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White Identity – II

White Identity - II posted in Eleison Comments on February 13, 2021

The dialogue continues with a young white man of today who is looking for who he is, for his identity, but who fears to look for it in the direction of Christ, because Christianity seems subordinate to Judaism, which makes Christians inferior. Yet he cannot believe that Christ is lesser than the Old Testament.

I have learned that Noah was not Jewish! Then when did Gentiles become different from Jews?

With Abraham, around 2000 B.C. Adam and Eve were created by God around 4000 B.C. For 1000 years mankind so degenerated that around 3000 B.C. Noah was raised by God to save mankind from the Flood, necessary to give mankind another start with only eight souls on the Ark. After another 1000 years men were again corrupt, but this time God picked out Abraham to form a race of men (the future Jews) who by being set apart from the corruption of the rest of men (the future Gentiles) would be fit to provide another 2000 years later the human background of the Saviour or Messiah of all men, Jesus Christ. Thus the Jews were from Abraham to Christ the special People of God by race, to serve in future all mankind, but when the Messiah came and made clear that God’s own People would be no longer by race but by faith, then the Jews out of hurt pride turned against God, killed His Messiah and became the special people of Satan.

Then were the Jews the origin of Christianity?

Christianity is part human, part divine. The divine part came, and comes, entirely from the Holy Trinity, God, and through the God-man, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. It is only the human part, Mary, Joseph, 12 Apostles, etc., that came from among the Jews, to whom all Christians owe a huge debt.

Then is Christianity a duping of the Gentiles by the Jews?

Not at all, and it never has been, because God gave to the Jews as His human instruments, His Truth and salvation to give to the Gentiles. The Jews largely dropped faith in Christ soon after – mystery of iniquity, pride – but the Gentiles picked up the ball and ran with it all the way to Vatican II (1962–1965) when, essentially, they too dropped Christianity – mystery of iniquity, foretold in Scripture (Lk. XXI, 24).

Then is the New Testament still Jewish brainwork?

Yes, but only in the very insignificant sense, that to tell Jews and Gentiles at the beginning of Christianity the great new truths of salvation, as in the Epistles of St Paul, God used the human brains of Jews. But soon after those beginnings, it was Gentiles who took over, and from then on, few Jews told those truths.

Jacob was the favoured son of Isaac, Esau the unfavoured son. Jews call Christians Esau? Are they right to consider that Christians are unfavoured in comparison with them selves in the eyes of God?

Not at all, it is the other way round. Read Romans IX, 6–9. Esau is the figure of the unfavoured Jews because they largely rejected and reject His Son, whereas Jacob figures the favoured Christians who accepted and accept His Son. St Paul wrestled with the confusion in the minds of his listeners over this vexed question of Jews and Gentiles in three major Epistles: Galatians, Romans and Hebrews. His teaching is the Word of God, Scripture, basically clear and absolutely authoritative. Read those Epistles.

Are the Jews right that Gentiles are stupid?

Certainly, when the Gentiles abandon Christ, and then the Jews can easily dominate them, like today. But when the Gentiles are faithful to Christ, which means they are then faithful to God and to the Truth, then neither Jews nor Communists can deceive them, and that is when true civilisation flourishes and many more souls are saved, like in the Middle Ages.

Kyrie eleison.

Covid – Origins?

Covid - Origins? posted in Eleison Comments on December 5, 2020

These “Comments” have claimed that Almighty God is at the very centre of the storm being raised all over the world on the basis of the counter-truth that the Covid-19 virus presents a major threat to all of mankind. The statistics have since shown that it is hardly more of a threat than any average flu virus, but it does threaten to change significantly the whole world’s way of living, because it has surely been engineered to do so by the Judeo-Masonic enemies of God. These are neither all non-Gentiles nor all Freemasons, but those non-Gentiles and Freemasons that conspire together to establish a worldwide tyranny to spite Almighty God by damning to eternal Hell all the human souls that He creates.

The result is a cosmic war between the friends and enemies of God which generates the history of mankind. Obviously God by His omniscience knows down to the smallest detail everything that both sides are up to, and by His omnipotence He can intervene at any moment to help His friends, as He did supremely 2000 years ago by the Incarnation of his divine Son. But since His prime purpose is to populate His Heaven with rational beings who will have used their reason to spend their eternity with Him and not without Him, then one might say that to His enemies he ensures a considerable freedom to tempt and torment His friends, while for His friends He intervenes to ensure a level playing field. For indeed His enemies have the Devil and his armies of fallen angels to help them, to the point that St Paul will warn Christians that their fight is not against human flesh and blood, but against devils (Eph. VI, 12).

Truly devilish is the cunning with which the conspirators against God disguise from His friends their true intentions. Our Lord himself says that He sends out His Apostles as sheep among wolves (Mt. X, 16). So a major intervention of God to help His friends was when He enabled the Protocols of the Sages of Sion to be uncovered a little over one century ago. The Sages themselves have bitterly contested ever since the Protocols’ authenticity, but as an American renowned for his common sense said, “If you want to know whether the Protocols are authentic, just look around you.” Here is a brief but accurate summary –

Gentiles are mentally inferior to non-Gentiles and cannot run their nations properly. For their sake and ours we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it is for a good cause. Here is what we will need to do. Place our agents and helpers everywhere. Take control of the media and use them for propaganda for our plans. Start fights between various races, classes and religions. Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way. Use Free-masonic lodges to attract potential public officials. Appeal to successful people’s egos. Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail. Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism. Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right by force, used by ourselves. Sacrifice people, including sometimes even non-Gentiles, when necessary. Eliminate religion, replace it with science and materialism. Control the education system, to spread deception and destroy intellect. Re-write history to our benefit, create entertaining distractions, corrupt minds with filth and diversion, encourage people to spy on one another, keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labour. Take possession of all true wealth, property and especially gold. Use gold to manipulate the markets, causing depressions and so on. Introduce a progressive tax on wealth, replace sound investment with speculation, make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments, give bad advice to governments and to everyone else. Since we will blame the goy (Gentile) governments for the resulting mess, eventually the goyim (Gentiles) will be so angry with their own governments that they will gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be the king of the world, and the remaining goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

Can anyone not recognise the world “around them,” as Henry Ford did? Including the Covid crisis?

Kyrie eleison.

War Avoided? – II

War Avoided? – II posted in Eleison Comments on April 28, 2018

Since the best of political commentators rarely get anywhere near the religious well-springs of history, and yet as God governs man, so a man’s relations with his God (religion) govern his relations with his fellow-men (politics), and so religion governs politics, then a religious commentator must open up the religious dimension of political questions which most people without God may positively wish their political commentators to leave alone. Almighty God seems to be as unwelcome on the present world scene as He is nevertheless its complete Master!

The theme of religion in fact driving politics arose in these “Comments” last week when it was stated that a certain race of men was behind both the media lies and the military pressure to start the Third World War. Given how murderous the latest weapons of modern times will make that war, who on earth can think that they will gain more than they will lose by the global conflict? The answer is, a race of men so absolutely sure of their superiority over all other men that they are convinced that they deserve to rule all mankind, and that they can and must manipulate world events until they arrive at that dominion, by fair means or foul, because the end is so sacred that it justifies all means. Sacred? The obliteration of mankind, sacred? Yes, a twisted sense of the sacred is the key to the insanity: “We, the Chosen People, are so sacred that either we rule the world or it must be destroyed, and ourselves with it!”

The problem is that from Abraham to Christ, they really were the race chosen out by God to be the cradle and launching pad of His own Incarnate Son. For two thousand years they were to be strictly separated from the rest of men and lifted above them, specially privileged and specially punished when necessary, in any case specially treated to make them fit to provide the divine Son with His human nature, human Mother and friends and race and surroundings, so that as their Messiah He could redeem all men from their sins. And if the African proverb says that it takes a village to make a child, what did it take to make a Blessed Virgin Mary? Say what one will about that race today, they did fulfil their mission in this major respect. The drama is that when their Messiah came among them and proved that His mission was to conquer the world for the Kingdom of Heaven and not for their glory, then they crucified Him, and as they have repudiated him collectively ever since, so they set themselves, as the Messiah-hating Race of the Messiah, an insoluble pathological problem, unless and until they turn individually to the Christ they have so hated.

From this pathology – or rather theology – of the Jews down two millennia, there follows a cascade of consequences for the correct reading of today’s world events, but the most important conclusions to be drawn are the following. First and foremost, if Almighty God is deliberately allowing a small number of Jews to master-mind the corruption and chaos of a large number of Gentiles, it is only in order to drive these Gentiles back towards Him. For indeed the one and only thing that the Jews cannot handle is the true Faith of the one true Catholic Church. God created neither the world nor the Catholic Church for all souls to fall into Hell, and so that whenever souls pick up on the true Faith they have in hand their “victory over the world” (I Jn. V, 4). And nothing and nobody else can force them to abandon that Faith. If they do so, they have essentially nobody but themselves to blame.

Then let every one of us turn in heart and mind to the one true God of the one true Church (not that of Vatican II), and the enemies of God, Jew or Gentile, can only lose their present power. Here alone is the true solution to our present worldwide corruption and chaos. If at all possible, fifteen Mysteries a day of the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother of God, the greatest human person that ever lived – and a Jewess.

Kyrie eleison.

War Avoided? – I

War Avoided? – I posted in Eleison Comments on April 21, 2018

At world’s end there will be “wars and rumours of wars,” says Our Divine Lord (Mt. XXIV, 6), but “see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet.” In the last few weeks we have certainly had rumours of war, including the threat in Syria of a major confrontation between the armed forces of the United States and of Russia. Since then the threat seems to have subsided. What happened to it, and what are the prospects for the future? Are we now safe from World War III?

It is difficult to tell for sure, because of course the public media are virtually all in the hands of that race which is pushing towards that Third World War which it hopes will enable them to complete their tyranny over mankind, left incomplete by their first two World Wars. Therefore virtually all media reports are slanted in favour of the people and events which could lead to war. However that race has not yet managed to control the Internet which has for the moment broken their monopolistic control of public opinion, so that sane voices can still be heard if one is looking for the truth. What follows is a version of events starting out from material supplied by two such commentators from the United States, both accessible on the Internet – Paul Craig Roberts, and “the Saker”:—

The latest feared confrontation between the USA and Russia in Syria was avoided because the leaders of the US armed forces in Washington would not risk a conflict with the Russians, because of the fearsome Russian weapons newly revealed by President Putin in Russia. These weapons would seem able to wreak havoc upon any American fleet presently in the Mediterranean. Therefore the Americans carefully avoided a strike which could have provoked a Russian retaliation, and they warned the Russians in advance, so that most of the attacking missiles were shot down by Syria, and the damage was minimal.

Does that mean that the danger is over? By no means. The race mentioned above still wants war, and it controls American foreign policy, as Ariel Sharon once boasted in Israel – “We control the Americans, and they know it.” By all means within their considerable power they will go to work on the dissenting American Generals and on President Trump, meanwhile working furiously to develop effective means of defence against the new Russian weapons. And as soon as they think that they have overcome these obstacles, their media will produce another set of lies to fool the stupid Western public, like “chemical weapons” (all long since removed from Syria), or building democracy (Syrians themselves are quite happy with their President Assad), or “Putin is Hitler” (he continues to show remarkable forbearance in the face of vile Western provocation, but if it will not stop, then one day he will more than understandably react).

However, even that race’s overpowering influence (barely alluded to by the two political commentators) does not go to the very heart of the matter (not mentioned at all by the commentators): that race is merely a scourge used – and protected – by God to serve Him by punishing the peoples on earth that turn their backs on Him. Thus that race has shown to leaders of the West all the kingdoms of the world, boasting that they are in its power, and it has promised to hand over to the West the New World Order if only the West will bow down and adore. The Western leaders and nations did not have to accept the offer, but of their own free choice they did.

Therefore unless the Western leaders and nations start to give the correct answer to that offer, namely “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve,” that race will continue to use all its special God-given talents to tempt and to scourge. World War III seems correspondingly likely to occur eventually, if not in Syria, then wherever else godless nations can be fooled.

Kyrie eleison.

Constant Enemies

Constant Enemies posted in Eleison Comments on March 17, 2018

Many readers of these “Comments” – by no means all – must be shocked and incredulous when these “Comments” keep referring to the Jews as being one major source of the problems in today’s Church and world. That is because ever since the French Revolution (1789), when the Freemasons emancipated the Jews and gave them liberty to occupy all positions of influence in society, the Jews by their progressive control of politics, universities and the media in particular have more and more taken over people’s minds, and they have used this control granted to them by unwary Gentiles to persuade everybody that Jews are the victims rather than the cause of the constant tensions between themselves and the rest of the world.

Yet in the Middle Ages, when the Faith enlightened men’s minds with the Way, the Truth and the Life, Catholic Popes and Church Councils issued a stream of documents to make Christians wary of Jewish trickery, even forbidding Christians, for the sake of their eternal salvation, to associate with Jews. Was that merely “anti-Semitism”? In our own day an Italian professor has just argued – and he is not alone – that Jews are the controlling force within the Conciliar Papacy and Church. There follows a brief summary of the professor’s argument, that can be found in full at:—http://​www.​unavox.​it/​ArtDiversi/​DIV2277_​Lamendola_​Scacco_​in_​tre_​mosse.​html

The neo-modernism presently ravaging the Catholic Church is the modernism condemned by St Pius X, but with a new element added: Talmudic Judaism. The Jews have always striven to neutralise the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, because if He is not God then Catholicism is nothing, and then the main obstacle to their own ruling of the world is out of the way. For instance in 2009, why was there such a worldwide fury over a few remarks on Swedish television casting doubt on the existence of homicidal gas-chambers in Germany during World War II? The problem cannot have been merely the one bishop who made the remarks. In fact the uproar was designed secondarily to cripple the Traditional Society of St Pius X to which the bishop then belonged, but primarily to force Pope Benedict XVI to back away from that Catholic Tradition which is in line with the Faith of the Middle Ages. Thus Cardinal Ruini, Pope’s Vicar Emeritus for the diocese of Rome, declared at the time, “Nobody who denies the ‘Holocaust’ can be a Catholic bishop.”

The professor goes on to say that a great step forward to this placing of the “Holocaust” at the centre of the Catholic religion had been taken back in 1965 when Vatican II declared in its document Nostra Aetate that the covenant of God with the Israelites in the Old Testament was still valid, meaning that redemption by Jesus Christ is no longer necessary for salvation, in other words His Catholic Church is no longer in unique possession of the complete Truth and no longer the only means of eternal salvation. Whereupon the religious importance of Our Lord Jesus Christ, dropped by Vatican II, was immediately picked up by the Jews and attached to their “Holocaust.” Said B’nai B’rith’s Abraham Foxman in New York, “The Holocaust is not merely an example of genocide, but it is an almost successful attack on God’s chosen people, in other words on God Himself.”

Thus for Jews, the “Holocaust” is a theological event, central to the new religion which is to be imposed on the entire world, and before which all other religions must bow, starting with Catholicism. Here is why Catholic bishops calling the “Holocaust” in question must be silenced and banned, and the Catholic Church must do what its Talmudic masters tell it to do. And the Italian professor concludes that the “Elder Brethren” have succeeded in making themselves into the indisputable guardians of the Church of Christ.

Notice that this thesis perfectly exemplifies Tertullian’s statement that only the weakness of Catholics is the strength of the Jews. The propaganda in favour of the “Holocaust” took off only after Vatican II. Before the Council, people still had a little too much common sense to believe that about twice as many Jews were exterminated in Europe as there had been in Europe before the war.

But “fear not little flock” (Lk. XII, 32). Every Catholic knows that it is God and not His enemies who will have the last word. This catastrophic end of the Church’s Fifth Age through which we are now living is preparing and paying in advance for the Church’s greatest triumph in all its history, the brief Sixth Age, or Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Some time thereafter may come the greatest triumph in all the world’s history of God’s enemies, the three and a half year reign of the Antichrist (Jn. V, 43), or the Church’s Seventh Age. But then follows the last word to end all last words, the General Judgement, belonging to God, and perfectly re-establishing His universal justice.

Kyrie eleison.

Catholic Soldier

Catholic Soldier posted in Eleison Comments on September 2, 2017

Once again good news and bad news, this time for English-speaking readers, from the United States. The good news is that there is a Traditional and Resistant quarterly magazine, beautifully produced on paper, sent by snail mail, and which is as politically incorrect as can be, because it is militantly Catholic. It is called Oportet Christum Regnare (Christ must reign), and it is edited by Mr. Hugh Akins, a veteran of the Vietnam war in the 1960’s, wounded then and shot at since in most probably an assassination attempt, because his brand of Catholicism must seriously displease the enemies of God who run the world today. The bad news is that the magazine is attracting barely enough subscriptions to be able to pay its way. That is a pity, because it throws a rare light on Church and world, a light most useful to any Catholics who seriously wish to save their souls. Akins’ light on the modern world is clear from his summary of his own very courageous book, written a few years ago: Synagogue Rising, OCR # 6, p.67:—

The book upholds the Church’s traditional teaching on the Jewish question, documenting the Jewish threat, bringing that threat up to date in relation to the most burning issues and events of the 20th and 21st centuries, including two World Wars, the rise of communism, the rape of the Holy Land, the plundering of the Church at Vatican II, the 9/11 attack on America by Israel, the whole war-on-terror hoax with the planned onset of World War III, and then the connection of all of that to the Jews, the modern apostasy, Fatima, Russia, world peace or the annihilation of nations . . . . To disseminate the truth that sets men free, one will not be concerned with being branded an “anti-semite.” Anti-semitism, so-called, has nothing to do with hatred of the Jews, but rather is a very effective Jewish smear-tactic designed to silence all opposition by discrediting anyone who dares to expose the diabolical intrigues behind the Talmudic and Zionist war against Christ and His Church ( . . . )

This light of Akins on the world goes hand in hand with his light on the Church. By God’s will the Church is inserted in our fallen world. Studying the history of that Church, Akins must have come across the pattern of the bimillennial enmity of the Jews towards Our Lord and His Catholic Church, and knowing how relentlessly this theological enmity is disguised and hidden from view, Akins, like Pope Leo XIII with Freemasonry, must have felt himself obliged to “strip off the mask.” May angels protect him!

But his value for Catholics in particular is that he understands, and in OCR keeps on explaining, not only why the Archbishop was the main upholder of true Catholicism after the “plundering of the Church at Vatican II,” but also why today’s so-called Resistant priests are the main upholders of the Archbishop’s work, despite the appearances. At least as much as he denounces the Church’s external enemies, Akins also identifies and condemns and gives reasons for condemning her internal enemies, within the Society of St Pius X as within the mainstream clergy. Akins is a soldier of Christ, fighting the true war both in Church and world, for the salvation of souls. That war is fiercer by the day. The paper copies of Oportet Christum Regnare may cost more than electronic sources of information, but they are more lasting, and will be a permanent asset of lasting and valuable orientation in a home library.

For subscriptions to Oportet Christum Regnare, or back issues, or much good Catholic reading, in particular for Synagogue Rising, contact Hugh Akins at hughakins@comcast.net, or order directly from the Catholic Action Resource Center/League of Christ the King website at www.ca-rc.com.

Kyrie eleison.

P.S. Not tomorrow, but next Sunday, September 10, after Holy Mass at 10h00, Dr David White, retired Lecturer on World Literature at the U.S.A. Naval Academy, will give three lectures at Queen of Martyrs House in Broadstairs, England, on Fr Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889), English Jesuit and important poet of the Victorian Age. Use him as a bridge leading from your Faith into the neglected but nourishing world of the English poets. Trains afterwards at 17h26 and 17h42 from Broadstairs back to London.