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FORTUNATE LEADERS posted in Eleison Comments on January 20, 2024

But such a message rulers will not hear?

Maybe, but the truth was told in a manner clear.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain” (Ps. CXXVI, 1). All the more true for those building a State! Lucky the politicians today who have Catholic priests to remind them of how truly to serve their land. Alas, today’s politicians hardly have ears to hear those ancient and important truths. The leaders of Switzerland have recently had such a priest, a Swiss priest of the “ Resistance,” appealing to them to submit the direction of their country’s affairs to the one true God of Switzerland’s Catholic past. Their reaction seems to have been minimal. Like all the rest of us, they may have to learn the hard way. But in the meantime, here below is this priest’s appeal, only abbreviated to fit into an A4 page –

Honourable Lady President, honourable ladies and gentlemen recently re-elected as Federal, State or Local Councillors for 2023 to 2027, warm congratulations on your re-election! Please allow me as a Catholic priest of the Apostles of Jesus and Mary to bring to you a request for the government of our country to make a public return to the profession and respect of the Christian religion. Thereby we may hope for God’s blessing and protection from harm for our beloved country. Here are four thoughts –

1 At the last major meeting of the oldest of all Christian churches, the Second Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church held in Rome from 1962 to 1965, many Catholic leaders, faced with our godless times, judged it best for God’s Church to be modernised. That was the right problem but the wrong solution, as it meant, for instance, that religion would henceforth be a merely private affair. Grave error. From long before the founding of Switzerland in 1291, Jesus Christ had been Creator and Redeemer of all men ever alive, and until world’s end, Lord, Judge and King, of Switzerland and the entire world.

2 As a result of Christ and His one true Church being cut out by deism, naturalism and liberalism, Christ is brought down to the same level as all other religions, and anything supposedly supernatural loses all interest, and mankind is handed over to the tyranny of the now purely secular civil States. For wherever the Majesty of the one true God is bracketed out, some anti-god is bound to step in to take His place.

3 In the mid-17th century a saintly German priest, the Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser (1613–1658), was given by Heaven visions of the whole history of the Church in seven Ages, including the Fifth Age of Apostasy from Luther to today. But we have become too blind to be able to see our times like this.

4 Switzerland’s Patron Saint, Nicholas of Flue (1417–1487), is famous for his saying that, “If God is driven out of a State, it is doomed to destruction.” Thus Switzerland’s 700-year existence as a Christian democracy is at an end, unless we can revive the profession of faith in God of our forefathers.

Honourable leaders of our government, Jesus Christ alone can bring us to Heaven. Witnesses to that fact are the churches, crosses and chapels strewn all over our country, as are the Christian values still buried in the depths of many a Swiss conscience. But these values are being smothered in dirt, or washed out altogether, so that our country is well on the way to its destruction, as when three years ago the Swiss people were misled into voting for a law opposed to God and to Nature, in favour of same-sex marriage. If that is freedom of religion and conscience, it will lead to the loss of all religion and all conscience.

Ahead of us is either Christianity or Communism. We are all of us made for Heaven. Let our rulers create favourable conditions for the Church, and the Church will look after our people and our youth. Ladies and Gentlemen, rulers all, let me ask of you to respect the rights of God and the Catholic family, to profess and promote the Christian religion, and to maintain the Christian neutrality of our land. And may God be with you all. I pray for you every day, at Mass and with the Holy Rosary.

With the greatest respect, and with all blessings, Fr. Aloysius Bruehwiler.

Kyrie eleison


VIGANO SEDEVACANTIST – II ? posted in Eleison Comments on January 13, 2024

If a soul seeks God’s Authority, let it search

In one direction mainly – the Catholic Church!

Ever since Archbishop Vigano, once Number Four in the Secretariat of State, left behind the Second Vatican Council and all its pomps and all its works, some of his observations concerning Pope Bergoglio have been so caustic that many Catholics have wondered if the Archbishop still considers him to be Pope at all. Has he not joined the ranks of the “sedevacantists,” ie. those Catholics who consider that the See of Peter has been vacant ever since that accursed Council did so much damage to the Catholic Church? How is it possible that truly Catholic Popes presided over that Council and its aftermath?

The problem is agonising, because by that Council, Catholic Authority split itself from Catholic Truth, forcing Catholics to abandon one or the other, wholly or in part, because they could no longer follow both. Catholics either clung to the Truth and more or less “disobeyed” what seemed to be Catholic Authority, or they clung to falsified “Authority” and were more or less unfaithful to the unchanging Truth. As for Archbishop Vigano, for tens of years after the Council (1962–1965) he was faithful to his colleagues and comrades in the highest ranks of Church Authority, because, on his own confession, he “could not believe that they meant to destroy the Church.” But in 2018, he met with such corruption in the United States of America where he was Papal Nuncio and also in the Vatican Curia, that he was forced to seek the proportionate cause, and he found it in the Council. From there he found it especially in the Conciliar Pope of his own time, the “Argentine Jesuit,” as he calls him, about whom he has made such scathing remarks that many observers have been driven to wonder if the Archbishop still believes that Bergoglio is Pope. Let us see what he said on December 9.

See the “Eleison Comments” of last week (#859 of December 30) for a six-paragraph summary of what he said, to which the following numbers in heavy print correspond. Better still, look up on the Internet his full original words, accessible in English at

1- Over the last 10 years, the Catholic Church has been turned over to revolution and chaos.

2 – Cardinals, Bishops should be blocking this destruction, but they are too Conciliar themselves to do so.

3 – Church Authority, so paralysed, is explicable only by the “operation of error” foretold for world’s end.

4 – It makes Bergoglio a usurper on Peter’s Throne. He is a false prophet. We need not obey him.

5 – However, we have no Authority to declare officially that he is not Pope, so there is no human solution.

6 – Nor is our whole battle merely between men, and to think so is to invite still further serious trouble.

Here is the merest skeleton of the Archbishop’s rich argument – do see the original to let him speak for himself – but it is enough to indicate that he is hanging back from public “sedevacantism.” After building up his case against the one he calls “Bergoglio” for the large part of his discourse (1–4), just as he arrives at the climactic point where he will propose his own solution (5), he may well himself share the conviction of many serious Catholics that this or that Conciliar Pope, anywhere from John XXIII to Francis inclusive, has not been a true Pope, but that conviction, shared by however many of them, can never amount to an official Church declaration, and any such declaration will have to wait until Mother Church has recovered from her present deadly attack of modernism, a barely curable mental disease.

In the meantime this apparent stop of Archbishop Vigano on the road to sedevacantism is highly reasonable, because it safeguards in a Catholic mind and heart a measure of respect for Catholic Authority which might otherwise go completely by the board. Woe to Catholic Tradition, or to its “Resistance,” that would lose all respect for Catholic Authority, because that Authority is divine, and it must and will come back, in full force, one day, just like the sun after an eclipse, and before world’s end.

Kyrie eleison.


VIGANO SEDEVACANTIST – I ? posted in Eleison Comments on January 6, 2024

Readers, prepare next week to analyse 

These thoughts of a churchman, valiant and wise.

1 On the ninth of this last month of the year, Archbishop Vigano gave another of his splendid Conferences, asking whether Pope Bergoglio is truly Pope. The problem is well-known to Catholics: over the last 10 years Catholic Authority has been twisted into arrogant authoritarianism, God’s own priesthood into man’s clericalism, and God’s revealed Truth into man’s permanent revolution and chaos. 

2 As for the Church authorities beneath the Pope to help him to protect that Truth, they are either his accomplices or they are so scared of him, that the few discordant voices do not dare to draw the necessary conclusions, mainly because they idolise Vatican II. One may criticize Bergoglio, and dissent from him, but not from Vatican II. These good men do not want to acknowledge that the revolutionary process that allowed a person like Bergoglio to be made a bishop and Cardinal and finally to enter the Conclave and to come out “pope”, was due to the Council, which is in their minds untouchable. One is driven to conclude that certain people care more about the doctrine of the Papacy than about the salvation of souls. They find themselves preferring to be governed by a heretic and apostate pope rather than recognize that a heretic or an apostate cannot be head of the Church to which, as such, he does not belong.

3 No Doctor of the Church has ever contemplated the case of such an apostate Pope as Bergoglio. Such an enormity could only happen in a unique and extraordinary context such as that of the final persecution foretold by the Prophet Daniel and described by St. Paul. And this “operation of error” (II Thess. II, 13) is so efficient and well organized that it clearly shows a Luciferian intelligence at work. This is why the “Bergoglio problem” cannot be solved in any ordinary way: no society can survive the total corruption of the authority that governs it, and the Church is no different. 

4 Nor is this “operation” merely the matter of a pope adhering to a specific heresy (which, moreover, Bergoglio has done repeatedly). We are dealing with a personage sent to the Conclave with orders to revolutionize the Church from atop the Chair of Peter. It is this malicious intention to abuse the authority and power of the Papacy, acquired by deception, that makes Bergoglio a usurper of the Throne of Peter.  Nor can we behave as if we were solving a question of Canon Law: the Lord is outraged, the Church is being humiliated, and souls are being lost because the one sitting on the Throne of Peter is a usurper. Bergoglio’s unchanging behaviour – before, during and after his election – is enough evidence of his inherent iniquity. Can we therefore be morally certain that he is a false prophet? Yes. Are we therefore authorized in conscience to revoke our obedience to one who, presenting himself as Pope, acts like the biblical boar in the Lord’s Vineyard? Yes. 

5 However, we can make no official declaration that Bergoglio is not Pope because we have no Authority to do so. This terrible impasse in which we find ourselves makes any merely human solution impossible. Our task must not be to grapple with abstract canonist speculations, but to resist with all our strength – and with the help of God’s grace – the explicitly destructive action of the Argentine Jesuit, rejecting with courage and determination any collaboration, even indirect, with him or his accomplices. 

6 Let us not delude ourselves: those who persist in reading the present situation with merely human eyes expose not only themselves but all of mankind to the continuation and aggravation of this situation: For our battle is not against creatures made of flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of evil that dwell in the regions above (Eph. VI:12). 

Kyrie Eleison.


ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL posted in Eleison Comments on December 30, 2023

The justice of a patient God strikes soon –

Turning to God is now most opportune.

Here is another recent convert who has received a great deal of light in a world engulfed in darkness by pride. Modern man really thinks that with his petty “reason” and his materialistic “science” he has found the true way to the good life, and that he no longer needs Almighty God. But God is not abandoning His poor human creatures gone astray, in fact the old Irish Catholic saying is as true as ever, if not more so: The help of God is closer than the door. “If not more so,” because, as Scripture says, “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Romans V, 20). This can only mean that today’s abundance of evil all around us must be a good time to be looking for God, through Jesus Christ – “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (Jn. VIII, 12). Does that not mean that he who does not follow Christ will be walking in darkness? Read on.

Let me write to give thanks for all the help I received to find my way back to the true Catholic faith through the Latin Mass. I was born in 1963, I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and was raised Catholic in the Novus Ordo. I had no idea at all about Vatican II until recently, nor that the Mass and the Faith had been so disastrously altered that it had led to a collapse of the Church. I just took the way the Mass had been changed as being normal. Actually, in my twenties I stopped going to that Mass and I left the Faith, because of the distractions of the world, and because I felt there was very little there that really connected with my spirit. 

It was only when the Corona “pandemic” suddenly emerged that I realized something was deeply evil about the world. Over the years, I listened to you on various podcasts like Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and to your sermons on Youtube, in the days when you were not so censored as now.Gradually, I discovered what the true Catholic Faith was all about, and how the direction of the modern world is totally against both the Faith and common sense. Then when I watched the four parts of “Confusion now hath made his masterpiece,” everything clicked into place. I could see what liberalism and the decline of belief in Jesus Christ had done to the western world: Liberalism has made the world a cesspit of wickedness and insanity. 

Eventually, I returned to Mass and to the sacraments. I also began to go to the Latin Mass in Melbourne, where I gained a much broader exposure to true Catholicism, and realized that the reception of Communion and many other practices in the Novus Ordo are not reverent at all. These things obviously grew out of Vatican II. During the lock-downs, I frequently walked with a friend of mine, and one day he told me about the day when he saw a surf life-saver have a heart attack while he was out swimming at a local beach. I realized that I could die at any time, and that I would then face judgment and eternity. 

Today, the world is totally sick, as most people have abandoned any faith in God. Mankind wants Satan as its master. That is why human beings have been so easily manipulated by the Covid scamdemic with all its asinine restrictions, and they have also been fooled into taking the deadly vaccine. I am grateful that God gave me the grace to see through the lies which the media were telling us very early in the so-called pandemic. 

I have come to the conclusion that the Holy Rosary is the only weapon that can turn the tide against evil. This is why Our Lady is always calling for it. The world is heading straight to hell and only the intervention of Almighty God can stop the deadly rot, and restore order. I really do believe that a major Chastisement will befall this world in the next five to ten years at most, and that the Three Days of Darkness will be at our door very soon, because this is the only way for God to correct mankind. 

Kyrie eleison


EUROPE’S DOWNFALL – II posted in Eleison Comments on December 24, 2023

Refusing God, men must to other men turn – 

Soon Beauty, Truth and Goodness they will spurn.

Last week these “Comments” presented without much explanation the summary of an excellent article – as far as it went – on the present parlous state of France and Europe, written by a French nationalist, by pen-name the “Militant.” (For the original complete article see Such an article in a political magazine may seem not to have much to do with religion, but that is its interest for these “Comments.” What these would like to prove is that the most serious problems of human politics cannot be solved without the Catholic religion. To prove that, is easier said than done, because the whole mentality of modern man is that politics, economics, art, medicine, law, music, etc., all have nothing to do with religion, or, religion has nothing to do with them. In other words, the best of political arguments do not go far enough.

Let us begin by an even briefer summary of last week’s summary in seven paragraphs, of the article – 

1 France and Europe are collapsing. We nationalists have long been announcing the catastrophe. 

2 From the 1950’s onwards, one political disaster after another has caused little public reaction. 

3 Ever since the Middle Ages, France had a largely beneficent worldwide influence – no longer. 

4 Today France and Europe are fast enslaving themselves to the banksters of New York and London. 

5 By their proxy war in the Ukraine the USA have broken the competition of Europe and Germany. 

6 Here is the end of a world, yet the highest institutions of France are silent, docile, go with the flow. 

7 Solution? In politics we must do what we can, and preserve cultural treasures for better times. 

And now let us see if this solution is anywhere near solving the catastrophe evoked at the beginning – 

1 Indeed men who love their country are not happy with sleepwalking while it is being destroyed. At least nationalists see a serious problem and sound the alarm, which is all to their credit. But if they have eyes to see, they must recognise that “politics,” as understood today, are busted, over, kaputt. Why? 

2 Nationalists, observing the very lack of public reaction, should be asking, how can a nation be remade out of unmade human beings? What is unmaking modern man? What can still remake him? A solid family and home? Compared with religion, what can politics do for family and home? No comparison! 

3 Dear Frenchmen, take a good look at that glory of France in the Middle Ages! Where do you think it came from? From politics? No way! It came from the Church, and not from the French Protestants but from the Catholic Church, which received from God outstanding gifts for it to enlighten the world. 

4 Dear French friends, do not blame the Anglos for your own Revolutions against God. Here, and not elsewhere, is the poisoned source of all your political problems, now poisoning the world. Expensive problems have no cheap solutions. To betray God is a problem with no merely political solution! 

5 True, the USA and England have much to be blamed for, but they were never meant, by God, to be at the head of the nations. Nor was selfishly nationalistic France designed by God for that, but only selflessly Catholic France, in the manner of Archbishop Lefebvre. See what his French godliness achieved. 

6 But why is France currently being led by such “infamous” individuals? Because these are the men being currently voted for, if you please, by “politics” in a “democracy.” And the same is happening all over Europe. Modern man believes not in God or religion, but in man and politics. Is the resulting trash any surprise? 

7 No wonder the good nationalist writer arrives at such a weak solution. True, the medieval monks squirrelled away treasures of antique culture for the benefit of all mankind, centuries later, but by what were they motivated? Not by politics, but by that religion which taught the enduring value of Beauty, Good and Truth. 

Of course politics are subject to religion, or to the lack of religion, and religion, or its lack, governs politics. The reason is not far to seek. God exists, infinitely above His merely human creatures, and in Him they all “live and move and have their being,” every moment of their existence (Acts XVIII, 28). Politics can be nowhere so close to any man alive. For indeed religion is the relationship that every man must have to this God so deep within him, politics are merely the exterior relationship he has with his fellow-men. But if a man refuses to believe in God, then naturally his politics become his substitute religion. Beware, nationalists! 

Kyrie eleison


DOWNFALL of EUROPE – I posted in Eleison Comments on December 16, 2023

French Nationalists we may or may not heed,

But Catholics, French, we absolutely need.

The collapse of France and of Europe as a whole is a catastrophic reality. It did not happen overnight. The undermining has been going on for a long time, as French nationalists most keenly saw, predicting the grave consequences for society and civilisation, which are now evident. Several outstanding writers, and magazines like Rivarol, have long been sounding the alarm, as dark events followed one after another. 

After the collapse of France’s colonial empire and the betrayal of French Algeria the student uprising of 1968 in Paris demonstrated that the French people in general were ready to accept the overthrow of all common sense, Tradition, sane morals, of whatever used to make the greatness of our civilisation. Then came the legalising of abortion, a socialist government in 1981, anti-racism, engineered immigration, reshaping the family, LGBT, transgender, paedophilia, adrenochrome (a real horror), organ sales, “climate change,” chemtrails, etc. Yet there was little public reaction. People might be a little shaken for a moment or two, but soon they settled down again. Yet we speak of “a rise in the standard of living” as though there has been a real bettering of life, when in reality it has been little more than technical – better machines making available more material goods. The result has been that the household’s need for two salaries instead of one splits the mother from the home, especially if she may not like mothering. 

For a whole age France radiated worldwide, in general for good, but now it is itself sinking in a moral and economic decline, in such a social and intellectual crisis that it can no longer exercise any such influence. Worst of all, it rejects, scorns and is ignorant of all that it once achieved. Yet surprisingly, that “West,” which is no longer anything more than the puppet of satanic masters who are an oligarchy of materialistic and gnostic globalists, still behaves as though it has a calling to lead the world, somewhat like the Talmudic Jews pretending themselves to be the priesthood of mankind. 

And ever since Covid, that monstrous lie designed to test just how far the manipulation of modern man can go, the peoples of the Europe of Charlemagne have fast been enslaving themselves to the banksters of London and New York. The depopulation plan behind Covid goes back at least to the 1970’s when Jacques Attali, still today a key adviser to the French government, said in a public interview, “Useless eaters are good for the slaughter-house.” Hence the dangerous and deadly “vaccinations.” 

As for France, it is cut up and sold for profit to the USA and private interests. As for Europe, it is torn apart by the USA-NATO attack on Russia, with the vile mass-media and their commentators spewing lies against Russia, while above all the entire political class keep silent. By their proxy war in the Ukraine, killing half a million whites, the USA have achieved at least one thing – Europe’s economic power and Germany’s competition are broken – German companies are moving to America. Little do the Americans suspect how history shows that such “conquests” are signs of an empire’s imminent fall. Moreover, the West has tied its fate to that of the State of Israel which it worships, but the rest of the world is rejecting such arrogance and degeneracy, and it is not accepting what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. 

The complete lack of reaction in all of France’s highest institutions to such infamy of the France of Charlemagne signals the end of a world. They stand and watch, silent and docile, while France rolls into the trash-cans of history. Some hope it will last their time, others continue to sleepwalk, drunk on their own propaganda. Those in power strive to silence all opposition, while World War hangs over their heads. 

Our task in politics is to do whatever we can that may have an effect, but it is mainly to preserve for a better future the best fruits of France’s glorious past, just as, when in the sixth century the Roman empire was being swamped by the barbarians, the monks in the monasteries preserved the glories of antiquity. These glories, preserved, played a large part in the building up which followed, of 1500 years of European and Christian civilisation.

Kyrie eleison