White Identity – I

White Identity – I posted in Eleison Comments on February 6, 2021

A young white couple that reads these “Comments” wants to come back to the Church, but it has a special difficulty which the 31-year old husband suspects is shared by many of his contemporaries: the present lack of an identity for whites. Both he and his wife have some German in their ancestry, and so in search of identity they have been seriously attracted by Germanic paganism. But they were both born Catholic and they suspect that their Catholic schooling was not all that it should have been. The questions that he asks certainly prove that this was the case, but they also show that he is seeking the truth, so that if he perseveres in his quest he can be sure that God will give him the answers he needs. He asks –

Is Germanic paganism our true identity?

Yes and no. A human being’s true identity is to go to Heaven to be blissfully happy with God for all eternity. That is why so many young people (and older people) are so deeply dissatisfied with their present materialistic way of life – they know that they are meant for something much more, but they do not know what. Now there is much that is noble in Germanic paganism, for instance in the operas of Richard Wagner, but it is wholly incapable of getting a man to Heaven because it has no supernatural grace in it. Grace alone can open God’s Heaven for us. And God’s grace is available to us only through God’s one true religion, which is the Roman Catholic religion. If I refuse it, I am refusing Heaven. This religion, for instance Charlemagne, made Europe, and forged the identity of all the white European nations. Hilaire Belloc (1870–1953) said, “Europe is the (Catholic) Faith and the Faith is Europe.”

But Christianity was invented by the Jews?

The Catholic religion was invented by no human being or beings. It was “invented” from eternity by God alone, and revealed to men through His Divine Son, Jesus Christ, who as a man was a Jew, the son of Mary, and who was helped to found the Catholic Church by a small number of Jews. Hence John IV, 22. But it was also the Jews, leaders and people (Mt.XXVII, 20), who crucified Jesus, and the large majority of Jews have ever since hated Christ and done their best to go on crucifying Him in His Church. So the best of Israelites were incomparable friends of God, but the Talmudists have been His incomparable enemies. It is essential to distinguish between Jews like St Paul, and Jews like Caiaphas. The huge difference is between those who accept Christ and those who reject Him. All turns on Christ.

But is not the New Testament still playing the Old Testament game, so to speak? Are not Christians worshipping Jews, and following the “design” and “rules” of Jews?

Christians are worshipping God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity as revealed by God, Jesus Christ, a revelation far surpassing that of all the rest of the Jews put together. He was and is God. They were and are mere men.

So why was God in the Old Testament so protective of Jews and yet so annoyed by them?

Because He had given them a great part to play, to prepare for the coming on earth of the Messiah, and they were not always faithful to the task. Our vile media and the mere word “anti-semitism” suggest that Jews can never be bad, but they can be very bad indeed. Then they deserve punishment, like anyone else.

But why did God choose the Jews? And why did He choose the Jews in particular?

He had to choose some people to provide the Messiah with a human Mother, family, village, people and religious practice. With Mary, Joseph, Nazareth, the Temple of Jerusalem and the Mosaic religion the Jews did finally provide the Messiah with His earthly framework, only to crucify Him out of their pride.

Why the Jews in particular? God’s mystery. Belloc again: “How odd of God to choose the Jews!”

Kyrie eleison.

Covid – Origins?

Covid - Origins? posted in Eleison Comments on December 5, 2020

These “Comments” have claimed that Almighty God is at the very centre of the storm being raised all over the world on the basis of the counter-truth that the Covid-19 virus presents a major threat to all of mankind. The statistics have since shown that it is hardly more of a threat than any average flu virus, but it does threaten to change significantly the whole world’s way of living, because it has surely been engineered to do so by the Judeo-Masonic enemies of God. These are neither all non-Gentiles nor all Freemasons, but those non-Gentiles and Freemasons that conspire together to establish a worldwide tyranny to spite Almighty God by damning to eternal Hell all the human souls that He creates.

The result is a cosmic war between the friends and enemies of God which generates the history of mankind. Obviously God by His omniscience knows down to the smallest detail everything that both sides are up to, and by His omnipotence He can intervene at any moment to help His friends, as He did supremely 2000 years ago by the Incarnation of his divine Son. But since His prime purpose is to populate His Heaven with rational beings who will have used their reason to spend their eternity with Him and not without Him, then one might say that to His enemies he ensures a considerable freedom to tempt and torment His friends, while for His friends He intervenes to ensure a level playing field. For indeed His enemies have the Devil and his armies of fallen angels to help them, to the point that St Paul will warn Christians that their fight is not against human flesh and blood, but against devils (Eph. VI, 12).

Truly devilish is the cunning with which the conspirators against God disguise from His friends their true intentions. Our Lord himself says that He sends out His Apostles as sheep among wolves (Mt. X, 16). So a major intervention of God to help His friends was when He enabled the Protocols of the Sages of Sion to be uncovered a little over one century ago. The Sages themselves have bitterly contested ever since the Protocols’ authenticity, but as an American renowned for his common sense said, “If you want to know whether the Protocols are authentic, just look around you.” Here is a brief but accurate summary –

Gentiles are mentally inferior to non-Gentiles and cannot run their nations properly. For their sake and ours we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it is for a good cause. Here is what we will need to do. Place our agents and helpers everywhere. Take control of the media and use them for propaganda for our plans. Start fights between various races, classes and religions. Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way. Use Free-masonic lodges to attract potential public officials. Appeal to successful people’s egos. Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail. Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism. Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right by force, used by ourselves. Sacrifice people, including sometimes even non-Gentiles, when necessary. Eliminate religion, replace it with science and materialism. Control the education system, to spread deception and destroy intellect. Re-write history to our benefit, create entertaining distractions, corrupt minds with filth and diversion, encourage people to spy on one another, keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labour. Take possession of all true wealth, property and especially gold. Use gold to manipulate the markets, causing depressions and so on. Introduce a progressive tax on wealth, replace sound investment with speculation, make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments, give bad advice to governments and to everyone else. Since we will blame the goy (Gentile) governments for the resulting mess, eventually the goyim (Gentiles) will be so angry with their own governments that they will gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be the king of the world, and the remaining goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

Can anyone not recognise the world “around them,” as Henry Ford did? Including the Covid crisis?

Kyrie eleison.

Fortunate Family

Fortunate Family posted in Eleison Comments on October 24, 2020

When the horizon is, humanly speaking, so dark all around, and when demonic forces are intent on tearing the family apart because it is the means designed by God to start human beings out on the road to His Heaven, then it may be a good time to summarise for readers of these “Comments” an email sent to their editor by the father of a family of eight children in the United States, who is neither hopeless nor afraid. He lives in the middle of nowhere. He has Mass only once a month in a Traditional Chapel nearby. But sanity is still possible. Here is the essence of his email –

Spiritually and sacramentally, we continue to survive with monthly Mass at our Resistance chapel which we will need as long as we have need of Mass and the Sacraments. And I do not see that need (or the crisis in the Church) ending any time soon. The chapel is up and running, but there have been some poor turnouts at the last couple of Masses. For various reasons, a good number of Traditional Catholics seem to be giving in to the media-induced panic.

Our family is doing well; we have no complaints. We are expecting our ninth child soon. We had another boy recently. Everyone notices how different he is from the girls. He explores everything, gets into everything, is more interested in “things”, machines, equipment, etc., than people. Since we have several girls, we really notice the innate differences between boys and girls. Our children are all into music, because I am teaching them to love and appreciate music with melody, harmony, rhythm, and good lyrics. We listen to folk music, especially Irish, various instrumental music, classical, and chant. Any songs coming from a place of angst, despair, depression, hate, etc. are evil, ugly, and to be shunned.

I have been working full time from my home office for a Catholic operation which seems to be waking up more with every passing year, unlike the SSPX which once had the full package of truth, but is losing it year-by-year. If where I work continues to be faithful to the Truth as they have been, it will eventually have to become full Trad or change course/betray at some point. There are no other options. I also work manually in our gardens which we have just finished expanding, having learned about “Back to Eden” gardening a couple of years ago. Our soil is pure clay and very poor, but with mulch one can imitate God’s nature, letting rich soil form from organic material by rotting down. With a recently discovered source of free wood chips, I can make quantities of my own mulch. So the children are all helping me to use this new technique to treat our fruit trees and start garden beds. We hope we will soon be able to grow a decent amount of food here. Our two garden beds measure 1,500 square feet, so far.

We are especially concerned with the results of the election this year. My gut feeling is that 2020 will make 2016 look like child’s play. Then there’s the whole COVID madness and the nationwide riots over a black man who overdosed on Fentanyl. Maybe the fight is merely between the really bad guys (Deep State) and some lesser or rival bad guys (Trump and his associates). Maybe Trump is merely less evil, i.e. he hasn’t partaken in the child sacrifice, child torture, and other devilry that the rest of them have? My hopes are limited. Still, I do not think that Trump is on the side of the Deep State. I will be voting for him because of his unprecedented actions against abortion and in favour of freedom in general.

We are doing fine financially, thanks to many blessings from God. But the biggest blessing has been that I learned as a teenager the evils of the banksters’ usury. Without this grasp of economics, I might be blameless and sinless but still deep in debt and related miseries. Also my wife has always been frugal, so we have always lived within our means, giving up many luxuries and working hard, but now we are reaping the benefits. We are now completely debt-free, even with eight children and only one modest income. I point out to my children that it took years of frugality and hard work, but eventually it can be done.

As for the local chapel, alas, many souls come and do not come back, but today some are looking for a Tridentine Mass where they can continue to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, as forbidden by our official diocese for “Covid” reasons. So much for Tradition depending on the official Church! I often wonder why God is allowing so many setbacks for Tradition. Is He purifying the remnant, looking for more quality over quantity? Both among non-Catholics and in Traditional Catholic families, even when the parents seem solid, I do not see their children “fully taking their place” in the next generation. The tides of the World beat on them relentlessly, wearing them down, some slightly, some greatly, while some completely collapse. Truly, if these days are not shortened, even the Elect will not be saved.

Kyrie eleison.

People’s Voice – II

People’s Voice – II posted in Eleison Comments on August 17, 2019

President Putin’s June interview with the Financial Times, partially summarised and quoted here last week, became notorious because his prophecy that “the liberal idea” has done its time and is out of date, hit a raw nerve with Western politicians and media. They reacted vigorously, like ants whose ant-hill has been struck with a stick. What is the significance of his prophecy, and of the Western reaction to it? We must begin with a summary of the summary, in order to get clear what is at the very heart of his argument. In the original long interview he spoke on many subjects, but what he said on liberalism was indeed the most important subject that he broached.

The President starts out from the practical problem for Western peoples of the mass immigration of inassimilable foreigners into their countries. At ground level, multiculturalism is simply not working, but the liberalism of the elites leading the West makes them treat the immigration not as a problem, but as an enlightened advance, so they do nothing to stop it, and it continues unchecked. But States cannot survive without some basic human rules and moral values, which were formed in the West by the Bible. By the liberal elites’ disregard for these biblical values still held amongst the peoples, the liberals are proving that their liberalism is no longer in touch with reality and has become obsolete. Let anti-liberalism not turn into a tyranny in its turn, but the present stranglehold of liberals on Western politics and media is a true tyranny, and it must come to an end.

In brief, liberal values are opposed to Biblical values. Biblical values built the Western nations. Liberal values are destroying those nations. It is time for liberal values to stop destroying the West. Here Putin is quite right as far as he goes, but since he is a politician and not a theologian, he cannot express the argument in its full force, and he has to rest his case not upon absolutes such as Almighty God and His ten Commandments, but upon the presence still of Biblical values amongst the peoples of the West. Now 70 years of acute suffering under Jewish Communism are bringing the Russian people back to the Christ of Orthodoxy, so that Putin can rest his case on his own people’s return to Biblical values, but is there anything of Christ in the Western people’s resistance to mass immigration? Hardly. And yet there is a decisive participation of the enemies of Christ in the organising and financing of the mass immigration. (Readers of these “Comments” may remember the Jewess in Sweden, Barbara Specter, who boasted that her race was behind the immigration, “necessary to save Europe” – understand, from Christ.)

Thus if Putin rests his case for the Western nations upon their fidelity to Biblical values, who can deny that these are being eroded faster and faster? – “Thank you, Mr President, for wanting to defend us, but in all honesty we do not care for your defence. We love our liberalism because it gives us freedom to sin however we like. You are trying to save us from ourselves, but we worship Mammon (money), and we adore our liberty, equality and fraternity. We choose to go to Hell. Kindly leave us alone. We took centuries to get rid of God, and we do not want Him back.” Such is the reaction of the West, implicitly if not explicitly, to Putin’s political approach. He needs firebrand apostles to state the religious case in its most absolute terms:—

God exists, unchanging from all eternity. He freely chose to create spiritual creatures, angels and men, with a material earth, so as to have beings to share in his infinite bliss. But He does not want robots in His Heaven, so every spiritual creature had or has to use its free-will to choose to spend eternity with Him in Heaven instead of without Him in Hell. Yet a third of the angels and the original human couple chose Hell. He prepared a race to provide a human cradle for His divine Son to take human nature to repair that Fall. That race crucified His Son, and has fought ever since the Church which His Son instituted to continue saving souls until the end of the world. That fight is a cosmic war, the driving force of world history.

Kyrie eleison.

People’s Voice – I

People’s Voice – I posted in Eleison Comments on August 10, 2019

See en.​kremlin.​ru/​events/​president/​news/​copy/​60836 for a notorious interview of President Putin from last June, partly summarised here below. See these “Comments” next week for a commentary.

What is happening in the West . . . in Europe as well? The ruling elites have broken away from the people, because of the gap between the interests of the elites and the overwhelming majority of the people . . . . This means that liberalism has outlived its purpose, because, as our Western partners have admitted, liberal ideas such as multiculturalism, have proved to be no longer tenable.

When the flood of migrants into Western Europe brought the migration problem to a head, many people admitted that the policy of multiculturalism is not effective, and that the interests of the core population should be considered . . . . Maybe a wall between Mexico and the United States could be going too far . . . but President Trump was at least looking for a solution. Otherwise, who is doing anything? . . . Ordinary Americans say, Good for him, at least he is working on ideas and looking for solutions.

On the contrary liberals are doing nothing. Sitting in their cosy offices they say that everything is fine, but those who are facing the situation every day down on the streets in Texas or Florida are not happy, because they can see serious problems ahead . . . . Is anyone thinking about the people? The same is happening in Europe. I have discussed this with many of my colleagues, but nobody has the answer. They say that present laws exclude a hard-line policy . . . . Well then, change the law! In Russia we are making immigrants respect the laws, customs and culture of Russia, so in Russia too we have immigration problems, but at least we are doing something about it.

On the contrary liberals assume that nothing needs to be done . . . . The migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants must be protected. What rights are these? Every crime must have its punishment. In fact, liberalism has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population. In the name of liberalism one may now claim, for instance . . . that children can play five or six gender roles . . . but everyone pursuing life, liberty and happiness as they see it cannot be allowed to overwhelm the culture, traditions and traditional family values of millions of people making up the core population.

As for religion, it cannot be pushed out of this cultural space. We should not abuse anything. Russia is an Orthodox Christian nation, and it is not a Catholic nation, but from Russia we sometimes get the feeling that the same liberalism is at work, using elements and problems of the Church itself to destroy the Roman Catholic Church . . . . I consider this to be incorrect and dangerous. Have we forgotten that all of us live in a world based on Biblical values? Even atheists, living in this world, profit by those values. We may not be daily or public practitioners of our particular religion, but deep down inside there must be some fundamental human rules and moral values. In this sense, traditional values are more stable and more important for millions of people than liberalism, which in my opinion is coming to an end.

Then if liberalism is over, does that mean that tyranny is on its way? Not necessarily. A certain variety of opinions must always have free play. What matters is that the interests of the general public, millions of people living their daily lives, should never be forgotten . . . . Thus even liberals should be treated with a certain respect, but liberals cannot go on dictating to everybody as they have been doing for the last several decades, both in the media and in real life. For instance, how have they put certain subjects out of bounds? Let liberals have their say, but let them no longer absolutely dominate the public arena.

Kyrie eleison.

Brexit Diagnosed – I

Brexit Diagnosed – I posted in Eleison Comments on May 4, 2019

For months now the British Parliament, once virtual master of the world, has been presenting an unworthy spectacle of division and irresolution to the same world. Why has the question of leaving the European Union caused such confusion and upset? Surely because when in 2016 the political class gave to the people the opportunity to vote in a referendum on their New World Order politics, the people voted in heavier numbers than ever in Britain, and took the political class completely by surprise when they voted down its NWO by 52 to 48 per cent. The vote for Brexit (Britain’s exit from the EU) made that class lose its bearings and it has been floundering ever since, so completely and for so long has it been bewitched – or bought – by the NWO.

Bought, because the European Union and its parliament in Brussels represent Mammon, or the politics of money. Because the whole idea behind the European Union was by material prosperity to buy the support of the very different European peoples for the submerging of their national differences into one international European State, which is in its turn to be a key component of the one international world-State, the New World Order. Thus the Judeo-Masonic money-masters behind the NWO assumed that the politics of union could be brought about by the economics of their single currency, the Euro, and they calculated that Europeans would be so in love with the banksters’ materialistic handiwork that they would not object to the dissolution of their nations by uncontrolled immigration from non-European sources.

But “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt. IV, 4). In fact in the nature of things, religion (man to his God) is primary, politics (man to his fellow-men) are secondary, and economics (man to money) are only tertiary. Therefore it is anti-natural for economics to lead politics, and so nature may be reversed by Revolution, but nature is always liable to re-assert itself, as with the Brexit vote, which was directly provoked by the politicians’ unnatural admission into Britain of hordes of unassimilable foreigners. However, when nature does re-assert itself, modern politicians, atheistic materialists almost to a man, can be taken completely by surprise, as by the Brexit vote. They make war on nature. How can they possibly lead it?

But who voted all these anti-natural politicians into office? Who else but the peoples (not only of Britain), in accordance with the sacrosanct principle of democracy? Sacrosanct? Yes, because today’s reversal of nature is complete, so that as modern economics are made to overturn politics, so modern politics are made to overturn religion, and democracy becomes a substitute religion, and the will of the people replaces God. This means that the Brexit vote was not valid just because it was the will of the British people, 52 to 48%, but because it favoured what is natural, the God-given identity and various gifts of the European nations, designed by God to make up the symphony of Europe, as was achieved in the Catholic Middle Ages. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (religion) and all these things (politics) shall be yours as well” (Mt. VI, 33).

Does that mean that the British people who voted for Brexit are at all religious? Hardly! For the most part they are atheistic materialists ripe for the Communism of the tyrannical bureaucracy in Brussels, with little more true vision than the politicians they habitually vote for, and just as confused. But the English Channel gives them a certain distance from, and perspective on, what goes on in Europe, so that when it came to the Brexit vote, some ancient natural instincts came into play, the same as those by which they have preserved the semblance – not the substance! – of a Catholic monarchy. However, if the British people are not careful, if they do not “watch and pray ” for their country, the fruits of their original Brexit vote will be stolen from them by the banksters in one way or another. No doubt these are already plotting how to circumvent what seem to them the stupid and backward Brexiteers. God is supremely generous, but He is not mocked, nor is He short-changed!

Kyrie eleison.