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Fortunate Family

Fortunate Family posted in Eleison Comments on October 24, 2020

When the horizon is, humanly speaking, so dark all around, and when demonic forces are intent on tearing the family apart because it is the means designed by God to start human beings out on the road to His Heaven, then it may be a good time to summarise for readers of these “Comments” an email sent to their editor by the father of a family of eight children in the United States, who is neither hopeless nor afraid. He lives in the middle of nowhere. He has Mass only once a month in a Traditional Chapel nearby. But sanity is still possible. Here is the essence of his email –

Spiritually and sacramentally, we continue to survive with monthly Mass at our Resistance chapel which we will need as long as we have need of Mass and the Sacraments. And I do not see that need (or the crisis in the Church) ending any time soon. The chapel is up and running, but there have been some poor turnouts at the last couple of Masses. For various reasons, a good number of Traditional Catholics seem to be giving in to the media-induced panic.

Our family is doing well; we have no complaints. We are expecting our ninth child soon. We had another boy recently. Everyone notices how different he is from the girls. He explores everything, gets into everything, is more interested in “things”, machines, equipment, etc., than people. Since we have several girls, we really notice the innate differences between boys and girls. Our children are all into music, because I am teaching them to love and appreciate music with melody, harmony, rhythm, and good lyrics. We listen to folk music, especially Irish, various instrumental music, classical, and chant. Any songs coming from a place of angst, despair, depression, hate, etc. are evil, ugly, and to be shunned.

I have been working full time from my home office for a Catholic operation which seems to be waking up more with every passing year, unlike the SSPX which once had the full package of truth, but is losing it year-by-year. If where I work continues to be faithful to the Truth as they have been, it will eventually have to become full Trad or change course/betray at some point. There are no other options. I also work manually in our gardens which we have just finished expanding, having learned about “Back to Eden” gardening a couple of years ago. Our soil is pure clay and very poor, but with mulch one can imitate God’s nature, letting rich soil form from organic material by rotting down. With a recently discovered source of free wood chips, I can make quantities of my own mulch. So the children are all helping me to use this new technique to treat our fruit trees and start garden beds. We hope we will soon be able to grow a decent amount of food here. Our two garden beds measure 1,500 square feet, so far.

We are especially concerned with the results of the election this year. My gut feeling is that 2020 will make 2016 look like child’s play. Then there’s the whole COVID madness and the nationwide riots over a black man who overdosed on Fentanyl. Maybe the fight is merely between the really bad guys (Deep State) and some lesser or rival bad guys (Trump and his associates). Maybe Trump is merely less evil, i.e. he hasn’t partaken in the child sacrifice, child torture, and other devilry that the rest of them have? My hopes are limited. Still, I do not think that Trump is on the side of the Deep State. I will be voting for him because of his unprecedented actions against abortion and in favour of freedom in general.

We are doing fine financially, thanks to many blessings from God. But the biggest blessing has been that I learned as a teenager the evils of the banksters’ usury. Without this grasp of economics, I might be blameless and sinless but still deep in debt and related miseries. Also my wife has always been frugal, so we have always lived within our means, giving up many luxuries and working hard, but now we are reaping the benefits. We are now completely debt-free, even with eight children and only one modest income. I point out to my children that it took years of frugality and hard work, but eventually it can be done.

As for the local chapel, alas, many souls come and do not come back, but today some are looking for a Tridentine Mass where they can continue to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, as forbidden by our official diocese for “Covid” reasons. So much for Tradition depending on the official Church! I often wonder why God is allowing so many setbacks for Tradition. Is He purifying the remnant, looking for more quality over quantity? Both among non-Catholics and in Traditional Catholic families, even when the parents seem solid, I do not see their children “fully taking their place” in the next generation. The tides of the World beat on them relentlessly, wearing them down, some slightly, some greatly, while some completely collapse. Truly, if these days are not shortened, even the Elect will not be saved.

Kyrie eleison.

Pope Indispensable – II

Pope Indispensable – II posted in Eleison Comments on February 8, 2020

It is to the unfaithfulness of Catholic Authority to Catholic Truth at the Second Vatican Council that these “Comments” last week (DCLV, Feb.1) attributed the unprecedented crisis of the Catholic Church, now well over 50 years old. The logical conclusion was that the crisis will only come to an end when Catholic Authority comes back to the Truth, because the Truth does not change, and so it cannot move to rejoin the Pope and bishops who are meant to be defending it. Moreover it was stated that the Pope must restore the bishops, and that Almighty God alone can restore the Pope, and that God will put the Pope back on his feet only “when we have learned our lesson.” That is because if God lifted us back up the mud-slide too soon, we naughty human beings would profit merely to slide down once more. God cannot afford to be too generous with our perverse generation. So what lesson or lessons do we need to be taught?

Amongst others, that the world cannot do without a sane Church, and the Church to be sane must have a sane Pope, and the sane Pope must be obeyed. For example, by the time Vatican II came to an end at the end of 1965, the churchmen were in full-blooded apostasy. Yet still God gave mankind another chance. In front of Paul VI was the pressing question of artificial means of birth control, contraception for short. Conditions in modern cities were persuading a mass of bishops, priests and lay-folk that the Church’s strict and ancient condemnation had to be relaxed, that the modern city was right and that the unchanging rule of the Church, in other words God, was wrong. Paul VI too wanted to make the rule easier.

However, when the commission of experts which he had appointed to study the question made their report, he himself saw that the rule could not be relaxed. His final arguments for maintaining the rule have not the force of the old arguments based on the immutable natural law, but nevertheless Paul VI did uphold the essential law in his Encyclical “Humanae Vitae” of 1968. But when he published it, all hell promptly broke loose in the Church. And in 1969 he imposed on the entire Church the Novus Ordo Mass. Is it idle speculation that if the bishops and priests had obeyed the Pope, instead of rejecting God’s unchanging law, God might have spared them the New Mass? As it was, disobeying the Pope when he was faithful to God’s law, they all contributed to the breakdown of Authority in the Church. All bets were then off, and chaos took over inside the Church.

Here is a classic example of Truth needing Authority, of the world needing the Church and of the Church needing the Pope. Especially in today’s big city, men cannot see what is wrong with contraception, on the contrary, it seems to be mere common sense. Thus if there is no divine Authority to forbid contraception, nothing and nobody else will stand up to the human passions which drive towards it. In this way Vatican II (Gaudium et Spes # 48) suggested that in the act of marriage recreation comes before procreation, and it opened the flood-gates to divorce, adultery, pre-birth then post-birth abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, gender change, and horrors yet unknown, but all implicit in the breakdown of the subordination of recreation to procreation. Mother Church always knew that to smash the act of marriage is to smash successively marriage, the individual person, the family, society, the nation and the world. This chaos is where we are today. Such is the need of Authority.

And the most important Authority is that of the Church, to impose upon men’s erring minds God’s infallible Truth, and upon their wayward wills God’s eternal Law, so that they can get to His Heaven and avoid their Hell. And to embody that Authority and to project it before men, the Incarnate God instituted His One Catholic Church as a monarchy of which the single ruler is the Roman Pope, who alone has the mission and the grace to govern and to hold together, in the Catholic Truth, all members of the Church. It follows that when he quits the Truth, as with Vatican II, then the sheep are necessarily scattered, because nobody other than the Pope has from God the mission or the grace to unite them (cf. Lk. XXII, 32).

Kyrie eleison.

Law-Courts Conclude

Law-Courts Conclude posted in Eleison Comments on March 23, 2019

On January 31 last, the European Court of Human Rights announced its long-awaited decision to reject the appeal of the author of these “Comments” against his almost unanimous condemnation by seven different courts of law in Germany over several years for the “crime” by German law, of questioning on German soil in November of 2008 whether Six Million people really were gassed under the Third Reich. The two German defence lawyers made an honourable attempt to defend their politically most incorrect client, but they were fighting with one hand tied behind their back, because German law forbade them to take their stand on historical truth. Instead, in Germany as in many countries today, truth is no longer the measure of certain private interests, rather these private interests have become the measure of truth.

But how can truth thus have been dethroned? Like Almighty God Himself, Truth is either Number One, or it is nothing. God Himself can be Number One only, because He is the Creator infinitely superior to His entire Creation. Truth is Number One only, because if we define it as the matching of mind to reality, then any diminution or contradiction of truth, any preferring of a non-truth to that truth which the non-truth denies, means a corresponding loss of grip of my mind on reality, and therewith a lesser or greater slide of my whole self into fantasy and lies. So it is obvious that in the laws and law-courts of any nation, the truth is of paramount importance. Do not witnesses in a normal law-court swear “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”?

Here is why great law-givers count as founders of their nations, e.g. Moses of the Israelites, Solon of the Athenians, Lycurgus of the Spartans, because they establish the framework of justice among their people, appointing to each man his due, thus making social relations and societies possible. Even the society of 22 men in a humble game of soccer needs its own administrator of justice, the referee. And he cannot act as referee without the truth. Was that an honest tackle or was it a foul? Now whether in justice it deserved a penalty or not depends on the truth of what actually happened. Thus living in society is possible only with a measure of justice, and justice is only possible with a measure of truth. Blessed is the nation that has law-makers and judges who reward what is truly right and punish what is truly wrong.

Now let us look at laws and courts which punish any questioning of the notorious murder of Six Million victims in World War II. Was it a historical fact, or not? If it was true, then to question it can be bad if the damage done is bad enough, but if the murder never took place, then it is in accordance with truth to call it in question, and not only is it not bad, it is positively good, to call it in question. For if the Six Million are a monstrous myth weighing down on people’s minds as the foundational dogma of what acts as their false religion, am I not a liberator if I help to free their minds from the lie? “The Truth will set you free,” says Our Lord (Jn.VIII, 32). Is it not then as clear as day that if the Six Million never were murdered, then to question that murder deserves a great reward from society, and not a punishment?

Now politicians and their private interests can twist truth to a certain extent, but truth is of such universal force that it cannot be suppressed altogether. Therefore the common judgment of serious historians, based on objective evidence, can still rise up against the most powerful of private interests. Such is the case with the “gassing” of “six million” victims under the Third Reich. Private interests can claim what they like, but they cannot change the objective facts of 75 years ago. And what serious researchers into those facts more and more allege now is that the “gassing” never happened.

Therefore with laws forbidding its denial, any State is building on sand. Let all States beware of passing such laws that put the truth in second place, because at the very least, in this case, historical truth – as opposed to emotional “truth” – is not necessarily on their side.

Kyrie eleison.

Historical Truth – III

Historical Truth – III posted in Eleison Comments on September 30, 2017

The dreadful punishment of persistence in lying is that one loses all sense of reality. This punishment is closing in on our Western “civilisation.” People can no longer distinguish between truth and falsehood, between fantasy and reality. Alas, fantasy may be sweeter, but reality always re-asserts itself in the end, and the more obstinately one has clung to fantasy, the more violently reality is liable to return. The two World Wars of the last century were violent returns of reality. We are heading straight for a third, because the preference of fantasy is being raised to an ideology. The following clear example of the turning of lies into an ideology comes from a website striving to uphold truth:—

In 2009 a Polish-born American, Herman Rosenblat, wrote a touching Holocaust memoir for which, even before it could be published as a book, the film rights were sold for $25,000. Angel at the fence tells how Rosenblat, imprisoned during World War II in Buchenwald concentration camp, met through the camp’s outer fence a nine-year old girl who tossed to him apples and bread over the fence. By war’s end they had lost touch with one another, and he emigrated to the United States. Years later in New York he resorted to a matrimonial agency to find a bride, and who should turn up on the blind date but the same girl? She was now an adult, but he recognised her immediately and proposed to her, was accepted, and they have lived happily ever after.

The story is most touching. Rosenblat gave everyone to understand that it had all happened in reality, and it seems that everybody believed him. However, researchers into the story proved from wartime facts, for instance from the impossibility for Buchenwald inmates to approach the camp’s outer fence, that the story was a pure figment of Rosenblat’s imagination. It was one more “fake Holocaust story.” But a regular visitor to the website mentioned above, Seymour Zak, protested vehemently that there is no such thing as a “fake Holocaust story.” What is frightening is his reasoning –

 . . . . What anti-Semites keep insisting are “fake Holocaust stories” need to be seen in a more positive light as “the truth of imagination,” to quote the famous phrase of the poet John Keats. If something is perceived as true by the mind, though strictly speaking it may not have happened, and if that event is subsequently seen as a living truth in the minds of millions of other good people who have been exposed to that same heightened version of reality, then it must on no account be dismissed as a “lie” ( . . . ) All such stories are true in a higher metaphysical sense, and to deny them is a sacrilege ( . . . ) We have a sacred obligation to the six million who died under the tyranny of the evil Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler to remember the dead and dismiss with contempt all attempts to deny the Holocaust by referring to “fake Holocaust stories.” I repeat: there is no such thing as a fake Holocaust story. Every Holocaust story is true, 100 per cent true, whether it happened or not. ( . . . ) In the sublime words of Elie Wiesel: “In literature, certain things are true though they didn’t happen, while others are not true, even if they did happen.”

On Seymour Zak’s reasoning, it is of no importance whether the six million mentioned here really died “under the tyranny, etc.” or not. What matters is whether the Six Million constitute a “heightened version of reality . . . . seen as a living truth in the minds of millions of good people, etc.” and if they do, then to state that they died when in reality they did not die is no longer a lie, but a higher truth! Reality is no longer the measure of truth, especially if that higher truth is quasi-religious, namely a “sacred obligation” which it is “sacrilege” to deny, namely Holocaustianity. In other words, there is historical reality and non-historical reality, and only the second deserves the name of “reality”!

This is utter madness, but it is in society all around us, more and more so, and we human beings are social animals, necessarily influenced by the society around us. Catholics – and non-Catholics – if you want to keep your head above the rising flood of madness, pray 15 Mysteries a day of the Holy Rosary. Our Lady can protect your sanity. These “Comments” have no other remedy to suggest.

Kyrie eleison.

Historical Truth – II

Historical Truth – II posted in Eleison Comments on September 23, 2017

As last week’s “Comments” reminded readers, it is Scripture itself that tells us that the Antichrist will come, because men lacked love of the truth (II Thessalonians II, 10). God is truth (Jn. XIV, 6), and so when men turn away from God they open themselves to lies. But Satan is the father of lies (Jn. VIII, 44), and so to welcome lies is to welcome Satan and ultimately his Antichrist, the worst of all enemies of Christ. Therefore to think that the modern political scene being full of lies is not a religious problem because politics and religion have little to do with one another, is to have a very defective view of religion. The love of truth matters in all areas of life. “The truth will set you free,” says Our Lord (Jn. VIII, 32). Sure enough – a mass of people today are enslaved by the lies of the vile media, and the media are vile precisely because they lie, gravely and systematically.

Last week’s example of a monstrous untruth widely accepted came from France, although that untruth holds sway all over the world. This week’s monstrous untruth comes from the United States. No doubt many of the readers of these “Comments” know that the real story of 9/11 is not at all what it has been made to appear, but still far too many minds are bent right out of shape because they have not wanted to know the truth. As a result, their whole perception of the course of events in the 21st century remains twisted out of true by what has been made to appear a “terrorist” attack in 2001 on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As with last week’s monstrous untruth, just a few hours on the Internet would give them all the evidence they need to know the truth, but “none so blind as he who will not see,” says the proverb.

A great American lover of truth, Paul Craig Roberts, tells in his June 8 article “The American Catastrophe,” how frustrating it is to urge upon his fellow-countrymen the true narrative of events, only to be answered, “If it was a conspiracy, somebody would have talked.” Yes, of course, he replies, but it has no effect whatsoever if they do talk. He quotes Israel’s 1967 attack on the American Navy ship, Liberty, totally exposed since then by senior American officers and officials, yet still officially covered up. He quotes the political assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy in the 1960’s, both still officially covered up despite the clear evidence, and then he comes to 9/11:—

As for 9/11, more than one hundred first responders (fireman and police) and World Trade Centre maintenance personnel who were in the Twin Towers have testified that they heard and experienced multiple explosions inside the towers before barely escaping with their lives. Maintenance personnel have testified that the first explosions were in the sub-basement before the plane hit the tower. Demolition experts have testified that the buildings were without any doubt brought down by controlled demolition. Three thousand architects and engineers have said that the official story is impossible. Independent scientists have published their findings that the residue of the towers contains reacted and unreacted nano-thermite. But all of this talk has had no effect on the official cover-up. The experts are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” a term that the CIA introduced into political discourse to discredit those who exposed the cover-up of President Kennedy’s assassination.

This “American catastrophe” of a people largely disinterested in evidence or truth is right now leading directly to World War III, because the American public is accepting to believe that Russia interfered in the American election last year, that Russia wants to attack its neighbours, that Putin is another Hitler – all lies. Paul Craig Roberts is in virtual despair at this lack of love of truth. We will all of us pay the penalty.

Kyrie eleison.

Historical Truth – I

Historical Truth – I posted in Eleison Comments on September 16, 2017

Scripture says (II Thess. II, 9–10) that the coming of the Antichrist “is according to the work of Satan [ . . . ] and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that they may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.” Each word needs to be weighed.

Towards the end of the world, which one can safely say must include the 21st century, the wicked Antichrist will deceive souls that are headed for Hell, and they are headed for Hell because they do not accept the love of truth as they would accept it if they were headed for Heaven. Because they have not loved the truth, God will punish them with the operation of error, with the result that they will believe in a pack of lies. In this way all those will bring judgement upon themselves who instead of loving, seeking, finding and believing the truth, have consented to take part in the wicked world of lies fabricated by the Antichrist and his agents (who can be called “antichrists” with a small “a”). They will populate Hell.

Notice how the widespread damnation of the last times begins not with the refusal of truth but with the refusal of the love of truth. In the world of lies fabricated by today’s politicians and media, an “operation of error” if ever there was one, it may feel as though there is no truth to refuse, but if I refuse to despair and if with an upright heart I set up a hunt for that truth which I know is not around me, God will make sure that I find it (Mt. VII, 7–8). On the other hand if I know an important truth and disregard it, God will not be with me. Here is an example that could come from anywhere today in the Western world.

Just recently a French lawyer died, Bernard Jouanneau, who for years served LICRA to prosecute in the French courts Professor Robert Faurisson for denying the historical truth of the World War II gas-chambers in which Six Million Jews are widely held to have died (LICRA is the League against Racism and Anti-Semitism which prosecuted Archbishop Lefebvre for daring in the late 1980’s to suggest that Muslims should return to their own countries). In an interview with the French Catholic journal “La Croix” of 23 September, 1987, Jouanneau said, “If the gas-chambers existed, then the barbarity of the Nazis was unequalled. If they did not exist, then the Jews have lied and anti-semitism would be justified. That is what is at stake in the gas-chambers debate.”

Jouanneau’s assessment is entirely correct, except that even more than just politics is at stake, because “Holocaustianity” is the closest thing to a religion that many souls have today. Auschwitz replaces Calvary, the gas-chambers serve as Cross, and the Six Million Jews take the place of the Redeemer, in other words, are God. And this “Holocaustianity” is the closest thing to a State religion of many a modern Western State. Therefore one would expect modern States and individuals alike to be seriously interested in the truth of the gas-chambers which are at the heart of “Holocaustianity.” But what does one find? A large number of these States have passed laws to forbid questioning of the official version of the gas-chambers. But since when do laws make or unmake truth? Such laws bring the law itself into discredit!

Here is a tremendous lack of love of truth and a corresponding lack of truth. And sure enough, it is an “operation of error” which closes in, thanks to the vile media. Yet anybody who loves truth need spend only a few hours on the Internet for even the most emotional faith in the gas-chambers to be shaken. No wonder the Licrans and their like are doing all they can to censor the Internet, but with all its perils it remains an asset to be vigorously defended, at least until and if the Licrans manage to control it.

Kyrie eleison.