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END-TIMES, END-WORLD posted in Eleison Comments on June 1, 2024

For God’s own view of these two Testaments,

In Romans read how Paul saw the events.

It belongs to the Wisdom of God to leave us human beings ignorant of His exact calendar or programme for the events leading up to the end of the world, but in the most immediate of those events all of us are involved, and it is not forbidden to speculate about them. On the contrary, for the saving of my soul it may be prudent to think about what Almighty God has in mind, in order to avoid certain major errors.

For instance, God may guide us human beings to do what He wants, but He will never take away our free-will for us to do it, and that is why a Golden Age of one thousand years between now and the end of the world is impossible – for it to last, He would have to be constantly nullifying men’s choices. Luther (1483–1546) knew that he was destroying Christendom. It took him 450 years until Vatican II, so to speak (1517–1965), but by the end of that time men had grown steadily more corrupt. There may now be a short Golden Age such as the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, but it cannot last long. At La Salette in 1846 Our Lady said that just 25 years of good harvests would see sin coming back, i.e. the close of the Golden Age and the beginning of the descent to the Antichrist. Millennarism, a supposed 1000-year Golden Age before the end of the world, is an error condemned by the Church.

Another major error to be avoided is that the Church will come to its end on earth in a blaze of human glory. A single quotation of Our Lord Himself puts paid to that illusion – Lk. XVIII, 8: “When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on earth?” In other words, at world’s end the Church will almost have disappeared from sight, presumably as a result of its persecution by the Antichrist, the most ferocious persecution of all its history. That world which has the Devil for its ruler (Jn. XIV, 29) will see in that persecution a tremendous defeat for the Church, but God will see in it the last drops of sanctity being squeezed from it in the form of some of the greatest martyrs and saints in all of its history, in other words one of its greatest victories. It should be no surprise if the Church’s end most resembles Our Lord’s Cross.

The Church’s universal victory follows immediately in the General, or universal, Judgment.

Another error surely to be avoided is to confuse the end of “times” (see Lk. XXI, 24) with the end of the world. In terms of the Venerable Holzhauser’s commentary on Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation, where he divides Church history into Seven Ages, the “end times,” or end of the times for the Gentiles to be entering God’s Church, to replace all the former Chosen Race choosing no longer to be God’s own people (Mt. XXVII, 25), comes at the end of the Fifth Age. On the contrary, world’s end comes at the end of the Seventh Age. For indeed the former Chosen Race will convert back to Our Lord, their own Messiah, at world’s end (Rom. XI, 26), but until then Jewish converts will still be the exception rather than the rule, in other words they will be too few for God’s purpose of populating His Heaven. Hence God’s whole plan for salvation by the two Testaments – see Romans, Chapters IX, X, XI.

Here is why the New Testament had to replace the Old; why the richly natured Chosen Race by race had to give way to the supernaturally gifted Chosen Race by faith; why the Jews have had for so long to give way to the Gentiles; and why they have made war upon them ever since (I Thess. II, 14–16) – especially on the Palestinians. But Catholics must never forget how much we owe to God’s own heroes of old – of the Old Testament. Without them we would have had no Incarnation of Jesus.

Kyrie eleison.

81 / 121 Re-Structuring

81 / 121 Re-Structuring posted in Eleison Comments on June 27, 2009

Tomorrow, or the day after, there is hardly a box outside of which it will not be necessary to think. In Church and world, the mentalities and structures of so-called “Western civilization” are collapsing around our ears. Still the mass of Western souls are preferring to slumber on in their audio-visual dream, but reality is closing in all the time – they may awake not before they are shackled into the New World Order.

The USA has for nearly a century acted as the shield and sword-bearer of “Western civilization.” Now its financial, economic and political power structures are melting down in a welter of greed, corruption, selfishness and dissolution slung between Wall Street, New York, and Washington, DC. However – let it never be said too often – “We the people” have only ourselves to blame. We have wanted the cause: godless materialism. Now we must live with the effects: the final breakdown of fractional reserve “banking,” of paper “money,” of democratic “politics.”

City structures are crumpling. In Flint, Michigan, original home of General Motors presently employing 8,000 local people where once it employed 79,000 and now bankrupt, local politicians are pioneering an idea to save their dwindling city: raze entire districts and return the land to nature. This idea so appeals to the Federal Government that another 50 cities have been earmarked as potential candidates for salvation by the bulldozer, including Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

State structures are failing. In California, Controller John Chiang said a few days ago that if State lawmakers cannot quickly solve California’s 24 billion dollar deficit, then next week he will have to pay State debts with paper promises to pay. “Unfortunately,” said he, “the State’s inability to balance the check-book will now mean short-changing taxpayers, local governments and small businesses.” It is easy to imagine how these will react, but it is not easy to imagine how the budget deficit will be solved.

As for our national structures, if we will not acquiesce to their being merged into the international New World Order, then surely a Third World War will be engineered to persuade us, starting with an 81/121 (a 9/11 squared)! Yet all these collapses pale in comparison with Vatican II, because it was the Catholic Church that was upholding “Western civilization.” If the Catholic collapse is not soon reversed by the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, then one must wonder if the healthiest elements in the Church will not need re-structuring as an underground resistance movement.

Kyrie eleison.