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Prison Survival

Prison Survival posted in Eleison Comments on January 20, 2018

Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918–2008) is one of the few truly outstanding writers of the 20th century because he is not godless but came back to God thanks to his sufferings under the totalitarian tyranny of Communist Russia, which lasted from 1917 until 1989. His major work is the Archipelago Gulag in three volumes, for which he drew extensively on his own experience, when he lived from 1945 to 1953 inside the Communist archipelago of prison camps spread all over Russia. He survived the experience, and his writings include hints or serious advice on how to survive in such modern-day totalitarian prisons. One hears that the Globalists have already built prisons across the United States in which to shut up enemies of the Globalist State, who will surely include convinced Christians. The following seven-point recipe for survival was drawn from the Archipelago Gulag and presented recently in France:—

* At the preliminary interrogation , do not try to deceive or trick the interrogators when for a week you have been given the bare minimum of food and sleep for survival. Rather play the idiot from start to finish, e.g. “I don’t know,” “I can’t remember.” In any case, do not fool yourself, it is the interrogators who write up the interrogation – the Party is their conscience, and they do not want to lose their jobs.

* Once inside the prison , lead any kind of life of the mind sufficiently intense for no kind of suffering to be able to knock your mind off balance.

* Get into your head as fast as possible that your past life is over and done with , even life itself. Once you have nothing more to lose and are convinced of it, and have made up your mind that cost what it may, you are going to stick to the line you have determined upon, then you are no longer afraid, automatically you find the right answers and how to answer, they can no longer impose on you, and if you have to die, you do so with dignity and a clear conscience. Here is the moral strength that they are afraid of and which they do all they can to break, for instance by raising false hopes of your receiving a pardon.

* Possess nothing, be detached from everything, and you will have the calm and freedom of mind to judge serenely of people and circumstances. Rely on your memory alone to call up everything you know of man and human nature.

* Give up any desire to organise your own life, in order to preserve your peace of mind.

* Believe nobody, distrust everybody: inside the gulag, nobody does anything for nothing.

* Finally, stick close to decent fellow-prisoners against the crooks and informers, taking justice into your own hands, if necessary. For indeed one of the most remarkable discoveries on your journey through this scene from Hell is that your worst enemies are not the prison guards, but . . . your fellow-prisoners. The law of this jungle is, today it’s you that kicks the bucket, tomorrow it’s my turn. All that you can do is to strike first, even if you get knifed in return . . . in brief, make yourself respected if you do not want to be exploited.

As for the use of physical force in self-defence, the Church teaches that it must be proportional to the attack threatened. But Solzhenitsyn’s main point is the renunciation of all earthly hope, the detachment from all possessions, the calm of mind, the conscience at peace, in brief that inner moral strength which transfers the fear from oneself to one’s adversaries. Here Catholics are universally recognised to be winners, who have a prayer life by which they live close to God. “This is the victory which overcometh the world, our faith” (I John V, 4).

Kyrie eleison.

Migration Religion

Migration Religion posted in Eleison Comments on February 25, 2017

So there is a Global Power behind the on-going flood of non-European immigrants into Europe, and religion is “decisive” in that flood – so said last week’s “Eleison Comments.” Then two questions arise – who or what is that power? And how can religion enter into such a political question?

As to the identity of that Global Power, of whose existence the Hungarian economist was so sure without his ever being willing to identify it, there is easily accessible on the Internet (unless it has been smothered) a fascinating and frightening clip from an interview filmed in 2010, only a few minutes long, in which a Jewess claims that it is the Jews who are leading the multi-cultural transformation of Europe. Barbara Spectre was born in the USA in 1942, graduated in philosophical studies in the USA, was active as a professional educator from 1967 in Israel, and in1999 emigrated to Sweden to join her husband who was Rabbi there of the Stockholm Synagogue. If one watches the clip, it seems evident that nobody is forcing her to reveal who is behind the transformation of Europe now taking place. Rather she sincerely believes in that transformation and in what the Jews are doing to Europe, because she claims that the immigrant invasion will alone enable Europe to survive. Here are her own words:—

I think there is a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” (See https://youtu.be/8ERmOpZrKtw)

Here is a convincing answer to the question of the identity of the Global Power. Active at university level for over 30 years in Israel, ardent Zionist and wife of a Rabbi, Barbara Spectre could easily know what Jews were planning for Europe, years before the immigrant invasion of Europe became today’s flood. And Jewish mastery of all five elements named by the Hungarian economist as being necessary to set up a flood of immigrants makes the identification of his “Global Power” with Jewish power entirely plausible.

But why would Jews want to turn “monolithic” Europe into “multi-culti” Europe? The answer is a driving force that goes far behind and above mere politics.

Ever since the Pharisees and Scribes crucified Our Lord Jesus Christ because he was turning God’s people from theirs by race into His by Catholic faith, they have persecuted His Church for nearly two millennia (read Maurice Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church ). Still today Jewish leaders believe in their unique God-given gifts and rights to govern the world. Now the Old Testament did come from God, but it points straight to the New Testament which replaced it, and so the successors of the Pharisees had to twist the Old Testament into the Talmud, which is viciously anti-Christian. Therefore Talmudism is a false religion, but it has given pseudo-religious backing and power to the age-old Pharisaic drive to kill off Christianity.

Now Christ’s Church was born and bred in the Middle East, and spread rapidly all around the Mediterranian Sea, but when the Middle East and North Africa fell to Islam, then the Faith was upheld and spread world-wide mainly by Europeans, of the white race, and divided by Providence into the variety of European nations. Thus St Francis Xavier in India begged St Ignatius to send to him from Europe European priests to act as missionaries. Hence the quasi-religious hatred of the Pharisees’ successors for the white nations of Europe, and hence the Jews’ “multi-culti” drive to dilute that white race and dissolve the “monolithic” nations of Europe. And unless these nations turn back to God and His one true Church, His Justice risks allowing that drive to succeed, unless His Mercy interrupts it . . .

Kyrie eleison.

Brexit – Really?

Brexit – Really? posted in Eleison Comments on July 9, 2016

Many readers of these “Comments” must be supposing that as an Englishman who does not at all like the New World Order, I must be rejoicing over the recent vote by the British people, albeit by a relatively narrow margin, to leave the communistic European Union. Alas, I have to admit that all I have ever learnt over the last tens of years about that NWO makes me doubt that the apparent exit of Britain will amount finally to any real re-affirmation of what was once best in Great Britain. Across the Atlantic likewise, I may love Trump and hate Hilary, but surely the two have been put together to make up for us one Punch and Judy show.

Take for instance, concerning Brexit, the June 24 article of a high-grade American truth-teller, Paul Craig Roberts (see paulcraigroberts.org) on why “Despite the vote, the Odds are Against Britain leaving the EU.” He writes: “The British people should not be so naïve as to think that the vote settles the matter. The fight has only begun.” He warns the British people to expect: their government to come back to them and say, the EU is giving us a better deal so let’s stay in; the Fed, ECB, BOJ and NY hedge funds to hammer the pound sterling as proof that the Brexit vote is sinking Britain’s economy (that hammering has already happened); the Brexit vote to be presented as having weakened Europe in front of “Russian aggression” (which is a sheer NWO fabrication); leading Brexiters to come under pressure to reach a compromise with the EU; etc., etc. And Roberts says readers can imagine for themselves many more such probabilities, reminding them how Ireland voted against Europe years ago until it was pressured to vote for.

However, at http://​henrymakow.​com/​2016/​06/​brexit-what-is-the-globalist-game.​html, in my opinion another article goes deeper still, because Henry Makow goes further behind the Punch and Judy show, because he has the advantage of being what the globalists no doubt call an “anti-semite,” or rather a “Jew-hater” because Makow is himself a Jew. Truly, only those with some handle on the Messiah, or the Christ, can take the measure of the Antichrist.

The article’s thesis is that “Brexiters lamented how the Establishment was ranged against them, but in truth the reverse was the reality.” To prove this thesis the article names by name numerous British politicians, both Tory and Labour, who are more or less fervent globalists and who campaigned for Brexit (it should be easy enough to check the names for anyone who wishes). Similarly in the British media, the article names numerous journals and journalists, normally presstituted for globalism, who campaigned for Brexit. Then what was Brexit for? The article credits Putin with getting much closer to the truth when he suggested that it was to “blackmail” Europe into making better terms with Britain. The article goes further: Brexit was designed to force Europe to “surrender completely to Anglo-American Zionist war-mongers and corporate privateers,” and the article concludes that Brexit was “most certainly no triumph against globalism.” And Makow himself adds: “Evidently the powers-that-be have decided that England outside Europe rather than inside can be a more effective instrument of Masonic central bank world tyranny.”

Maybe such speculations (but not their level) are off the mark, but for sure and certain, what are either Europe or Britain worth without God? To build without him is to build in vain, says the Psalmist. Yet who in all the Brexit debate ever even mentions his name? If Brexit is to amount to anything truly positive, it will need a leader with vision. Without God, where will he come from?

Kyrie eleison.


Hebdomania posted in Eleison Comments on January 24, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo attack of January 7 in which two muslim gunmen killed a dozen cartoonists and journalists in the Paris office of a satirical French weekly, and the enormous public protest of Jan. 11 against the attack in which leaders of several European nations were photo-opped as taking part, are best understood as one more episode in the war being waged by the enemies of God upon what little remains of Christian civilisation. Let us consider in order the cartoonists, the gunmen, the puppet politicians and peoples pandering to Islam and the puppet-masters behind them all.

The cartoonists lampooned not only Islam and muslims but also, from the world’s one true religion, the Holy Trinity, our divine Saviour and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Now the one true God is extremely patient, but he is not mocked (Gal. VI, 7). As men have a right not to suffer from terrorism, so the true God has a right not to endure the public repetition of obscene and blasphemous cartoons. Then nobody justifies terrorism as such, but given that the French Church and State authorities refuse to censor obscene blasphemy, is it surprising if God allowed muslims to avenge his honour?

The gunmen, two young muslims, must have been acting religiously, because politically it was entirely foreseeable that their action would rouse opinion against Islam. Still, how could they dare to attack? Because across Europe muslims are by their birthrate and immigration getting stronger in numbers all the time, and they make no secret of the fact that, as soon as they are strong enough, by a bloodbath if necessary, they will islamize the once Christian nations of Europe.

So who persuaded these nations to adopt the suicidal policy of almost unrestricted immigration and unbelievable welfare benefits for the in fact unassimilable immigrants, and so on? Who but our bribed or bullied puppet politicians? In a moment of truth a year or so ago, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, admitted that “multi-culti,” the mixing of contrary cultures, does not work. But a week or so ago in connection with the Hebdo attack, did she not proclaim that “Islam belongs to Germany”? She had been brought to heel. She is a puppet because she is constantly acting against Germany’s true interests. For instance, were there not so many muslims in France, would Charlie Hebdo ever have bothered to ridicule Islam? And who votes for these puppet politicians? Puppet peoples, who allow their thinking to be enslaved by their vile media.

Then who are the puppet-masters? They are enemies of God, intent upon establishing their own godless New World Order, a police State designed to ensure that not one living soul escapes eternal Hell. Let us call them “Globalists.” Then was the Hebdo attack their work, one of their events like 9/11 in the USA and 7/7 in the UK, engineered to move public opinion, this time towards freedom for blasphemers and civil war? Most likely. The event was certainly not what it was made to seem. Famous example: the three-minute film clip showing a gunman shooting in the head point-blank a “muslim policeman” lying on the ground, with no blood, no recoil of the gun, and little movement of the “victim.” The clip may still be found, starting from here – http://youtu.be/gobYWXgzWgY.

And the Good Lord amidst all this madness? “Those whom he wishes to destroy, he first makes mad,” is the old saying. Pray 15 Mysteries a day for the triumph that he will engineer, through his Mother alone. Are the poor Globalists ever going to be taken by surprise!

Kyrie eleison.

Delinquent Finance I

Delinquent Finance I posted in Eleison Comments on October 29, 2011

The imminent collapse of global finance, and/or the advent of global finance on the way to global government which that collapse has been designed to bring on, should be making souls think: how did we get into this mess, and how do we get out of it? If Almighty God has had no part to play in such a serious crisis, then obviously he is not serious but just a feel-good Sunday pastime. On the other hand if he is as important as once the builders of medieval cathedrals obviously thought, then neglecting him will have had a central part to play in today’s triumph of finance over reality.

Indeed one must go back to the Middle Ages to understand where today’s disaster has come from. As the Faith began to droop after the high Middle Ages, so men became more and more interested in Mammon, the other great motivator of their lives (Mt.VI, 24). Thus money, natured to be the servant of the exchange of real goods and services, was unhooked from nature to become modern finance, master of the global economy. A key step in this process, leading directly to today’s mountains of unpayable debt in all directions, enslaving the world to the visible bankers, or rather to their invisible controllers, was the post-medieval spread of fractional reserve banking.

When money serves the economy, a wise State will ensure that its total quantity in circulation goes up and down with the total quantity of real goods to be exchanged in that economy, so that its value will remain steady. Too much money chasing too few goods will mean its value drops by inflation. Too little money pursued by too many goods will mean its value rising, by deflation. Either way its changing value destabilizes all exchanging of goods. Now if banks, in which depositors deposit real money, need keep only a fraction of that real money in reserve to back a much larger quantity of paper money which they can put into circulation, then by putting too much or too little into circulation, they can play with the value of money and make fortunes by lending out cheap money and demanding back expensive money. Thus financiers can take over control from the State.

Worse, if fractional reserve banking enables banks to disconnect money from reality and fabricate it at will, and if they can charge even slight compound interest on their funny money, then logically they can – and do! – suck all real value out of an economy, reducing most depositors to borrowers and most borrowers to hopeless debt-slaves, or mortgage-slaves, taking care only not to kill off completely the goose laying the golden eggs for their benefit. The divinely inspired wisdom of the law-giver Moses was to put brakes on all lenders’ power by cancelling all debts every seven years (Deut.XV,1–2), and by restoring all property to its original owners every 50 years (Levit.XXV, 10)!

And why did Moses, great man of God and therefore man of deep “spirituality,” concern himself with such materialistic questions? Because as bad economics can turn men to despair, towards Hell, away from God – look around you, today and above all tomorrow – so good economics make possible a wise prosperity which in no way worships Mammon, but makes it rather easier to trust in the goodness of God and to worship and love him. Man is soul and body.

Moses would surely have smashed fractional reserve banking, like he smashed the Golden Calf!

Kyrie eleison.

Crisis Films

Crisis Films posted in Eleison Comments on September 24, 2011

Two interesting films have already appeared about the arrival in the USA of the financial and economic crisis which has been threatening since 2008 to undermine the whole Western way of life. Both films are well made. Both are persuasive. Yet one says the bankers are heroes while the other says they are villains. If Western society is to have any future, the contradiction deserves thought.

The documentary film Inside Job consists of a series of interviews with bankers, politicians, economists, businessmen, journalists, academics, financial consultants, etc. There emerges a frightening picture of greed and collusion in fraud at the top of American society in all these domains. Free enterprise was the justification for the financial de-regulation of the 1980’s and 1990’s, which gave to the money-men steadily more power until they were able to bring under their control all politicians or journalists or academics of influence. Thus a process of merciless plundering of the middle and working classes is still going on. The anger of the victims is building towards an explosion, but at least for the moment the money-men cannot stop gorging at the trough they have so well designed for themselves. “Greed is good. It makes the world go round,” say the banksters.

In the second film, Too Big to Fail, the dramatic events of autumn 2008 centring around the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a major New York investment bank, are re-constructed. Hank Paulson, then Secretary of the US Treasury, is shown making a classic free enterprise decision by refusing a government bail-out to let Lehman Brothers go bankrupt. But the result is such a shock to the global financial community, threatening a meltdown of worldwide finance and commerce, that Paulson with his comrades in government and with the help of all the leading bankers of New York has to persuade the US Congress to approve a taxpayer bail-out of all the big banks which cannot be allowed to fail. He just succeeds. The system is saved. The government and bankers are the heroes of the day. Once again capitalism is proved to be the marvel we always knew it was – thanks to socialist intervention!

Then are the bankers heroes or villains? Answer, heroes at the very most in the short run, but certainly villains in the long run, because it needs very little common sense to realize that, all society requiring selflessness, no society can be built on greed, meaning selfishness. In any society there will always be the haves and the have-nots (cf. Jn.XII, 8). The managers of society who have the money and power absolutely must look after the masses who have neither, otherwise there will be revolution and chaos. Of course the globalists are planning on this chaos tomorrow to give them world power the day after, but while they may propose, it is God who disposes.

Meanwhile Catholics and anybody who cares about the future should go to see both films and then ask themselves some hard questions about capitalism and free enterprise. How on earth could capitalism be saved this time only by socialism? Is government then really all that bad? Is capitalism really all that good? How can a society possibly depend on greedy men to survive? How can it have got itself into such a dependency? And is there any sign right now that anybody is asking such questions? Or is everybody’s worship of Mammon – let us call things by their name – proceeding unchecked?

Unless Jesus Christ absolves men of their sins through his priests, no post-Incarnation system of society can ultimately work. Capitalism only ever lived off the Catholicism from earlier centuries. It is today’s exhaustion of Catholicism that spells the death of capitalism.

Kyrie eleison.