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Next Covid?

Next Covid? posted in Eleison Comments on November 7, 2020

All over the world ever more people, observing the utter disproportion between on the one hand the huge Covid-propaganda of their vile media and governments, and on the other hand the scarce reality of Covid-deaths anywhere around them, are convinced that there is much more to Covid-19 than meets the eye. They are unquestionably right, but who the criminals are behind Covid, and what they are after is not so clear. Materialistic liberals can hardly imagine that anybody could be so evil, because they need to believe that everybody is nice, whereas believing Catholics have a chance of understanding, through their Faith.

What they understand through their Faith is that human life is a time and opportunity given by God to every human soul that He creates, to choose between eternal bliss in Heaven by serving and loving Him, or unending torments in Hell by spurning and refusing Him. Hosts of angels, created before men, were given the same choice, and perhaps a third of them fell, and were flung into Hell. These all now bitterly envy human beings their possibility of getting to the Heaven which they refused, and they do all they can to pull human souls down to Hell with them. Here is where the evil on this earth originates.

But if God is all-good and all-powerful, as He is, how can He allow any such free play of evil? Because He does not want any kind of robots in His Heaven. He wants with Him there only angels and souls that have been able to make an entirely free choice between Himself and the Devil, and who have chosen Himself against all possible allurements of the world, the flesh and the Devil. And if the Devil succeeds in blinding souls with error and seducing them for instance with his honey-traps, then God will often scourge those souls in this brief life in order for them to think again, to come back to Him and to save themselves for eternal life. “O God, punish me in this life” prayed St Augustine, “just so long as you need not punish me in the next.” And God often uses fallen angels and wicked men to do the scourging that He knows is necessary for the salvation of souls. And here is where much of the suffering of men on earth originates.

And here is why the great Covid-lie is likely to thrive for a while yet, because a mass of souls today are virtually trapped in atheistic materialism, which is the essence of Communism, and it is liable to take great suffering for souls to be shaken out of it. Deeply deceived by a false notion of liberty (freedom to choose between good and evil instead of between good and good – I have no inalienable right to choose evil), they are convinced and crusading liberals who insist on freedom for evil and, as we saw in the riots of this summer, on freedom for the destruction of the police, of all law and order, of their cities, of all feeble remains of Christian civilisation, in brief on freedom to make war against God. It took over 70 years of the full horrors of Communism for “Holy Russia” to begin to come back to God. What will it take to bring an entire apostate world to be ready to beg Our Lady to obtain Russia’s full Consecration?

Therefore expect in the rest of 2020, according to a recent source in Canada, the rolling in of secondary lock-down restrictions, with a new “surge” of Covid-related deaths, and the rushed acquisition or construction of “isolation facilities” throughout the country. Expect by the turn of the year much stricter lock-down measures, and in the New Year the introduction of a universal basic wage program alongside a new virus (Covid-21) due to overwhelm medical facilities. Planned for the Spring are a third lock-down, stricter still, imposition of the basic wage program, large economic disruption, and to offset an international economic collapse, a total debt relief program by which citizens will be offered, by the government, cancellation of all their debts in exchange for giving up for ever all ownership of any and all property and assets, and for accepting Covid-19 and Covid-21 vaccinations. And if any citizens refuse?

“They will be deemed a safety risk and re-located into isolation facilities, with their assets seized.”

We have been warned. God is not mocked (Galatians VI, 7). Let us pray!

Kyrie eleison.

Brexit – II

Brexit – II posted in Eleison Comments on May 11, 2019

There is a deservedly famous English poem from the 19th century which throws much light on the huge fuss which has been stirred up by the attempt of the British people to escape from the trammels of the European Union. “Dover Beach” was written probably in 1851 by Matthew Arnold (1822–1888), and presents in four uneven verses his deep melancholy as he stands on the shore of the English Channel and listens to the unceasing beat of the surf on the beach in front of the house where he is staying for the night with his beloved, presumably his lawful wife.

The first verse is a beautiful description of the moonlit seashore and of the surf, concluding with the “eternal note of sadness” that he seems to hear in the surf. As an accomplished classical scholar, he recalls a quotation from the Greek playwright Sophocles (496–406 BC) who heard in the same surf ebbing and flowing on a similar beach thousands of miles away and more than two thousand years ago “the turbid ebb and flow of human misery,” and Arnold’s mind turns to the deep troubles of his own age, the Victorian age. Arnold was never a Catholic, but in the third verse he traces these troubles back to his 19th century’s loss of Faith, whose “melancholy long withdrawing roar” he seems to hear in the sound of the surf ebbing away before him.

In the fourth and least verse he presents the only solution that he has to the problem of the life ebbing out of what was once Christendom, and that is to turn to his beloved beside him and beg her to remain true to him, because all that they really have is one another. Thus in the poem’s dark conclusion, everything else

Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.

So Arnold had enough faith to see that the essential problem of his civilization was the loss of religious faith, but he lacked the faith to believe in the real and existing alternative to the resulting darkness and confusion, namely the Catholic Church. Similarly the Brexiteers have enough sane instincts left to sense that the European Union is going the wrong way, but they have even less religion left in them than Arnold had, and so they have even less idea than he had of how to avoid the “darkling plain.” Hence the Brexit debate continues to be a “clash of ignorant armies by night,” because everybody is framing the debate in economic terms, when in fact the real debate is religious, between the last vestiges of the Christian nations on the one side and the onset of the Antichrist with his New World Order on the other side. It is the religious dimension that gives to the debate its force on both sides. It is the lack of religion on both sides that gives to the debate its confusion.

For indeed God is the great Absentee from modern “civilization,” but as Cardinal Pie once said, if He does not govern by His presence, He will govern by His absence. Without Him, the Brexit debate is being conducted in largely economic terms, on the basis of which the Brexiteers are bound to lose. But are they willing to turn in the direction of God? That is the question.

Kyrie eleison.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tomorrow’s Leaders posted in Eleison Comments on November 16, 2013

There are two good reasons why not even very pious Catholics should scorn economic questions. Individually, to run their own household they need common sense in this domain, now heavily discounted. And socially, they need some grasp of what is going on in the society around them, because that truth is heavily distorted by the conscious or unconscious agents of the anti-Christian New World Order (NWO), which aims to make all souls finish in Hell.

More than once readers here have had recommended to them the common sense and truthfulness of an American commentator, Dr Paul Craig Roberts. He has recently written an article arguing that the real crisis in the USA government is not its shutdown, being then much talked about, but its constant underlying inability to balance its budget, because of too little income and too much expenditure. The too little income he attributes not to the expense of Social Security, which pays its way, but to decades of out-shoring America’s manufacturing to foreign lands with cheap labour, which has so impoverished American consumers that tax revenues have severely dropped. Too much expenditure he attributes to the draining cost of one foreign war after another. So he diagnoses that for the American government to solve its real crisis, the jobs must be brought home and the foreign wars stopped. But “powerful organized interests oppose any such measures, and so Congress will do neither.”

In fact Dr Roberts adds that in his opinion the American economy cannot be salvaged in its present form because unwise use of technology is exhausting the environment. Moreover economists being “incapable of original thought” and “elected representatives being dependent on the private interests that finance their election campaigns,” then “at this time collapse seems the most likely forecast.” And there will only come something more intelligent from the ruins, he says, if there will be leaders to show the way.

The Doctor paints a dark picture, but its common sense and truth must be heeded. The common sense is that a major budget problem must be solved by a major increase in revenue or by a major cut in costs, or both. It cannot be solved by going into ever more colossal debt. One truth he mentions is the foolishness of economists without common sense, for example their pretence that manufacturing jobs, being outmoded, might just as well be out-sourced. Another truth is the power of the “organized interests” that push for foreign wars, and of the “private interests” that control the supposedly democratic elections.

But what motive can these interests have for wishing to drive the United States economy into collapse? Agents of the NWO are working hard to break down the United Sates and all Western nations with any national identity or pride, so that they will let themselves be the more easily absorbed into the NWO. Economists will be made dumb in the Schools of Economics, and elected representatives will be handsomely paid to enmesh their countries in debt, because Scripture says that the debtor makes himself servant, or slave, of the creditor. Thus the problem of Western governments is being made deliberately so insoluble that the temptation to distract the enslaved peoples with World War III will eventually become irresistible. Was it not resisted only just in the recent push for the attack on Syria? Catholics, you are going to have to be tomorrow those leaders that Dr Roberts hopes for today. Only you have the complete picture. Study and pray.

Kyrie eleison.

Dictatorship Imminent

Dictatorship Imminent posted in Eleison Comments on November 24, 2012

A remarkable portrait of our contemporary world appeared two months ago on the Internet website, 321gold. The title is daunting: “Decline, Decay, Denial, Delusion and Despair,” but the content is surely true to life. Starting from a street scene to be found no doubt all over the eastern United States, the author concludes that within 15 years an Orwellian dictatorship will descend upon his country as the unwanted effect of wanted causes. But the USA is not typical of the whole world? The whole world is buying into the American way of life. “Let the buyer beware”!

This autumn in the streets of Wildwood, New Jersey, the author observed pavements encumbered with a host of heavily overweight men and women under 50 years of age rolling around town on government-subsidized mobility scooters to visit one fast-food joint after another in order to gorge on sugar-laden goodies which would give their latest model scooters more work than ever. His amusing name for them? – “The weight-challenged disabled on their powered mobility enhancement vehicles.” Such is the flight from reality of “political correctness” and its language.

The author seeks causes for this tragic-comic effect: how can the American people that once saved 12% of their income have been persuaded to frighten the obesity statistics off the end of the charts with a debt-laden, sugar-sodden way of life, with no more savings for themselves and with an unbearable burden of debt being bequeathed to their children and grand-children? Of course there is a lack of self-control on their part, he says, but there must be something more sinister, some mind behind such a mindless scene. He says the mass of citizens are being manipulated by an invisible government that has mastered the modern techniques of mass manipulation.

He quotes a pioneer of these masters from the 1920’s, Edward Bernays: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the masses is an important element in democratic society . . . Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society . . . Whether in politics, business, social conduct or ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . .who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.” They are “the true ruling power of the country,” and they “pull the wires which control the public mind.” For what purpose? For their own wealth and power.

It is they who have organized today’s financial and economic crisis for their own benefit. They have “wrecked the world economy . . .shifted their worthless debt onto the backs of taxpayers and unborn generations, thrown senior citizens and savers under the bus by stealing 400 billion per year of interest from them, and enriched themselves with bubble-level profits and bonus payments.” And when the plug has to be pulled on this unsustainable way of life, then our invisible masters have prepared for us a 1984 “dictatorship of tears” with militarized police with millions of bullets, surveillance cameras and drones everywhere, imprisonment without charges and so on and so on. Yet, says the author, it is the citizens’ own fault who have preferred ignorance to truth, sickness to health, media lies to critical thinking, security to liberty.

There is only one thing lacking to this admirable analysis: could our governing elite have run so wild, or our masses have turned so dumb, if either had retained the least sense of a God who judges us all at death, according to Ten Commandments? Of course not. Catholics, wake up!

Kyrie eleison.

Reply to Open Letter of Mgr. Nicola Bux

Reply to Open Letter of Mgr. Nicola Bux posted in Eleison Comments on March 24, 2012

London, 22 March, 2012.


In an Open Letter of March 19, addressed to Bishop Fellay and to all priests of the Society of St Pius X, you appealed to us to accept the sincere and warm-hearted offer of reconciliation that Pope Benedict XVI is making to the SSPX for the healing of the long-standing rift between Rome and the SSPX. Let me as one of the SSPX priests that you addressed take upon myself to give you my opinion as to what might have been the answer of that “great churchman,” Archbishop Lefebvre.

Your letter begins with an appeal for “every sacrifice in the name of unity.” But there can be no true Catholic unity that is not grounded in the true Catholic Faith. The great Archbishop made every sacrifice for unity in the true doctrine of the Faith. Alas, the Doctrinal Discussions of 2009–2011 proved that the doctrinal rift between the Rome of Vatican II and the SSPX is as wide as ever.

To this rift you referred on March 19 as no more than “remaining perplexities, points to be deepened or detailed,” but on March 16 Cardinal Levada was categoric that the position taken by Bishop Fellay on January 12 is “insufficient to overcome the doctrinal problems.” Bishop Fellay once observed how the churchmen of Rome can differ among themselves, but be their unity what it may, in any case Faith sacrificed for unity would be a faithless unity.

Of course, as you remind us, the Church is an institution both divine and human. Of course the divine element cannot fail, so of course the Church cannot ultimately fail, and the sun will rise again. But one may beg to differ when you say that the dawn is close at hand, because that true Faith which the SSPX upheld in the Discussions is not shining out from the Rome of Vatican II, where accordingly the SSPX could not be in safety. Nor could it bring light if itself it adopted the Conciliar darkness.

The sincerity of the Pope’s wish to welcome back the SSPX into “full ecclesial communion,” as shown in a series of gestures of real good will, is not in doubt, but “ a common profession of faith” between the SSPX and believers in Vatican II is not possible, unless the SSPX were to desert that Faith which it defended in the Discussions. And when the SSPX cries “God forbid!” to any such desertion, far from its voice being stifled, it is heard all over the world, and it bears for the Church Catholic fruits which today are the exception rather than the rule.

Certainly, “this is the appropriate moment,” certainly “the favourable time is come” for a solution to the agonizing problems of Church and world . However, it is that solution which the Heavenly Mother has long been calling for, and which depends upon the Holy Father alone. In fact when Our Lord put it in his Mother’s hands, she said that no other solution would work, so that He could not let any other solution work without making his Mother into a liar! Inconceivable!

The solution has been known of for a long time, for how could Heaven possibly have left the world in such distress as that of the last 100 years without providing a remedy like that provided by the prophet Elisha for the leprosy of the Syrian General Naaman? Humanly speaking, bathing in the River Jordan seemed ridiculous, but nobody could say that it was not possible. It required merely some faith and humility. The pagan General gathered together enough faith and trust in the man of God to do what Heaven asked for, and of course he was cured instantaneously.

Let the Holy Father but gather together enough faith and trust in the promise of the Heavenly Mother! Let him but seize this “appropriate moment” before the entire global economy collapses in ruins, and before madmen succeed in launching the Third World War in the Middle East! Let him, we beg of him, we entreat him, save Church and world by merely doing what the Heavenly Mother asked for. It is not impossible. She would overcome all obstacles in his way. By doing what she asks for, he alone can now save us from unimaginable – and unnecessary – suffering.

And if he wishes for any support in prayer or action with which the humble SSPX could help him to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart in union with all the bishops of the world, whom the Heavenly Mother would rally, he knows that he could count first and foremost on the support of Bishop Fellay and the other three bishops of the SSPX, least among whom is

Your devoted servant in Christ, +Richard Williamson.

Blasting Ahead

Blasting Ahead posted in Eleison Comments on January 7, 2012

If some readers found last week’s “Eleison Comments” a little dark for the beginning of a new year, I do apologize, and I promise that this week’s will end on a more hopeful quote. But the truth of the matter is that, as I am told, many people are still blissfully unaware of how serious is the world’s impending economic calamity. Worse, they do not grasp the pre-apocalyptic gravity of the crisis in the Church. Let us dwell for a moment on the latter.

The vision even of some priests within the Society of St Pius X is that the SSPX is a normal religious Congregation while today’s Rome is not excessively abnormal. It is true that Archbishop Lefebvre spoke very harshly of Vatican II and of the “antichrists” in the Vatican, but in the 20 years that have passed since his death, things have changed for the better. We now have a Pope, they think, who is a Traditionalist at heart, as is proved by his liberation of the Tridentine Mass and by his “remission” of the 1988 “excommunication” of the four SSPX bishops. So with just a little flexibility on each side surely Rome and the SSPX can arrive at some arrangement whereby Rome gives back to the SSPX that respectability which it should never have lost, while the SSPX can re-enter Rome in a triumphal procession on the way to the two together re-conquering the world for Christ. The Doctrinal Discussions of 2009–2011 may have highlighted an absolute doctrinal divergence, but that merely proves that the arrangement needs to be purely practical (!).

Alas, priests allowing themselves to be lulled by any such dream have either not read Pascendi or not understood what they read. In his great Encyclical Letter of 1907 St Pius X warned that Modernism represented a major threat to the Church’s existence, because Modernism is the end of the road in cutting off the soul from reality, natural or supernatural. It is the ultimate self-sealing of the mind within its God-less dreamland. Error can go no further. Here is an example of the self-sealing:—

Towards the end of the section on the Modernist theologian, Pascendi explains how the Modernist rejoices in being condemned by Church authority. Just as a garden-hose must not be separated from the tap that enables it to water, so the Church must not be cut off from its source in Tradition. The Church needs then to progress by an inter-play between Modernism and Tradition. Therefore the Modernists need authority to be Traditional, and to do the Traditional thing by condemning them as Modernists. So if the Pope does not condemn them, they will forge ahead, and if he does condemn them they will go ahead anyway because by their very condemnation he is contributing to the progress of the Church! Heads he loses, tails they win. That is self-sealing error. God cannot win.

Well, the great and good God has a surprise in store for those who think so. To save souls he washed out men’s whole wretched system in the time of Noah, and to save souls again he may this time round blast it clean. The blasting may or may not start in 2012. And the consoling quote? –

“When these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift your heads, because your redemption is at hand.” (Lk.XXI, 28). The hour is darkest, they say, just before dawn.

Kyrie eleison.