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People’s Voice – I

People’s Voice – I posted in Eleison Comments on August 10, 2019

See en.​kremlin.​ru/​events/​president/​news/​copy/​60836 for a notorious interview of President Putin from last June, partly summarised here below. See these “Comments” next week for a commentary.

What is happening in the West . . . in Europe as well? The ruling elites have broken away from the people, because of the gap between the interests of the elites and the overwhelming majority of the people . . . . This means that liberalism has outlived its purpose, because, as our Western partners have admitted, liberal ideas such as multiculturalism, have proved to be no longer tenable.

When the flood of migrants into Western Europe brought the migration problem to a head, many people admitted that the policy of multiculturalism is not effective, and that the interests of the core population should be considered . . . . Maybe a wall between Mexico and the United States could be going too far . . . but President Trump was at least looking for a solution. Otherwise, who is doing anything? . . . Ordinary Americans say, Good for him, at least he is working on ideas and looking for solutions.

On the contrary liberals are doing nothing. Sitting in their cosy offices they say that everything is fine, but those who are facing the situation every day down on the streets in Texas or Florida are not happy, because they can see serious problems ahead . . . . Is anyone thinking about the people? The same is happening in Europe. I have discussed this with many of my colleagues, but nobody has the answer. They say that present laws exclude a hard-line policy . . . . Well then, change the law! In Russia we are making immigrants respect the laws, customs and culture of Russia, so in Russia too we have immigration problems, but at least we are doing something about it.

On the contrary liberals assume that nothing needs to be done . . . . The migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants must be protected. What rights are these? Every crime must have its punishment. In fact, liberalism has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population. In the name of liberalism one may now claim, for instance . . . that children can play five or six gender roles . . . but everyone pursuing life, liberty and happiness as they see it cannot be allowed to overwhelm the culture, traditions and traditional family values of millions of people making up the core population.

As for religion, it cannot be pushed out of this cultural space. We should not abuse anything. Russia is an Orthodox Christian nation, and it is not a Catholic nation, but from Russia we sometimes get the feeling that the same liberalism is at work, using elements and problems of the Church itself to destroy the Roman Catholic Church . . . . I consider this to be incorrect and dangerous. Have we forgotten that all of us live in a world based on Biblical values? Even atheists, living in this world, profit by those values. We may not be daily or public practitioners of our particular religion, but deep down inside there must be some fundamental human rules and moral values. In this sense, traditional values are more stable and more important for millions of people than liberalism, which in my opinion is coming to an end.

Then if liberalism is over, does that mean that tyranny is on its way? Not necessarily. A certain variety of opinions must always have free play. What matters is that the interests of the general public, millions of people living their daily lives, should never be forgotten . . . . Thus even liberals should be treated with a certain respect, but liberals cannot go on dictating to everybody as they have been doing for the last several decades, both in the media and in real life. For instance, how have they put certain subjects out of bounds? Let liberals have their say, but let them no longer absolutely dominate the public arena.

Kyrie eleison.

Cardinal’s Clarity

Cardinal’s Clarity posted in Eleison Comments on July 20, 2019

In a recently appeared book or interview by a Roman Cardinal one can read unusual good sense on the waves of immigration that have now for tens of years been threatening to swamp the once great Western nations. But Cardinal Sarah is no “racist” – he comes from black Africa. If only Europeans would appreciate God’s gifts to Europe as he does! But who in Europe wants God? “Ay, there’s the rub,” as Hamlet says.

I am scandalised by all these men dying at sea, by the human trafficking, by the mafia networking, by the organised slavery. These people emigrating with no papers, nor prospects for the future, nor family. Do they think they are going to find paradise on earth here? It’s not in the West! If these people are to be helped, better do it where they come from, in their own villages, amidst their own races. The economic imbalances and the human dramas cannot be justified. You cannot welcome migrants from all over the world. To welcome means not only letting these people into your own country, it means giving them work. Can you do that? No. It means giving them somewhere to live. Can you do that? No. Parking them in inadequate lodgings, with no dignity, no work, that is not what I call welcoming people. It is more like something organised by the mafia! The Church cannot co-operate in human trafficking, which is more like a new form of slavery.

What I find equally scandalous is using the Word of God to justify all that. God does not want people migrating. The Christ child took refuge in Egypt, because of Herod, but he returned home afterwards. God always brought His people back to Israel, whether it was a famine at home, or a captivity abroad. A country is a great treasure, it is where we were born, where our ancestors are buried. When you welcome somebody, it is to give them a better life, not to herd them into immigration camps. When you are fed without doing any work, there is no dignity there.

And what culture do you have to offer them? Are you capable of sharing your Christian culture and roots? I am afraid that the population imbalance brought about by these waves of immigration will make you lose your identity together with what makes you who you are. Europe has a special mission given to it by God. It is you Europeans that taught us the Gospel, and the values of family, personal dignity and freedom. If you give up your identity, if you allow yourselves to be swamped by peoples that do not share your culture, then your Christian values and identity risk disappearing. Like happened when ancient Rome was invaded by barbarians. You need to think – are today’s migrations not a new form of slavery, being organised to get cheap labour? All of these people coming here in pursuit of a dream way of life. What a lie! What sheer cynicism! Pope Benedict XVI was especially clear and prophetic on all these questions. [ . . . ]

You Europeans have been moulded by Christianity, everything in Europe is Christian. Why deny it? No Muslim denies his identity. If you do not come back to being who you are, you will disappear. And if Europe disappears, there will be an appalling upset: Christianity would risk disappearing from the face of the earth. You see how you are being invaded by Islam: Muslims mean to take over the world, and they have the financial means to do it. They will not succeed because the Lord is with us to the end of the world. But you must not deny who you are: those immigrants that you allow in must integrate into your culture, assuming that you still have a culture. You will not integrate them into your atheistic materialism. They want nothing to do with it.

Kyrie eleison.

Migration Religion

Migration Religion posted in Eleison Comments on February 25, 2017

So there is a Global Power behind the on-going flood of non-European immigrants into Europe, and religion is “decisive” in that flood – so said last week’s “Eleison Comments.” Then two questions arise – who or what is that power? And how can religion enter into such a political question?

As to the identity of that Global Power, of whose existence the Hungarian economist was so sure without his ever being willing to identify it, there is easily accessible on the Internet (unless it has been smothered) a fascinating and frightening clip from an interview filmed in 2010, only a few minutes long, in which a Jewess claims that it is the Jews who are leading the multi-cultural transformation of Europe. Barbara Spectre was born in the USA in 1942, graduated in philosophical studies in the USA, was active as a professional educator from 1967 in Israel, and in1999 emigrated to Sweden to join her husband who was Rabbi there of the Stockholm Synagogue. If one watches the clip, it seems evident that nobody is forcing her to reveal who is behind the transformation of Europe now taking place. Rather she sincerely believes in that transformation and in what the Jews are doing to Europe, because she claims that the immigrant invasion will alone enable Europe to survive. Here are her own words:—

I think there is a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” (See https://youtu.be/8ERmOpZrKtw)

Here is a convincing answer to the question of the identity of the Global Power. Active at university level for over 30 years in Israel, ardent Zionist and wife of a Rabbi, Barbara Spectre could easily know what Jews were planning for Europe, years before the immigrant invasion of Europe became today’s flood. And Jewish mastery of all five elements named by the Hungarian economist as being necessary to set up a flood of immigrants makes the identification of his “Global Power” with Jewish power entirely plausible.

But why would Jews want to turn “monolithic” Europe into “multi-culti” Europe? The answer is a driving force that goes far behind and above mere politics.

Ever since the Pharisees and Scribes crucified Our Lord Jesus Christ because he was turning God’s people from theirs by race into His by Catholic faith, they have persecuted His Church for nearly two millennia (read Maurice Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church ). Still today Jewish leaders believe in their unique God-given gifts and rights to govern the world. Now the Old Testament did come from God, but it points straight to the New Testament which replaced it, and so the successors of the Pharisees had to twist the Old Testament into the Talmud, which is viciously anti-Christian. Therefore Talmudism is a false religion, but it has given pseudo-religious backing and power to the age-old Pharisaic drive to kill off Christianity.

Now Christ’s Church was born and bred in the Middle East, and spread rapidly all around the Mediterranian Sea, but when the Middle East and North Africa fell to Islam, then the Faith was upheld and spread world-wide mainly by Europeans, of the white race, and divided by Providence into the variety of European nations. Thus St Francis Xavier in India begged St Ignatius to send to him from Europe European priests to act as missionaries. Hence the quasi-religious hatred of the Pharisees’ successors for the white nations of Europe, and hence the Jews’ “multi-culti” drive to dilute that white race and dissolve the “monolithic” nations of Europe. And unless these nations turn back to God and His one true Church, His Justice risks allowing that drive to succeed, unless His Mercy interrupts it . . .

Kyrie eleison.

Migration Politics

Migration Politics posted in Eleison Comments on February 18, 2017

Discussing a week later on Hungarian television the misbehaviour of migrants in Cologne at the end of last year, a former politician and leading economist of Hungary, Dr. László Bogár, attempted to uncover the roots of the problem of the immigrant invasion, still continuing in Europe, see — youtu.be/TKpe4swiVOc. His analysis of the political roots goes as far as public opinion allows him to go in naming the Unnameable Global Power behind the invasion, but he gets nowhere near the religious roots, which are decisive. Yet who today still thinks that religion counts for anything in the world? It is to be hoped that readers of these “Comments” can both conceive that this baneful Power exists, and that the true Catholic Church can alone neutralize the bane. Here follows in italics Dr Bogár’s analysis, shortened and adapted:—

A Global Power wishes to annihilate all that is humane, all that has dignity. And since the European White Man still possesses too much of this, it wants to annihilate the European White Man. Therefore it is pumping over to Europe a mass of alien migrants with the aid of gigantic resources. For indeed it should be obvious to anyone with a grain of sense that for the relatively quick pumping of millions of people across thousands of kilometres, a number of things are needed.

Firstly, to finance the operation, let us say a minimum of ten billion dollars. Secondly, to direct and control the pumping, a minimum of a few thousand strictly secret agents, and if ever a light was occasionally shone on this skilfully disguised operation, then thirdly, the media were needed to repair the disguise in a hurry. Fourthly, to organize the operation, the complete collaboration of the global crime syndicate was indispensable with its tens of thousands of human smugglers to handle the migrants. And finally the cynical collaboration of Europe’s top politicians was needed, like the British Prime Minister who visited us here today, and the leaders of France and Germany, all of whom participated likewise in the destruction of Libya and Syria. Besides creating the chaos, these leaders have proudly announced that they are doing it in the name of Europe, of Western culture, of democracy. Here are the true culprits of the horror that we just saw in Cologne, and something whispers to me that this is just a faint prelude to something much more sinister . . .

The truth is that Europe is being dragged into a conflict just as brutal as WWI and WWII, by the same Global Power. In effect, Europe is letting itself be dragged into a third World War. The invasion of migrants is just the final product of a huge hidden process. Now one may counteract the horror at the end of the process, but if we do not understand the process itself and choke it off at its roots within the global power structure, then horrors such as the migrant invasion will only continue. Unfortunately, international cooperation is needed here, but the reality is that Hungary’s leader, Viktor Orban, has been virtually on his own. When Libya was being bombed to Hell, he was the ONLY European politician to voice his worries and reservations about what the strategic consequences would be. Very, very few other politicians voiced the same concerns. Therefore Hungary had to step up to the plate, and that is why we are under constant attack. In Hungary we need not fight a civil war because we have closed our frontiers, but now we must wait for the other nations of Europe to do the same.

Alas, when it comes to uprooting the process of which the migrant horrors in Europe’s cities are merely the rotten fruits, sad to say, Europe is already utterly defeated. The process can only lead to a civil war. BUT THAT IS THE GOAL. This is what this Global Power wants. The Global Power wants above all a brutal never-ending 30 years war, just like the devastating 30 Years’ War of the 17th century (which was the same Global Power’s work). It wants precisely a civil war, stretching for decades, to develop in Europe.

Kyrie eleison.

Muslim Distress

Muslim Distress posted in Eleison Comments on February 27, 2010

A little example of a big problem came across my path last month when I met in London a Muslim born and living in France, being torn between his Mohammedan ancestry and his European environment. The clash for him between loyalty to his ancestral roots and loyalty to his land of birth was clearly agonising. Some Mohammedans might completely adopt French values, many others might completely reject them, but he could do neither.

His problem is of course much more than just cultural or political or even historical. It is religious. Islam began some 1400 years ago as a breakaway from Catholic Christendom in the Middle East. Rooted in the Monophysite heresy which holds that there is only one Person in God, it spread like wildfire through a dried out Christendom in the Middle East and North Africa, occupied Spain for many centuries and broke briefly into France. A simple and violent religion, it seeks to conquer the whole world by the sword. It is a scourge of God, which for a thousand years Christendom could only hold at bay by the sword.

However, now that the European Christians themselves are losing nearly all belief in Christ or in Christendom, they are allowing – and their anti-Christian governments are positively encouraging – Mohammedans to come back into Europe, not by the sword but by immigration, which is how this young man’s family have been in France for two or three generations. What is behind this immigration? The Globalists want it to help dissolve the once glorious Christian nations, and melt them down into the New World Order. Liberals want it to proclaim their folly that men’s differences of race or religion are insignificant. The Mohammedans want it to enable them to take over Europe.

Yet even though Europe is daily more rotten, still there are traces of its ancient glory, a glory which it owed to the Catholic Church. These traces are enough on the one hand to inspire in someone like this young man a loyalty of patriotism rivalling the loyalty of blood to his ancestors, on the other hand to rouse still in many Europeans such a love of their own way of life that they will defend it with a bloodbath if it seems or becomes too threatened from outside. Satan is no doubt planning for that bloodbath. God may allow it as a punishment. It is looking more and more likely.

Meanwhile what should this young man do? Ideally, he will go to the root of the problem, which is whether Jesus Christ is the Second of the three Persons of God, or just a Prophet, however sublime. Then if he is intelligent, he will connect the gifts of France he so admires with their giver, the same Incarnate God, and if he then became a true Catholic, not only for himself would he see how to combine all true good in his roots with all true good in his land of birth, but also for others he would be able to contribute, in however limited a way, to the avoidance of the looming bloodbath.

And what should the ancestral Europeans do to avoid it? Return to their ancestral Faith and to its practice, which alone has the power to unite all peoples and races in the Truth, in justice and in peace. This is their ancient responsibility and vocation from God, to give such an example as will draw the whole world to Our Lord Jesus Christ. If they continue to be unfaithful, the blood is sure to flow.

Kyrie eleison.

Just Dispossession

Just Dispossession posted in Eleison Comments on January 19, 2008

An SSPX colleague in North England tells me a frightening little tale for the future of our country. Two months ago, parking his car briefly to take a telephone call in what looked like the ordinary street of an ordinary suburb of an English Midlands city, he found himself within a few moments being glared at by two immigrant youths standing in front of his car and then by two more positioned behind. Within minutes a car also pulled up alongside him, and the adult immigrant behind the wheel was facing him down with a still more hostile glare.

My colleague rolled down his window – “Is there a problem?” he asked. “What are you doing here?” “I have parked for a couple of minutes to take a telephone call.” „Alright.” Then my colleague ventured to add, “But this street doesn’t belong to you, does it?” The answer was a stream of vicious profanities (in English), concluding with, “If you don’t get out of here in two minutes, we will smash your car to pieces.” My colleague chose to move on.

The non-native Englishmen in this case were Muslims who have made of large parts of a number of English cities “no-go areas,” where the native English hardly set foot any longer, and where even the police prefer to stay out. In the early 1970’s when the immigrants began flowing into England, a native-English politician, Enoch Powell, famously warned that the flow would end in “blood in the streets.” He warned in vain. The flow of immigrants has not stopped since.

The same has happened in many a Western nation. How can one not see here the sentence of God upon these nations’ way of life? Firstly, the soft selfish living which refuses children in order to “enjoy life,” means that there are not enough native workers to man the pumps, so to speak, so that without immigrants the whole way of life would risk collapsing. Secondly, the liberalism and materialism of that way of life so undermine patriotism that the scheming globalists have a virtually free hand to pave the way for their international godlessness by breaking down the nations’ identity through unchecked immigration.

The kingdoms of the West are being taken from the natives and given to peoples that at least have babies (cf. Mt. XXI, 43). But without Jesus Christ as the uniting corner-stone (Eph. II,20), it means – blood in the streets.

Kyrie eleison.