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Getting Serious

Getting Serious posted in Eleison Comments on February 28, 2009

Another good friend will not mind if I quote recent correspondence of ours, because he asked a question which a number of souls may be asking: “What to do now?”

He quoted back to me from a letter of mine to him two years ago: “As for the ability of Catholic Tradition and naturally sensible people to respond adequately to this unprecedented crisis of human nature, I think that if these days are not shortened, everybody will go under. Of course the Catholic Church will survive, but maybe in a rather smaller remnant, by a severe purge of what today goes under the name of ‘Tradition’ .” And I went on to wonder how many good souls in 2007 had a sufficient grasp on the big picture (not just on the mechanics of Tradition) to prevent their being in effect left high and dry, not to say positively undermined, “by the corruption sweeping on, around and beneath them.”

After this quote of mine, my friend then asked, “Where do we go from here? With the horrible effects of the economic implosion reaching down to Main Street and the political upheaval naturally following in its wake, where are we in history and what do men like myself now do? I have not spent my life fighting for the Faith to finish up defending an American Indian-style reservation for Catholics!”

As to the economic disaster, I replied to him a week ago that it is now only starting, and that it means that family fathers like him must look to ensuring the basics of survival for their families. I said it will surely come to hunger and starvation, and I could have added, to blood in the suburbs. The Western peoples and therefore their politicians are so far out of touch with reality that only an appalling Third World War can begin to bring them back to it. War will present itself to such politicians as the only possible way out of the insoluble economic problems. Another 9/11 risks being fabricated to start it.

As for the disaster in the Church and our situation in history, I replied that it means we must pray quietly, steadily and seriously, as though the Lord God is important. With the 313 AD victory of the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, Catholics switched from fighting lions to fighting heresies, but with Vatican II rotting out both Faith and minds, the official Church gave up fighting heresy, so for Catholics it is back to fighting mindless beasts in the arena. Another Age of Martyrs is upon us. “Today’s Catholic Church,” I concluded, “desperately needs friends of God as serious as are his enemies,” because such seriousness is alone capable of conquering them for Our Lord. Moreover such seriousness “can no longer be proved with mere words, which have been worn bare of meaning, but only with” – and we come back to – “blood.”

Dear friend, pray the family Rosary, plant potatoes in the garden and teach your children about the martyrs of the Early Church, whose testimony reaches way back beyond any native reservations.

Kyrie eleison.

Providence’s 2009

Providence’s 2009 posted in Eleison Comments on December 27, 2008

In mid-November last year “Eleison Comments” recommended “fastening seat-belts” for the year 2008, because a couple of private revelations and above all “pressure building towards a third World War” together constituted “at least an orange alert.” Was the alert justified? What about 2009?

As for the alert, WW III has still been postponed, but it is surely not cancelled. “The justice of God grinds slow,” says the old proverb, “but it grinds exceeding small.” In other words, the Lord God may take his time – “He dealeth patiently for your sake” says St. Peter, “not willing that any should perish, but that all should return to penance” (II Pet.III,9) – yet God does not miss the least little detail. The year 2008 has seen only the stepping up of the offences against him – indifference, blasphemy, immorality, etc, etc. At a given moment he is going to say, “Enough!” In 2009?

Possibly. In any case it is worth recalling that in 1917, under Pope Benedict XV, Our Lady said at Fatima that if Russia were not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart in the way she would come to ask, then another more terrible war than WW I, then raging, would break out “under the reign of the next pope.” This would be Pius XI. Yet Pius XI died in February of 1939, whereas WW II was declared by England and France only in September of that year, under Pius XII. Had Our Lady made a mistake?

That is not likely. What happened was that in January of 1938, while Pius XI was still pope, exactly when the unusual red light foretold by Our Lady to be the warning sign of “the more terrible war” was seen all over Europe’s night-sky, Stalin was being told in Russia how, by making an alliance with Hitler (the subsequent Ribbentrop Pact), he would enable Hitler to launch an exhausting war to the West (declared ten days after the Pact!) which would open the way for Russia to take over all Europe from the East. In other words, WW II broke out in public under Pius XII only because it had been previously planned and decided in private under Pius XI. So Our Lady was not mistaken. And God knows how for well over a century his enemies have been planning WW III.

So as for the coming year, let souls still asleep in economics or politics wake up to how it is God’s justice that is closing in, and let souls awake but who may be discouraged or frightened by what they see around them, take heart! Shortly before dying of a horribly painful tuberculosis, St Therese of Lisieux said, “I am more convinced than ever that Providence watches over the least little detail of our lives.” How could it be otherwise?

Kyrie eleison.

La-La Landslide – II

La-La Landslide – II posted in Eleison Comments on August 9, 2008

On November 17 of last year Eleison Comments said that the Great Warning prophesied at Garabandal might take place in February or March of this year. That did not happen. One reader asks me why.

The reason is simple. It was not yet the time fixed by Almighty God. When is that time? I do not know. However, I still believe that Garabandal is a sleeping volcano, and I believe it may easily erupt in 2009, because my main reason for taking seriously a few pointers to 2008 was the instability and precariousness of the world situation, which is more unstable and precarious than ever.

The capitalism launched in England by the founding in 1694 of the first Central Bank of a nation is collapsing around our ears. The hurting capitalists who just recently would blast any government that interfered with free enterprise, are now themselves begging the US government to bail out their banks. So capitalism, having made itself “too big to fail,” is now, sure enough, mutating into government control, which, being atheistic and materialistic, amounts to communism!

What will happen then in the next few years, only God knows. But it is easy to imagine inside the USA martial law becoming necessary to maintain a semblance of law and order, and outside the USA the Third World War, which is coming and will be terrible. It may well come soon, because for years now the vile media have been beating the drums of war for an attack on Iran, and as the people become more and more discontented with the collapse of money inside the United States, the temptation for the politicians to distract them with a war outside may become virtually irresistible.

There is much evidence that both collapse and war have long been planned by enemies of God to give them control of the entire world. The only light in which one can grasp the full problem and its correct solution, is the light of God and of our Catholic religion. God is not mocked. Read the Old Testament prophets, especially Jeremiah, and pray up to or over 15 Mysteries a day of the Holy Rosary.

Kyrie eleison.

Fallon Fall-Out

Fallon Fall-Out posted in Eleison Comments on March 15, 2008

Earlier this week, it is reported, Admiral Fallon, CENTCOM commander of all USA military action in the Middle East, resigned (or was driven) from his post. The frightening significance of this event is sure to be disguised or distorted by the Western media which are under the control of those people who absolutely want the United States to attack Iran.

The Admiral clearly saw, like now a huge number of people see, that the attack on Iraq was a disastrous mistake, severely weakening the US military and draining the US Treasury. He knew just how vulnerable are the US navy ships and ground forces presently deployed in the Middle East, especially if Iran is supplied with the latest Russian weapons. So he is reported as having said that there would never be a US attack on Iran “on his watch.”

Thus he is also reported as having foiled last year, together with the US Chiefs of Staff, an autumn nuclear attack on Iran. On August 30 a B-52 bomber took off from the nuclear weapons storage base in Minot ND, with six live missiles, and landed in Barksdale LA, the US military take-off base for the Middle East. It is not wild to surmise that this secretive and unprecedented move was to permit a US nuclear attack on Iran to coincide with Israel’s attack on Syria’s nuclear facility, which took place on September 6.

People may object that they never saw any such news item in their news media at the time. Of course not. And the same media continue to press for an attack on Iran, which if Russia fulfils President Putin’s October 16 promise to defend Iran against any aggressor, could easily precipitate World War III. The ancients had a saying – “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”

In this threat of a worldwide conflagration hanging over our heads, we must recognize the justice of a merciful God. If men choose to make the storm break, it will be terrible, but it will also cleanse. We must pray quietly and steadily to the Sacred Heart, and trust him, trust him, trust him.

Kyrie eleison.

Unravellijng Fast

Unravellijng Fast posted in Eleison Comments on February 16, 2008

The state of the nations is such, being also now precipitated by the ever worsening financial crisis in the United States, that I said to an American friend who has known people in high places, “Do you know anybody intelligent in government who would be asking serious questions about what is going on? I would be interested in their answers!”

“Nobody,” he replied. “In my experience they are immensely arrogant, contemptuous of the people and so far out of touch with reality, that they cannot be calling in question their handling of things. Besides, for any of them to talk to you, you would need the Masonic hand-shake.”

Another friend, also having some acquaintance with the ruling mentality, agreed. “For the longest time,” he said, “they have been easing out, or moving out, anybody liable to question their system. Minds inclined to serious thought are now car mechanics in Arizona . . . . The inflation is unspeakable in the stores. Food shortages are foreseeable. If everything breaks down . . . .it will be horrible. The people are just beginning to wake up.”

In fact, without God, the Masonic governments must be making plans for population control: either a foreign war – WWIII? – to distract the people from their woes at home; or the National Guard(s), food rationing and concentration camps for all “dissidents.”

With God, here are two timely prayers from the Lenten liturgy:— from Thursday after Ash Wednesday, “Spare, O Lord, spare thy people, that whereas they are deservedly chastised, they may find relief in thy tender mercy . . .” And from the Friday after Ash Wednesday, “O Lord, preserve thy people, and in thy mercy cleanse them from all their sins: for no adversity shall harm them if no wickedness holds sway over them . . .”

Kyrie eleison.

Fasten Seatbelts

Fasten Seatbelts posted in Eleison Comments on November 17, 2007

Prepare to fasten your seat-belts for the year 2008! It is always risky to announce dates for dramatic events in the future, because if they do not then happen, the doom-dater has only discredited himself. However, there is a triple convergence for next year which may be at least an “orange alert.”

First and foremost there is the pressure building towards a Third World War, which may well be the beginning of the long-deserved chastisement of a globe turning its back on God. On the side of the United States there is an insane pressure group beating the war-drums for an attack upon Iran, when more and more now know that the disastrous attack upon Iraq was only made possible by fraud (9/11) and lies (WMD). On the side of Russia, President Putin has backed his good reasons for condemning any such attack with the threat to resist it.

But the West’s vile media silence the reasons and step up the war-drums. President Bush announces he wishes to “prevent Iran’s nuclear capacity” before he leaves office – end of 2008 – and in 2007 we see a mounting economic and financial crisis within the USA and in the world which risks presenting him no later than 2008 with a virtually irresistible temptation to “busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels” (Henry IV, Pt II).

Secondly, two years ago Fr. Paul Kramer quoted in the “Fatima Crusader” a German priest (living) who may be privileged with prophetic gifts from Heaven, and who has foretold 2008 as the year for the outbreak of WWIII.

Thirdly, one of the four girls from Northern Spain who saw Our Lady in Garabandal many times between 1962 and 1965 is reportedly giving March and April of 2008 as the months of the Great Warning and Great Miracle respectively. We shall see.

The prophecy from Germany and report from Spain are worth no more than they are worth (nor less), but the realities from the USA and Russia are for real. It does no harm to take a little more seriously still our constant need to “pray without ceasing” (I Thess. V, 17).

Kyrie eleison.