then Marriages, then Ordinations, used salami tactics over three successive years (2015–2017) to draw the Newsociety into the Moloch Newchurch, so Bishop Huonder is setting himself exactly the same task. And just as the Newsociety Superiors at the official legitimising of their Confessions and Ordinations and Marriages cried out towards Rome, „Oh, Holy Father, we thank you!“, so too our Superiors are now being inspired by Bishop Huonder, and are rejoicing that a Newchurch bishop has found his way to the Newsociety, and by living in one of our houses is openly joining the Newsociety, like a submarine. How blind our Superiors have become. 

4. Bishop Huonder wrote his Doctoral thesis on a Jewish problem of the Middle Ages. Bishop Huonder introduced into the Swiss Church a Day for Jews. Not one member of the Newsociety seems to have asked if the bishop’s relationship to the Jews corresponds to the Catholic Church’s traditional view of them. 

5. A colleague wrote to me that if the new rite of bishops’ Consecration turned out to be invalid, it would have dire consequences. From the beginning of the 1970’s there would have been no more valid priests or bishops. That would mean that all Tradional-rite Congregations officially recognised within the Newchurch, like St Peter’s or Christ the King, would have no valid priests either. That would mean that only in the Newsociety would the Church of Christ still be existing. Neither Pope Benedict XVI nor Archbishop Vigano would have been valid bishops. These conclusions, of a certain logic, must be taken into account. 

The Newsociety Superior General, Fr. Pagliarani, raised this question at his Conference in Econe on September 8 last year, but if the Newsociety absolutely wants to be loved and recognised by freemasonic and modernist Rome, then such a question simply cannot be raised. Which is why he took a clear position – the new-rite Consecrations are valid. Could such an immensely serious conclusion possibly be true? We are constantly hearing that Bergoglio means to reform the New Mass, that in the reform of the reform there will be no more words of Consecration said over the bread or the wine, which would mean the complete extinction of the Mass. Moreover, in my opinion something like two out of every three New Masses are already invalid, because the priests no longer believe in the Real Presence of Christ. But if the total extinction of the Mass is an eventual possibility, why not also the total extinction of bishops being truly Consecrated? 

Kyrie eleison. 


GERMANY STRICKEN posted in Eleison Comments on April 6, 2024

Can godless modern man return to God?

If not, then there remains only the rod.

We are currently reading in the (unreliable) mass media various reports of a grave state of affairs in Germany, enough to make us think that something is going seriously wrong there. Indeed there is. Quoted below is the large part of a private letter received recently from a “Resistant” Catholic who has been working as an engineer in England and Germany for the last 20 or so years. He sees trouble ahead in Germany, and that is especially troubling, because ever since the “Wirtschaftswunder” or economic miracle of the 1950’s by which German hard work and talent pulled their country out of its post-war ruins, Germany has been the economic power-house of all Europe. If Germany’s economy is in serious trouble, then so is Europe’s. Read on, in italics – 

From everything I observe going on here in Germany, be it in the SSPX or in general, I think I should relocate to England. Germany is sinking in every sense. England and all the other countries of Europe are probably not very much better, but what we might call the Anglo-American economic way is still there, and that at least helps to keep people’s feet on the ground, by doing all it can to create and sustain jobs, which in Germany will fail more and more as time passes. A lot of companies are leaving Germany because of high energy costs ever since the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up and all atomic power stations were shut down. Germany is not able to provide enough substitute energy from solar and wind sources to compensate for the lost Russian gas, hence energy prices will go on rising, and in the mean time Germany is dependent upon the kindness of other European countries to import power, which is hardly a long-term arrangement. 

In brief, Germany is heading for the rocks. Hundreds of thousands of Germans have left Germany already and are still doing so, as soon as they can spot a chance. The automobile industry is going down slowly, but faster as time progresses. It looks as though Germany will evaporate in a couple of years’ time, unless people go back to living in caves with minimum sustinence. All this may sound too pessimistic, but I have eyes to see and to read what is happening here. For instance, once certain industries are shut down, they are gone for good and never return, as far as one can foresee, because of the lack of experienced labour and the excessive effort required to rebuild, and so on. 

I have the impression that what is happening on the spiritual level is similar or parallel to these things happening on the material level, also with the FSSPX: the faith is disappearing, and once it disappears it will not come back. In general, less than half the people in Germany now profess any Christian faith. Very enlightening was the remark of “Arsenius” in the “Eleison Comments” of March 2 (868), where he makes it clear that, humanly speaking, he does not see the SSPX finding its way back to being the Church’s spearhead of the Faith, as it was from 1970 to 2012. That fall I would call the course of nature. I must admit that I followed it myself, but I never realised just how serious are its consequences . . . 

These interesting observations show God at work. Somehow He must stop the mass of Europeans from throwing themselves into Hell, but thanks to their materialistic prosperity, that is where they are headed right now. See Deuteronomy, all of Chapter VIII. Prosperous modern man is convinced he has no need of God. But the chickens are coming home to roost. Count on it – the mere loss of a double pipeline will not be nearly enough to bring the mass of men back to their senses. 

Kyrie eleison 


RESURRECTION of RUSSIA posted in Eleison Comments on March 30, 2024

Are signs of hope around us all extinct? 

No! Signs of God in Russia are quite distinct!

The following page, shortened and adapted from a recent article of Alexander Dugin, a leading thinker in Putin’s Russia, shows how Russia’s battle must now move to the battlefield of hearts and minds, away from the Communist and liberal land of the dead. It will. Our Lady is at work on the Russian people – 

When Communism collapsed in Russia at the end of the 1980’s, it was liberalism that took over as the ruling ideology. Since 1991, virtually all major principles established in education, the humanities, and culture have been laid down on a strictly liberal basis. Liberalism arrived in Russia as the dominance of pro-Western liberal minorities, the ‘reformers.’ This liberal elite, comprising oligarchs, a network of American influence agents, and corrupt late-Soviet senior officials, rules by totalitarian methods. They act in the name of progress and globalisation, and they believe that capitalism is the pinnacle of human development. Today, this includes gender politics and ecology. Only the ‘enlightened/awakened’ (woke) liberal minority knows what is ‘right.’ Progressive minorities must rule. The rest of the population must be kept strictly under control. 

Putin’s rise to power in the early 2000’s changed the situation by introducing the principle of sovereignty with a diversity of sovereignly independent nations, which is altogether denied by liberal dogma. Liberalism calls for sovereign national states to be abolished and integrated into a supranational world government structure. Therefore, with Putin’s arrival, the clash was inevitable, and the most radical liberal minorities opposed him. 

However, many liberals decided to adapt to Putin by outwardly conforming, while inwardly continuing to follow a liberal course as if nothing had changed. So Putin may have signed Decree 809 on traditional values (directly opposed to liberal ideology), he may have added provisions about the normal family to the Constitution, he may have mentioned God as the immutable foundation of Russian history, and banned LGBT movements as extremist. Notwithstanding, the liberal domination in Russia remains. It has penetrated so deeply into our society that it continues to reproduce itself in new generations of managers, officials, scientists, and educators, despite Putin’s sovereign course. 

Therefore, while Putin is our main hope of freedom from liberal domination, the guarantor of victory in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and the saviour of true Russia, nevertheless most of Putin’s presently seeming friends are not really on his side. The liberal totalitarian sect is not thinking of surrendering its positions. They are ready to fight for them to the end. They fear neither patriotic forces in politics, nor the people, nor God (they either do not believe in Him or believe in their own, a fallen one). Only Putin restrains them, with whom they dare not collide head-on. 

Therefore Russia needs to focus on victory in the Ukraine. Putin sees this soberly and clearly: no victory in Ukraine, no Russia. But defeating the West outside Russia while preserving the liberals’ totalitarian omnipotence inside Russia is simply impossible. As long as liberalism prevails in hearts and minds, even victory in Ukraine will be more apparent than real. Russia cannot be established as a civilisation whilst permeated with liberalism in its most toxic forms. That is why it is time now to open another front – in the realm of ideology, world-view, and public consciousness. The totalitarian domination of liberals in Russia – primarily in the realms of knowledge, science, education and culture – must come to an end. 

Kyrie eleison 


LATIN and GREEK posted in Eleison Comments on March 23, 2024

Good education is not far to seek – 

That which is tried and tested? – Latin and Greek.

The value of the pre-Christian classics in Catholic education is a disputed question. For instance one famous anti-liberal Catholic of the 19th century, Monsignor Gaume, argued that the classic authors in Latin and Greek are too impure to be usable in Catholic schools, but that would seem to be an exaggeration. For purposes of education at the natural level there is too much real value in the Latin and Greek classics for them to be absolutely spurned. The Greek and Latin classics are the products of intelligent and serious men who have thought a good deal about life and who present, by the gift of God, much truth concerning life and human nature. True, the impurities are scattered all around but they are not the centrepiece, rather a sideshow. An outstanding example would be the Aeneid of Virgil which maintains such a high moral level, that it was consulted widely at the height of the Middle Ages for its lofty vision of life. 

In brief, the Christian society is supernaturally superior to the society of the ancient classics, but that old classic society is far superior naturally to degenerate modern society. From the standpoint of education, it is especially easy to argue for the all-round superiority of Latin and Greek, as opposed to an education in modern languages or the modern sciences. A good education will provide both discipline for the youngsters’ hearts and minds, and culture for their souls, and history for their lives. Latin and Greek alone provide all three, Latin providing the practice of the basics, and Greek their theory. 

DISCIPLINE: Latin is an extremely logical language, requiring much thought to disentangle: subject, verb, object, and so on. There is discipline also in learning Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Technology, etc., but everything there is material, determined, inhuman, precisely and proudly abstracting from anything spiritual, free or human. And what the youngsters can no longer longer learn in school, or from their grandparents or even parents, they have to pick up in the gutter, from Hollywood or the Internet or their smartphone, etc. Lucky if they have just one sports coach who is human! In the spiritual wasteland of a “scientific” education, how much influence for good such a mere coach can have. 

CULTURE: When it comes to educating and forming the hearts and souls of the youngsters (hearts and souls they do have, with imperious needs), then the “sciences” enumerated above are simply non-starters, while the modern languages are a second best, because all modernity since the “Reformation” and its culture are more or less stained with apostasy, with war on God. Of course Latin and Greek culture are not free of original sin, but they are uniquely free of the Reformation and all its consequences, presenting a simpler and purer vision of the basics of human nature and life. A great help for youngsters to know. 

HISTORY: Latin and Greek culture are embedded in the history of all Western civilisation as it is now too late for the culture of any other language to be. Latin and Greek were two of the three languages nailed to the Cross of Our Lord. Greek was the language of the New Testament. Rome was soon the centre of the Church. “History is the master of life” is a wise old proverb, and to learn Latin and Greek is necessarily to learn some Greek and Roman history. In 1984 George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” So whoever controls our schools today, controls our future. These people are presently hard at work, discounting Latin and Greek, making history start with World War II, which is much more easily manipulated than ancient history. What does that tell us about modern education? It is no good. It is shaping sheep for the Antichrist. 

Kyrie eleison 


PUTIN and FATIMA posted in Eleison Comments on March 16, 2024

Hey, Russia is far from perfect!” Yes, indeed.

But little by little Russia is being freed.

Ever since February 6 when President Vladimir of Russia granted a historic interview to the well-known American journalist, Tucker Carlson, commentators all over the world have been commenting on the contents of the two-hour interview. Those contents appeared, very much shortened, in these “Comments” last week (#869, March 9), where they presented mainly the Russian view of the build-up from 2014 onwards to the outbreak of hostilities between the Ukraine and Russia in February of 2022. Since then we have often heard a figure of over half a million Ukrainian soldiers being killed by the high-grade weapons and fighting skills of the Russians. That is a whole generation of widows and orphans. What were all these fathers and husbands doing when they laid down their lives? 

Sane men will not normally lay down their lives for a trifle. That is why so many wars are religious wars, although in modern times they may not appear so. Thus the two World Wars, 1914–1918 and 1939–1945, represented the remains of Christendom attempting to resist the triumph of the godless substitute for Christendom, which is Communism. Very soon after the triumph of Lenin’s Communist Revolution in St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia in 1917, Lenin had founded the Komintern in Russia to serve as the central quasi-missionary agency of Communism, working in conjunction with a number of the world’s leading banks, to spread Communism throughout the world. 

In fact we are in the presence of four messianisms: the first is that of the Chosen Race, the Jews who were specially chosen out and gifted to prepare mankind and to provide the human cradle within mankind to enable the one and only true Messiah to perform the Redemption through His Cross and His Church down to the end of the world; the second messianism is the one true messianism, that of the Catholic Church, which is the entire fulfilment of the Old Testament by the sending of human souls to Heaven over a little more than 2,000 years; the third messianism is that of the Talmudic Jews, followers of their post-christian Scripture which is no longer the Old Testament as we know it, having God Himself for its author, but the “Talmud,” their own man-made substitute for the Old Testament, because on every page of the Old Testament is mentioned in various ways Our Lord Jesus Christ to come, and for the race which crucified Him He is not to be mentioned, let alone adored as God; and lastly the fourth messianism is Communism which is a mighty offshoot of Talmudism, as being a powerful and active movement to help destroy the last remains of decadent Christendom, the main competing messianism which must be gotten out of the way of Talmudism. 

Thus messianisms can be seen as the mainsprings of human history, so to speak: a messianic people; the true Messiah; the once messianic people turning all their gifts out of hurt pride against the true Messiah; and as a result all kinds of pseudo-messianic movements down 20 centuries, all of them fighting to hinder the salvation of souls, as St Paul well understood, even so soon after the crucifixion and resurrection of Our Lord Himself (I Thess. II, 16). 

As for the Russians they are certainly a religious people, as their aptitude for the anti-christian pseudo- religion of Communism showed. But at Fatima Our Lady foretold that Russia would play an essential role in the healing of the nations’ godlessness today, and sure enough, Rome may not be built in a day, as the proverb says, but after 72 years of terrible sufferings under Communism(1917–1989), Russia has learned its lesson and is returning to Christ. Read Solzhenitsyn. God has not lost His grip. He has made the Ukrainians pay a heavy price for having chosen to trust the Talmudists, who are in complete control of the Americans, but it was their own choice. If anyone needs the help of God, let them just prefer His will. 

Kyrie eleison