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Fortunate Family

Fortunate Family posted in Eleison Comments on October 24, 2020

When the horizon is, humanly speaking, so dark all around, and when demonic forces are intent on tearing the family apart because it is the means designed by God to start human beings out on the road to His Heaven, then it may be a good time to summarise for readers of these “Comments” an email sent to their editor by the father of a family of eight children in the United States, who is neither hopeless nor afraid. He lives in the middle of nowhere. He has Mass only once a month in a Traditional Chapel nearby. But sanity is still possible. Here is the essence of his email –

Spiritually and sacramentally, we continue to survive with monthly Mass at our Resistance chapel which we will need as long as we have need of Mass and the Sacraments. And I do not see that need (or the crisis in the Church) ending any time soon. The chapel is up and running, but there have been some poor turnouts at the last couple of Masses. For various reasons, a good number of Traditional Catholics seem to be giving in to the media-induced panic.

Our family is doing well; we have no complaints. We are expecting our ninth child soon. We had another boy recently. Everyone notices how different he is from the girls. He explores everything, gets into everything, is more interested in “things”, machines, equipment, etc., than people. Since we have several girls, we really notice the innate differences between boys and girls. Our children are all into music, because I am teaching them to love and appreciate music with melody, harmony, rhythm, and good lyrics. We listen to folk music, especially Irish, various instrumental music, classical, and chant. Any songs coming from a place of angst, despair, depression, hate, etc. are evil, ugly, and to be shunned.

I have been working full time from my home office for a Catholic operation which seems to be waking up more with every passing year, unlike the SSPX which once had the full package of truth, but is losing it year-by-year. If where I work continues to be faithful to the Truth as they have been, it will eventually have to become full Trad or change course/betray at some point. There are no other options. I also work manually in our gardens which we have just finished expanding, having learned about “Back to Eden” gardening a couple of years ago. Our soil is pure clay and very poor, but with mulch one can imitate God’s nature, letting rich soil form from organic material by rotting down. With a recently discovered source of free wood chips, I can make quantities of my own mulch. So the children are all helping me to use this new technique to treat our fruit trees and start garden beds. We hope we will soon be able to grow a decent amount of food here. Our two garden beds measure 1,500 square feet, so far.

We are especially concerned with the results of the election this year. My gut feeling is that 2020 will make 2016 look like child’s play. Then there’s the whole COVID madness and the nationwide riots over a black man who overdosed on Fentanyl. Maybe the fight is merely between the really bad guys (Deep State) and some lesser or rival bad guys (Trump and his associates). Maybe Trump is merely less evil, i.e. he hasn’t partaken in the child sacrifice, child torture, and other devilry that the rest of them have? My hopes are limited. Still, I do not think that Trump is on the side of the Deep State. I will be voting for him because of his unprecedented actions against abortion and in favour of freedom in general.

We are doing fine financially, thanks to many blessings from God. But the biggest blessing has been that I learned as a teenager the evils of the banksters’ usury. Without this grasp of economics, I might be blameless and sinless but still deep in debt and related miseries. Also my wife has always been frugal, so we have always lived within our means, giving up many luxuries and working hard, but now we are reaping the benefits. We are now completely debt-free, even with eight children and only one modest income. I point out to my children that it took years of frugality and hard work, but eventually it can be done.

As for the local chapel, alas, many souls come and do not come back, but today some are looking for a Tridentine Mass where they can continue to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, as forbidden by our official diocese for “Covid” reasons. So much for Tradition depending on the official Church! I often wonder why God is allowing so many setbacks for Tradition. Is He purifying the remnant, looking for more quality over quantity? Both among non-Catholics and in Traditional Catholic families, even when the parents seem solid, I do not see their children “fully taking their place” in the next generation. The tides of the World beat on them relentlessly, wearing them down, some slightly, some greatly, while some completely collapse. Truly, if these days are not shortened, even the Elect will not be saved.

Kyrie eleison.

Family Targeted

Family Targeted posted in Eleison Comments on September 21, 2019

As the world turns its back more and more on God, so He gently withdraws for the moment – He will come back in force, wait for it! – but in the meantime there is steadily disappearing with Him His divine protection upon His own seedbed for human beings, the family. Gravest of all is the abandoning of the family by the Catholic churchmen, leaving it wide open to attack from all sides by Satan. Most hurtful must be when the attack comes from within, by beloved family members. Here below is such a case, and it has to be typical of many today. The family father writes:—

With my wife we had ten children, three of whom are now adults, and we had gone through some difficult times and a few tragedies, but now she has declared war on me. About 18 months ago, fully supported by her Novus Ordo priest and powerful friends, she undertook legal maneuvers to get me out of the home, and away from the children. It was all unbelievable, and terribly painful. That the persecution was essentially religious was confirmed when she offered to let me stay at home as a separated man, living in the basement, if only I signed a legal agreement relinquishing any religious rights over the education and formation of my children, and precluding us all from going to any Traditional chapel and/or from communicating with any so-called Traditionalists. Of course, I could not sign that, and her group went on to totally roll over me and the kids with legal tricks . . . and I lost everything: wife, home, children, money, car, health insurance, and almost entirely my business. As my children were strong in the faith, and would not yield to Mom’s bizarre and wrong behaviour and preferred to be with Dad, then she got a team of “therapists” to “wash out” their brains, and get them to be “normal” again, and she got them into Novus Ordo schools and forced them to attend the Novus Ordo Mass with her.

It’s been well over a year since I last saw my little children. The youngest is now almost 3 years old, and the rest of the younger children are 18–24 months apart, up to 16. I have no way to find out what’s going on with them, and whether they are keeping the faith, because they aren’t allowed to see or hear anybody other than Novus Ordo liberals. The three older ones, adults now, have been able to communicate with me and to remain as close as they can. The oldest one, who was already in a seminary and had finished philosophy, got out, perhaps due to the shock caused by the family break-up, but he keeps his faith intact, attends Mass almost daily, and works well in the world. Sadly, #2 swallowed the poison that college is the only way to make a living in the future. The third one is now debating the idea of going to college, but has not lost sight of God’s Will.

I can see that God has a plan, and that my own faults and flaws have played their part in the break-up. Years ago a Traditional priest told me that we had such a Catholic family that the devil surely hated us. This is surely a furious attack from Satan to destroy the faith of my children, and to lead me to despair, but my faith is still strong, and I hope that through this ordeal some, many, or all of us will be saved. Still, there is more pain than joy in my heart. We used to be a good example for other families, but now we are objects of pity and derision . . . and I’m being blamed for being “fanatic,” mentally-ill, inflexible, and so forth. Had I not known many souls committed to the true faith, explaining and denouncing the current evils in Church and world, I would have agreed with my wife and her entourage, and I would have gone along with the easy, comfortable, secular way of life. But I do remain weak, and so sometimes I do wonder if Tradition isn’t all insanity – how can such a small remnant of Catholics be right? Yet, there were only 12 Apostles in the beginning, and one of them was a traitor.

Such a reaction from a mother of ten is not normal, but today what is normal? So how can a father defend his family against such a reaction? Prevention is better than cure, says the proverb. Whoever it is in the family that Satan is targeting, the family Rosary every day must be the first line of defence. Beyond that, “What can’t be cured, must be endured,” as this Catholic father realizes. We must trust God.

Kyrie eleison.

Iron Rations

Iron Rations posted in Eleison Comments on October 22, 2016

In military affairs, it is normal for generals and soldiers alike to have in mind rather the last war than the one they are now fighting. Who imagined trench warfare before World War I? Yet by World War II the inter-war development of tanks had made trenches obsolete. Similarly in religious affairs. The 21st is no longer the 20th century. Surely Resistant Catholics since 2012 are unwise to be hoping for anything like the establishment and expansion of the Society of St Pius X in the last century. For example, from two admirable Resistants of today come a general and a particular lament, neither perhaps altogether wise . . .

The general lament is that the “Resistance” is falling apart rather than making headway. These “Comments” often put inverted commas around the word “Resistance,” precisely to suggest that the Catholic resistance to the Conciliarisation of the SSPX is not yet any kind of organisation but rather a vague movement with a precise aim, to save the Catholic Faith, but with as yet little structure to help it to do so. However, let Resistants take heart, because while man proposes, God disposes, so that what can look like a human failure may not be a failure from the standpoint of Almighty God.

Thus in the 1970’s Archbishop Lefebvre proposed to rally half a dozen Catholic bishops so as to throw up a real roadblock in the way of the Conciliarists then destroying the Church, but God disposed differently. In this purpose of his the Archbishop would fail, but in trying he would succeed in building a worldwide treasure-house to safeguard the treasures of the Church’s doctrine, Mass and priesthood for better times. Similarly now there are Resistants proposing to build a replacement for the endangered SSPX, and their apparent weakness (at least up till now) may suggest that any such large-scale replacement is not in the plans or dispositions of Almighty God. However, in trying, Resistants are ensuring (at least for now) the survival of the Catholic Faith, which is certainly a disposition of Providence.

The particular lament is that if only the “Resistance” had schools, many SSPX parents would swell the ranks of the “Resistance” as they cannot now do, because their children would immediately be thrown out of the SSPX schools to which there is presently no decent alternative. But again, we are fighting for the Faith in the 21st, not in the 20th century. Back in the 1980’s there were still enough like-minded Catholic parents and teachers and priests to form that triangular frame within which the children almost have to grow up straight. But today? Today one learns of an SSPX boys’ school that has been in serious difficulties because of an outbreak within its walls of that sin against nature which cries to Heaven for vengeance. But what walls can stop adolescents from getting to know of that sin’s glorification among the mass of their country’s male adults, and of a new word invented to condemn the new vice of its condemnation – “homophobia”? And since when are adolescents not to imitate their adults? In fact, how can anyone run a boys’ school since the invention of the Internet, with pocket access to it? Are Catholic institutions still possible?

In today’s religious war, surely the order of the day is iron rations, meaning the soldiers’ strict necessary for survival, here to keep the Faith. This war must be won in the home, or it will be lost. God gives to parents a natural power to form their children that overwhelms by, say, five to two the power of any institution to deform them, but only as long as parents take hold of their power. A small rudder can steer a big ship, but not if the steersman lets go of it. If parents let go of their children, they cannot blame the world for steering them to Hell. And if any parents have wanted SSPX schools to qualify their children for the world rather than for Heaven, may not here be one important reason why the SSPX has slidden?

Kyrie eleison.

Two Journeys

Two Journeys posted in Eleison Comments on January 19, 2013

Journeys since mid-December, to North America and France, have enabled me to observe within the Society of St Pius X a dangerous state of indetermination. Where the District Superior is not blind, the danger is for the moment held back somewhat, so that resistance is puzzled. Where however the District Superior is a willing servant of SSPX headquarters, there the movement towards the Newchurch forges ahead, but also the Resistance is taking shape. What is at stake?

Ever since the breakout of Protestantism, the world has been sliding further and further away from God. Thanks to the Council of Trent (1545–1563), the Catholic Church held firm, but thanks to the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) the official Catholic Church joined in the slide. Then thanks mainly (but not only!) to Archbishop Lefebvre (1905–1991), relics of the Church of Trent gathered themselves together to form amidst the desert of modernity a Catholic oasis, the SSPX. But where the mighty Church had not been able to resist, it was, sure enough, merely a matter of time before the puny SSPX would be tempted in its turn to join in the slide.

However, just as at Vatican II the Church’s official leadership was obliged to pretend that it was not breaking with the Tridentine Church (such is, for instance, Benedict XVI’s “hermeneutic of continuity”), so the SSPX’s official leadership is now obliged to pretend that it is not breaking with Archbishop Lefebvre. Thus, like most politicians of the last 500 years, these SSPX leaders are talking to the right while walking to the left, because that is what a large number of people want, namely the appearance of Christianity without its substance (cf. II Tim. III, 1–5, especially verse 5). Like Descartes, such leaders “advance behind a mask,” seeking to disguise their move to the left beneath words to the right, or words clearly ambiguous.

What happened in the SSPX last spring, as Fr Chazal says, is that the mask came off, because the SSPX leadership must have calculated that the time had come for it to make its open move back into the mainstream Church. Alas for these leaders, there emerged between March and June enough resistance to block at the SSPX General Chapter in July any immediate attempt to join the Newchurch. And so from that Chapter onwards, the mask has gone back on. But liberals do not convert, short of a miracle of grace, because leftwardness is their real religion. That is why the SSPX leaders are surely waiting for the modern world, flesh and devil to continue their work of pulling SSPX clergy and laity to the left so that within a few years at most there will no longer be any significant resistance, as there was last summer, to the SSPX rejoining the Newchurch.

This leaves the SSPX betwixt and between. However, as the common sense of Archbishop Lefebvre remarked, superiors mould subjects and not the other way round. That is why, unless the present SSPX leaders are displaced by a miracle, the SSPX is doomed to be dissolved within the Newchurch. One can hardly say the punishment would not have been deserved. But let us pray to the Mother of God for some miracles of her Divine Son’s mercy.

Kyrie eleison.

“Marcellus Initiative”

“Marcellus Initiative” posted in Eleison Comments on November 10, 2012

After last week’s presentation of details of the “Marcellus Initiative” set up to facilitate donations to the cause of an « expelled » bishop, a few readers reasonably asked what the “Initiative” would be for. To begin with, it will cover his personal expenses of moving out of Wimbledon, maybe out of London, and then living elsewhere. Over and above those expenses, the word “Initiative” was chosen deliberately to leave options open. However, it is important that nobody should think that their donations will any time soon go to the setting up of a replacement for the Society of St Pius X or a substitute seminary. There are good reasons for not hurrying to do either.

As for an alternative to the SSPX, we must learn the lessons to be drawn from its present severe crisis. The Catholic Church runs on authority, from the Pope downwards, but our Revolutionary world has today so broken down men’s natural sense of authority that few know how to command, and most men obey either too little or too much. We have, so to speak, run out of that peasant common sense that enabled Catholic authority to function. Thus as God alone could establish Moses’ authority by a sensational chastisement of rebels (cf. Numbers XVI), so in our day surely God alone will be able to restore the Pope’s authority. Will it be by “a rain of fire,” such as Our Lady of Akita forewarned in Japan in 1973? Be that as it may, oases of the Faith remain an immediate and practical possibility, and I will do my best to serve them.

Similar arguments apply to the re-starting of a classical Catholic seminary. One cannot make bricks without straw, says the old proverb. It is more and more difficult to make Catholic priests out of modern young men, say I. Supernatural qualities of faith, good will and piety go a long way, but grace builds on nature, and the natural foundations, such as a solid home and a truly human education, are more and more lacking. Of course there are still good families where the parents have understood what their religion requires of them to put their children on the path to Heaven, and where they are doing their heroic best. But our wicked world is set upon destroying all common sense and natural decency, of gender, family and country. With the best of good will, the children of today’s social environment remain in general more or less severely handicapped when it comes to perceiving or following a call of God.

Does that mean that God has given up on his Church, or that he means to leave us without priests for tomorrow? Of course not. But it does mean that no Catholic organisation set up tomorrow to save souls can be allowed to lose its vision of the soul-destroying nature of the Conciliar Church and the modern world. It does mean that priests can no longer be formed tomorrow to have a perfect knowledge of St Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiaewhile having little to no idea of how it applies in real life today.

By hook or by crook, tomorrow’s Congregations and seminaries must keep their grip on reality, and not get lost in dreams of how “normal” they are, or need to be. Can it be done? With God’s help, yes. But God is God, and for the salvation of souls tomorrow it may be that he will no longer resort to the classical Congregation or seminary of yesterday. For myself, I shall attempt to follow his Providence in the ordaining of priests – or in the consecrating of bishops. God’s will be done.

Kyrie eleison.

State Religion – II

State Religion – II posted in Eleison Comments on December 10, 2011

According to the religion of liberalism – it cannot be said too often that liberalism serves as a substitute religion – it is absolute heresy to declare that every State on earth should support and protect the Catholic religion. Yet if God exists, if Jesus Christ is God, if any natural society of human beings, such as the State, is a creature of God, and if Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church as his one and only instrument for the saving of men from the eternal fires of Hell, then unless a State wants to be an enemy of mankind, it is bound to favour and protect the Catholic Church. But there are objections to this conclusion. Let us look at three of the most common:—

First objection: Our Lord himself said to Pontius Pilate (Jn. XVIII, 36) that his Kingdom was not of this world. But the State is of this world. Therefore the State should have nothing to do with his Kingdom or his Church.

Solution: Our Lord was telling Pilate that his Kingdom and the State are distinct but he was not saying that they should be separate. A man’s soul is distinct from his body, but to separate them is the death of the man. Parents are distinct from their children, but to separate them (as Child Agencies today are liable to do) is the death of the family. Church and State are as distinct from one another as life on earth is distinct from eternal life, but to separate them is to put a gulf between the first and the second, and it is to increase greatly the number of citizens who will fall into Hell.

Second objection: The Catholic religion is true. But Truth can be left to make its own way. Therefore the Catholic religion needs no coercive power of the State to help it, such as the suppression in public of the practice of all other religions. Solution: In itself, indeed “The truth is mighty and will prevail,” as the Latins said, but amongst us men it will not prevail easily, because of original sin. Were all human beings (except Our Lord and Our Lady) not afflicted ever since the Fall with the four wounds of Ignorance, Malice, Weakness and Concupiscence , then much less would get in the way of truth prevailing, and Thomas Jefferson might be right in proclaiming that truth needs only to be exposed in the market-place to prevail. But Catholics know what the Church teaches, namely that man remains even after baptism subject to the downward drag of original sin, so that to find that truth without which he cannot save his soul, he needs all reasonable help from his State. That reasonable help excludes the State’s trying to force anyone to be Catholic, but it includes the State’s keeping dangerous anti-truths out of Jefferson’s market-place.

Third objection: Great power can be greatly misused. Now the union of Church and State is very powerful for them both. Therefore it can do great harm – just see how the Conciliar Church and the secular New World Order are empowering one another! Solution: “Misuse cannot stop use,” said the Latins. Should Our Lord not have given us the Holy Eucharist on the grounds that it can be gravely misused? The Conciliar Church re-uniting with the liberal State is a powerful misuse of the union of Church and State, but it proves the wrongness of liberalism, not the wrongness of the union of Catholic State with Catholic Church.

Kyrie eleison.